Crashing Cars is a super fun racing game with extreme freedom.
Endless possibilities: remodel your ride, fly, perform rolls, and create destruction!
Tons of rides to unlock! Create your own perfect car and perhaps even fit it with wings!
Annihilate any obstacle in your path and perform special moves!
Become a pro mechanic and pilot, all in one, and explore the world! How far can YOU fly?

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 29, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Meiosei Game Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Brandon Mckevitt

Horrible game false advertising f you



Blocksey YouTube

Bruh they showed me a really cool game in a ad but then when I went inside the game it was nothing like it in the ad this stupid game

JD Grable

This game is nothing like the ad. I don't recommend.

MiRuU 12

Are you kidding us? The advertisement for this game was great, but the game ... is different.What is this??!!


Wow the best game

Jay Pineda

I enjoy this

Andrew Robins

Nothing close to the adds

Benjamin Contreras

Yeah the game is nothing like the ad if I would have known the game was nothing like that I would not downloaded it whoever sees this comment did not download this game it is nothing like that if I would have seen the actual game before I download it I would have known to not waste 4 minutes of my time do not download this game it's terrible

Ayden Brown

While i was playing this game it froze and wouldnt un feeze and i almost had to factor reset my phone

Parsa Mansouriasl

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Gonçalo UwU

Can I give 0 stars?

Brittney Tolleson

Not like it was described

Mohamed Jauhari

it's amazing

Afonzo Calapre

*KO x10*

Tahmineh Rouhi

خیلی بد

The Grapist

I knew from the start this game was using ads from BeamNG, so I knew it wasn't going to be as good, but I thought that maybe it would be semi decent. I was wrong. I've seen low budget games from the late 90s that looked better than this.

Lincoln Moody

This game lies in almost every factory of it. The title sreen is all wrong because the grafics are way worse in the game. Over all it is a bad game.

Chris Frazier

I hate you play store you're the worst app ever wow you suck at making crash car games in Faking It

Solihin Ismanizam

fake game,fake adds,to many popup adds

Mason Coxon


Ike Kiefer

Nothing like the ads.

devendar tomar



Bro the ads are beamings vids

Gavin Malone

This game is just straight DOODY

Kamalveer Bhatti



If you want an actual good crashing game, play, talking about that the greedy developers stole those pictures form, they stole pictures from hard working developers. Please support the devs of

Chlod Ai


Aqil safiuddin

saya suka game ini

Alex Atherton

Terrible, DO NOT DOWNLOAD, the advertising is so false, its nothing like actual gameplay, the gameplay is like you took joe biden a potatoe and 1G internet and mixed it all together. YET AGAIN DO.NOT.DOWNLOAD.

Reece Fehr

When I saw the video I was thinking it would be great but it is not. Big knock of.

Javon Michel

It's like it's controlling itself but I'm making it go farther but it's keep going backwards

Alt Account

Played for 10 minutes got 2 ads i recommend few ads good control

J Price


Fyo G

The game was using beamng drive ads if they made it like the ads I would not be complaining, but it is nothing like the ads. This is false advertising even the email is posing as if it is from steam. Developers, false advertising is not good and if the real Beamng found out then they could easily sue you.

Jibi Juanillo

Crashing bus, train, motor, van, ice cream van

Jayden Dylan

This game is not RECOMMENDED,it has a terrible graphic, bad physic and it's nothing like on the screenshot and ads.i want to rate 0 star but there no option for that, so just 1 star

meriel claudette morales

This game was good in the ads but in the game it's really really bad I can't even turn I don't recommend to install it it's bad.


just downloaded it to give you my 1 star, come on, beamng? seriously?

Entertainment with Andrew

It is nothing like it's advertised

Emma Cosajay

False advertising

Eusunttu 0

Dont install it . It s the worst game ever and it has fake ads from bmg driving

Jahar Bomb

Fun game

juneao Alfred

Engine power lvl 61.. no improvement noticeable.

Aqeef Azhan

You take a beamng clip and put it as ad! And how the hell can a damaged car destroy a house!? The house and castle and literally made from cardboard! YOU STUPID LITTLE RAT! RASCAL!!


Doesn't open.....just crashes over and over.

