Crazy Hospital: Doctor Dash

Author: Smart Fun Casual Games

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This is a healthy time management game. You can design, build, and manage your medical center to treat various patients and relieve their suffering.
There are many places in the world that need hospitals, but the conditions are not exactly the same. Every hospital has different challenges. Improving health care has become an urgent problem to be solved. At this time, we need you, an excellent hospital administrator, to help these hospitals make changes.
In this hospital game, you can prepare tools and medicines, help patients with diagnosis and treatment. Also you can engage in other exciting activities. Your dream hospital is waiting for you.
Fun and interesting game features:
– Hundreds of game levels, and the levels are not repeated, bringing you different fun
– Upgrade equipment, design hospitals with different styles. Let patients feel the unique service
– Research into new treatments and devices to keep patience healthy
– Experience different activities and get unique rewards to improve the efficiency of the hospital
– Customize your hospital to make patients feel at home
– Rich game peripheral system, double the game fun
Come join this unique and fun casual simulation game!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 29, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Smart Fun Casual Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Amber Moran

I played a similar game but the graphics and game progression are much better in this one.

Sheila Williams

Live it very intertaining

Luree Lansing-Rutledge

This game is the same as Happy Clinic....

Ewuraba Wilberforce

It's a great game. My only issue is there are no daily rewards and the time needed to finish each level is so limited you need to purchase or use diamonds to complete. Also the upgrades are too expensive to purchase you will have to buy cash in order to upgrade and continue the game. The speed up tokens don't last long before running out. But all in all great graphics and a good game. Could be better


I do love this game but is starting to be like happy clinic. It loses progress,freezes,glitches, and closes in game play. I spent way to much of my MONEY in happy clinic and will not spend any money in this one until I know you can fix the issues first. Please fix I would love to keep playing. Also your game leaves way to much cache data very quickly.

Saba Fatima

Very interesting game



Jasmine Andy Juanda


Reshella Alibangbang


Missy Bort

I love it

cindy eaton

Fun time management game

Tanner Paris


Fath Gaani

Too hard

Ruth Barnard

It updates to long and game sticks all the time

Shantel Dube

It is a very fun game when you lonely

Monica Head

This game is fun.

Latrecia Bowden

Good game

Valerie Almazora

So addicted 😬

April Hopkins

fun fun fun

Samantha LaGrange

Initially I loved the game... it was just impossible to advance without purchasing gems

Jane Tomlinson

It's a great game

Ahmed Aa

Ahmed Shahbaz 22

K.shymal Rao


Penya Mais

Good game.

Basant kaur

I love hospital game

Darlyne Penalosa

I do really love the game, put so much time on it and having fun. But there's only one fact that I'm frustrated at, it's about the money to earn every level and expensive upgrades. I can't even facilitate all patients in endless mode cause they just keep coming in and i lose patients because they tired of waiting. So yeah, only problem is the money. I hope the developers will have a solution about it cause I don't want to end this game.

setor modzro

Nice graphics some levels are extremely difficult tho but it's fine

Deborah Oduro

Update the game because when I play and my life finish it doesn't load for another life

Patsy Lyons

Really easy to play. It's not hard to earn coins and the graphics are Great. Brilliant Game. 👍👍👍👍👍

Saranya Jammula

Super game

Adelyn Pangilinan

I love this game

Sai siva ganjala

It's very nice

Lisa Devlin Kraftsoff

This game is brilliant.

Hannah Strozier

Awesome game love it


A lot of fun and challenging. So happy a new hospital has been added. Can't wait for the next one!

Elly King's Channel

Inspiring game😍😍

Margaret Catlett

It is the same concept as Sally's salon for PC, just with a hospital instead. First world San Francisco is fun. The different patients are cool. You eventually get 8 doctors. However at level 30 in San Francisco and on it becomes increasingly impossible to complete levels. It cost way too much to continue on. So first part of game is okay but after that not really.

tracy Lynn

Fun challenging game, some levels really hard boot that do give you lots of power ups, gems every day, I'm on level 74 and haven't paid a dollar out of pocket

Perla Advincula


Alya Rosita

This game awesome

Asika Chy

Why did the game always freeze

Carl Steven De Paz

I'm so disappointed the patience has very small patience.

robin ragland

Patient times are way tp short.

Reece Zamb

Nice game

Polavarupu navyasri

Super game I like it very much

Eunice Shive

The game kept kicking me out. I couldnt even start to play it. I uninstalled it.

Aleanna Francine Santos

It portrays the real hospital setting which it makes more realistic to play.


A game should be fun and exciting, but certain level in this game is ridiculously too challenging and impossible to pass. It would be nice if there is a feature where we can replay any level. It's no fun at all when we are "forced" to keep moving forward without any chance to get better result in previous level

Neha Shrestha

Earning coins is very hard and the levels are wayyyyy too difficult. I open game to have some fun but end up getting frustrated.

