Crazy Gem Blast

Author: 2608 Game Studio

50,000+ install


Crazy Gem Blast – Let’s play “Crazy Gem Blast” together!

Detailed info

File size: 48M
Update time: September 9, 2021
Current version: 1.0.6
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: 2608 Game Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Danny Davis

Excellent game

michelle shupe

The game was fun and graphics good doesn't hang up fun game but we see if they pay out

Pj Mack

Good game

Matt Dennett

Not sure yet

Denise Bowman

So far good experience

Penny Bradford

Its fun

Tonya Knight

I love the game but waiting on my money I played for I really love the game need the money I play for

Jennifer Hubbard

Entertaining so far. Ads can be bothersome but they're not overwhelming. So far I love playing this game.

Sherry Johnson

So far this is thw only game that actually will pay you out will find out and its fun

Dree Turner

Hopefully this will be a good idea.... my last one was not brilliant

Sonny. snyder

Just starting to play it but I like it seems like a fun game I'm going to keep trying to play it and see if I win anything hope so thank you very much

Chiquita Banks

Just started the game interesting to see the results

Raja Daimari

#very nice app

Sarah Dugan

Super fun

Bryan Louis Ngang

To be honest, I just play it. Not yet do any withdrawl because it ask for review. I do give 5 star because tge game is quit simple and easy to get the paypal credit card. It is only shown on the game board. Still can not prove any of withdrawl. So, now.. Im gonna try and error this "something" to see what will happen. Hohoho

Roxie Sharpe

best game so far, and im winning enough to get my invention into productivity

Oleta Ryan

You don't get to cash out like they say you do it's all a fraud just to get you to play more games they keep telling you to watch video after video don't matter how many you watch to the game you still have to keep watching videos in order to withdraw money and then they don't send you the money they say it failed

Mark Berg

If it pays out. I will give it 5 stars. None of these games let you actually cash out.

Rob Davis

Love it

Robert Jarrett

Fun fast paced game, hope the money is there as promised.

Barbara Respondek

Seems like a fun game but we'll see if it pays out, if not I'll change my stars!!

Larryt Hodgson

It's fun to play

Payal Sharma Arvind Gupta


Chriss Titus

Just started playing,but seems pretty cool so far!

Jeff Mills

It's a lot of fun but it is a joke if you are exiting to get your money because it don't pay out

Margaret Miller

Just started playing but seems to be legit unlike other games

Barbara Lee

so far so good no cash out yet but game play is good having fun

Patrick Reilly

Incredable. So easy Try it for ur self

Mary MyersMe

This is a very fun game, that helps your thinking ahead! ❤️Mary MyersMe

Timothy Wallace

Just started

Pat Corcoran


Andrea Dood


Christopher Roberts

Fun game haven't done my payout yet but we will see fingers are crossed 🤞😁🤞

Lisa Durham

Love this game 😘😘😘

Amanda Haynes

Lie"s yall is just bs period no money i'm not about to watch no video to get money about to unstall this app

Christina Fulton

We'll see if this game is real

Sharon Gastrich

Its fun and easy

Glenda Jennings

Easy & Fun

Roger Robidoux

Pretty simple money app game

Iris Birks

I love this game