Crash Landing 3D

Author: VOODOO

1,000,000+ install


Anyone can fly, but it takes skill to land?!

Keep on tapping to keep the plane in the air. Can you slowly bring the plane down for a safe landing… or will you end up as a ball of flames?!

Detailed info

File size: 55M
Update time: September 7, 2020
Current version: 1.6.2_390
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: VOODOO
Price: Free
193 votes

Customer review

jack santiago

I like dis a max likes

Robert Vaughn

Good time killer m

Wilfredo Hinampas

I like game u suckkars aka u players u need to turn iloff datanobs

wonder land of janya and harshul

Ever best

Jaskaran Singh Dhillon


alex Sanchez

Love it

Robert Gillihan

Fun game for just sitting down and spending a little time to clear ones mind and focus on something to distract from daily life.

David Fitch

No idea how this works.

Robert Bailey

👌 awesome

jaszdrummer, playing Out-of-the-Box

Where does one begin? Far too many ads, then more ads, then play the game with no options on fuel usage, but additional ads, etc.

Ayan K

Super game

Stray Stroop

You spend more time watching ads than you play the game.

Ritobroto Sikdar

This is amazing game I like it

Rumita Sinha

This is amazing game I like it

RagTagYt Nepali Gaming

The game is so cool

Luke Dunbar

Good game play, but ads every 30 seconds.

Harraz Animation

dulu game ni best game ni wifi connection lepastu hbs cite

Apostle Darrell Morris


Fausto Gonzalez

There are too many ads for this game. Every time I play a level I get another ad.

Randy Kennedy


Glenn Girón

Ads between very level,, sometimes more than one... I'm much more likely to purchase a game if the ads aren't outrageous at the offset. I will not encourage bad behavior.

Neha Chauhan

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Charles Zsamper

It's cool different try it little more.

George Podaras

Fun but repetitive fast, also too many ads.

Jeremy Braswell

Played 10 seconds, ad. Played 20 seconds, another ad. Deleted

Mamta Shukla

Worst game ever


Grate game! Thank you....

Huruy Teweldebrhan

Fun but too many ads


Its a good game to pass the time

Fares Jlassi

Its nice game


Very fun, needs more planes.

Peter Davey

If this game had a smell it would smell like fecal matter. Extremely boring waste of time. Tons of ads.

Everything Metal Detecting

Far too many ads.

Larry Schwartz

3d flappy bird


I would give it 6 stars if it had audio

Raul Cossio

It's cool, but the game should add updates so you don't eventually get bored.

Matt Feeney

Simple but, oddly, a fun game. Yes, plenty of ads but not excessive.

rachel Goodman

I did not download☹️😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 BUT it looks fun so... Don't complain about this game CUZ ITS FUN 😂

Mark Zacharko


Sadho Gopta