Mumofthree Czarnecka


Renata Ang

Another game that make you spend money. Levels are hard to complete without upgrades. And upgrades cost a bomb when you don't earn much after completing a level. Even though you are earning hundreds but upgrading cost thousands......

Jena Mehta

Very Good & Intresting Game

Mai Mayoya


Kawaii Punch

Just started playing. So far cool game. Similar to happy clinic.

Shaikh Mk

Im so happy for the game

Arun Mariappan

Super game enjoyed

Evelyn Childs

It's a very fun and addictive game to play!!!

Donna Barrera

Not good game. So annoying it's always hang!! The upgrades cost too much but reward is small.

Virendra Belose

Thank for release this game

Jodi Yielding

I like the game. Don't even mind playing same level over & over, watching all ads for money & free plays. Unfortunately, there are only 2 cities to play in. I agree we should be able to replay levels.

Azura Dennis

Okay game but upgrades cost to much to just play the levels.

Martina De Ambrogio

Any update about the release of the new hospital? Thank you!

Rebecca Clutterbuck

FANTASTIC GAME!! Always progress and easy to play. Highly recommended


It fun at first but it get bored after i ve been in the same damn lvl for weeks. Not to mention, i watched a ton of ad s to get the 8 chests n for each lives to the point that i decided to stop everything n uninstalled. The lvl r too hard n also the endless incredibly hard too. Everytime i fail a lvl, it gives you little money n thats money piled up little by little until i get to upgrade some things. It shows how hard the game are with the unmountable times i lose.

Noor Haidar Hashim


Marizza Cortez

I love the changes in 2nd version in terms of designing the hospital and hiring doctors without data but just like the first version the time limit is too short to pass the level eventhough the doctors are in level 10 and all the machinenaries and devices are fully upgraded but still can't pass the level 36. Could you please make the time longer? and make the patient wait atleast more than 10s?

MurdFripz Production

its hard but its fun to play. when will you update your game. im done playing in san francisco and zurich. i am just completing the upgrades and the patients. but i hope you got more levels.i am on the endless now. thanks.

Jan Sweets

Nice game , I love it!

Ellie Stark

Carbon copy of Happy Clinic by Nordcurrent, a Lithuanian developer that, according to the info on the app's page, released their game 5 months prior, to the day. At least take the time to make something new. The starting location, the game mechanics, the achievements, levels, upgrading, so-called decorating, bonuses, 'memories' and 'patients', it's all exactly the same with just slightly different graphics and no ads. That's a nope for me, even if this one's easier. Make your own games.

Lanie Sarino

Your game is so crazy I cheat the time so i can play again then my phone is hung 😡

Dina Aboud


Danese Hadjula

Beautiful game😍💓

Gelin Guzman

Became very difficult after first hospital.

Kamaluddin Ansari

It's very amazing

hind channel


Mar ian

a great game but it is so lag that you can feel that there is a limit on how many coins you earn.. If there is no lagging maybe the upgrades will be easy to buy

Kajal Bajaj

Awesome 😍😍

Mary Matson

U cant play the game won't let u .

Roselani Hart


sarah fisher


Anurina Mukherjee

First thing, this game was super good and exciting but after reaching curtain level, its impossible to pass one.. i have spent all the booster i had and yet zero result on passing the levels.. this is not done.. games are supposed to be fun but its not anymore.. tried really hard to complete those levels but its way too hard.. never thought of uninstalling it but have to.. stupid game. Disappointed very much.👎

Sarah Womack

Fantastic game. Needs updating, I hate games when they go into endless mode.



Fhedz B. Cuevas

Love this game hope it will last

Kim Cuevas Mambulao

Fun and entertaining. The characters are cute too!

Katherine Hernaez


محمد حسین رضاییان


Kallie Eckes

More levels please

Sally Joe

So addictive to this game

Juanita Hunter

Good game


Super game.

Belinda Marries

Good game have to have good hand and eye coronation

Debrah Barnett

It's one of those games that is IMPOSSIBLE to beat because money is the developer's first and only consideration. Impossible to advance beyond 39 without spending real money on boosters, which still doesn't guarantee advancement. Uninstalling but hope developers read these comments and make the necessary changes to at least give players a fighting chance.

Kimily Miller

So fun to pass time!!

Lala B

This game was good at 1st then I realized u have 2 spend money to actually win uninstalling

Ivy Reyeg

Nice game

Lisa Crawford


Marilu Gonzalez


Alex Barmanalang

Save your money. This is such a play to win game. After losing levels you should be able to keep the money or at least 50% of it. Without that, it's an endless grind to earn the money to upgrade your hospital enough to pass the level

Edwina Europa

As I am playing this game and enjoying it there is just 1 problem the automatic beds is very expensive with happy clinic the beds is 600 diamonds why is it so expensive and it its very expensive to purchase diamonds but I love the fact that you don't need data to play that's good