Michael Amoraal

Not as advertised.not good

ErR0rlma0x EpicHuman

This game so terrible it's so different at ad

Gregory Mony

Don't download

Mr.Weasel McFlooferton

Dear Gamers, There is False advertisement in the ads and screenshots, those screenshots and ads contained footage from a game found on steam called "Beamng Drive". Also the game is bad and doesn't even load 99.9% of the time on my current device. Overall advise, don't play expecting an amazing game with good physics like "Beamng Drive". Also, this game will harvest and sell your data since it says "Data is encrypted" and "Data can't be deleted".... Sincerely, Mr.Weasel. Thank you for reading.

Kale Totten

Not like the adds at all

Pumpkin Spice Spooder

Entirely false advertising, don't even bother.

amoora jarkas

This game is fake it's ads are beaming ng its trash its graphics are trash too

Diogo Tadeu

Don't download this app, the ads for this game is fake because the real game is only for PC and it's called "beamng" they're scamming people for downloads.

Jake Anthony 123

Misleading game don't Download it instead report it


It's not what it states in the ads

Samuela Loiti

This game will never download

Pual Marten

Don't download the game. Becuase it's clickbait the pictures and the ads are not at the same and the game was low graphics And hard to move i'll rate it 1 and stop the ad it anoying

Izus Beliz

Bad not real

Akd Arh

Its not looks like a picture

Mike Gutierrez

Bro This game is TRASH You can't even turn the car left and right Its TRASH

Curtiss Heier

Fake adds, poor uninteresting game play

Rizqin Amsyar


Dennis Little

Tha game will no longer load on my phone. It either force close or won't even open and there no update. No point of Uninstall n reinstall. Was a fun game at first but no longer can play wit out loosing my progress I'm guessing.

roman mixon


Wyatt Eli

This is a rip off 🤣

Nick Everett

Nothing like the ads, terrible graphics, and just a bad game. Wish I could give a worse rating.


Ad is fake and its false information

jaydon simmons

The game is horrible.

OddBagel 6

The ads are gameplay from a PC game that I own: BeamNG Drive. This is NOT BeamNG Drive.

Zackary Arnesen


Craft Craft

Awful game.... Impossible to complete the first level.... It made me furious tbh


The ads for this game look amazing yet the game looks nothing like it

marky sparky

Nothing like the ads.

onemans videos

Wish the monster truck was a lil more durable for the $ i paid I hit a tree and all the wheels fall off and it catches fire i hit the same tree with the free car and it keeps going

Machinery 123

I couldn't even open up the game without it putting me back on my home screen

RyanThedogiePlays Roblox

The ad was fake compared to the game.

Nopanun Puksi

Very bad

sirac yilmaz

Its terible its way better to wach the add then that

Draven Gonzalez

It is nothing like it is in the adds.


This is false advertising


Game is straight up garbage, i didnt really expect much since all the ads for this game are from BeamNg

Stefanus Sembiring

Ni game bodoh

Fazli Said

So bad this game the ads look so good but then is very bad

Zandrew Bowden

Not at all what was advertised


Nothing like the ad

Jose diaz

This is a horrible game the picture is not the se as the game. The ad that i saw isn't the same as the game this is a 1 star game it a horrible horrible game.

Mago Valdes

Absolutely horrible this was not something even close to what I expected from the ads and such

Cory Cons

False advertising

Nazh Playz - Gaming

THE ADS ARE FROM BEAMNG DRIVE and the screenshots too... even the ads are STOLEN maybe by beamng shorts? I GIVE THIS 0 STAR U DESERVE IT

Claudine Chua

Ngl this is the bad game i ever play

Cris Erol Mas

Bro when I was playing there is a add its gross

Edwin Navarro

This was the worst I keep seeing the ads and it was really good until I downloaded it. It was a complete lie everything. The game and there is to much ads.

Stacy Clayborne

Worst game ever I looked at the ad I was like oh that's the game I know from but then I was thinking like this could be a stupid dumb version of the game that I was thinking of so basically you just trash you're the worst why would you try to make you think you're popular right you really not popular you make another at you made a ad and took somebody's game and put it in the ad so people can download it when you dang well know people will know is trash when they download it and then they were d

Wira Mohd Fauzi

good game

Paxton Williams

Took screenshots of beamng drive, immediately uninstalled, don't play this game, not good.

Robert 'GUS' Moore

Kept crashing...


Game didn't even allow me to play, crashed first thing

Andrew Watson

These game devs should never try to make another poor excuse for a game.

Nick Arna