Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets

Author: Crayola LLC

1,000,000+ install


Color, clean and care for adorable little pets!

Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets are adorable, colorable and washable pets that kids can customize again and again! Fun and colorful activities like washing, coloring, and feeding encourage empathy as kids care for their pets. Interactive play sets spark kids imaginations and invite exploration.

With 32 pets to collect, kids can enjoy hours of creative play – for free! No ads, no in app purchases, and no personal data collected.

Detailed info

File size: 41M
Update time: July 20, 2021
Current version: 1.14.0
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Crayola LLC
Price: Free
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Customer review

Melissa Colquhoun


Swati Khapariye


Shanmukhi Ponnada

Wow 👌

may might might !!

this game is fun and cute

garima soral

I am lakshita soral that game very very good

kelly mckeaig


Natalie Sharpton

Very cool 😎

KY Chan

This is the best app but it has gliched one time😅

Cora Lusk

Yea, I tried this game out and it was fun, it didn't have adds,(which I hate adds), and it is easy to play, my brother is playing it now on his tablet,(I'm playing on mine),but can you please make something that let's you change the size of the material that your using, but other then that, this is a pretty decent game,I'll go with 5 stars.

Donna Brillant

I Love

Manuela Lourenco

Great app I love it.

Natalia Lupinska

It's ok I wish we could have more pets

Tom Ernst

I love it I love this game thank you for sending it Out

Alexander Roberts

It won't fing work I wanted to play this but noooooo it always happens to me SO THANKS A LOT

Deborah Keavy

I like too Color a lot

Brenda Horan

It is good

Barry Barcrest

Good fun game

Tia Longbottom

I had it before and I was the best and amazing game

Magdalena Inclan

It's awesome I just wanted my pets back but I got over it now I'm downloading it again and start from scratch and yah:)

Priscilla Huerta


eja 5350

Why did I rate 5 Stars? This is why. So Since I last downloaded this on 2019 or 2020. This game have been fun because I love colouring things so you should put more Washimals in this game! I love this game so much! Even though it is satisfying to colour it! I didn't buy the toy in the Advertisement, Because of my mom, I have lots of toys but.. It is a good toy, We'll buy it if my mom will buy me the toy!

Cs1rxking Yamaha

Wow this game is so cute i can color and wash my pet's and i can play a game to collect diamond.

Mary Jaramillo


Amba Clayburn

Good game,keep up the work!

Andrea Diaz

I like it


Crayola is so much fun to just going to so many fun ways to lick you to watch to play this game

Azizah Khatin


Olivia Gilbert

Love this app.

Kai Di

Super cute! Dozens of little Scribble Scrubbie animals COME TO LIFE and make cute noises. Many fun minigames--feed pet, visit vet, ROLLER COASTER (3 lives), color pet w/ different markers/brushes and stamps, keep it colored & it will walk around thru different environments to navigate through: winter, tropical, etc. Wash pet to color again! Games easy enough for 3-4yr old, with enough creativity, animation and cute noises to also satisfy older ages! Win new scrubbies as play minigame activities.

Shawn Skaggs

Iike ti

Amy Birk

Animals are very cute 😍

Adrianna Gillie

My family really loves this game we want you to make a dragon one. Pls ssssss make a dragon one :3

Bonnie Handley

I downloaded this for my 5 year old and after watching multiple advertisements in the game to unlock new pets, she asked me to buy her the toy in the advertisement. Good on you, it worked. She already has scribble pets, just not the set shown. If there was a paid version of the game with no ads, I would buy it, until then, she'll not be playing it again and we'll not be buying her anymore of the toys.

Sarah Youngman

I rated it two because I got to a certain amount of pets unlocked and it restarted the whole intire game I loved the game until this happened as now I have lost all pets that I worked hard for

Anthony Tellez

I love five nights at Freddy's

Ava Janes

I love this game!

Soo2iavannah McCullough

It won't download it keeps pending pending on and on pls pls this


Love it so cute


Dinasours don't unlock

Jayden’s music Warwick

I but 5 stars because you can colour on your pet