Crash Drive 3

Author: M2H

100,000+ install


Crash Drive 3 – Are you ready for THE craziest multiplayer car stunting playground?

Detailed info

File size: Varies with device
Update time: September 1, 2021
Current version: 43
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: M2H
Price: Free
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Customer review

Mel Logan

Hey my name is noah Lee logan, I am born special. because I will do everything I want, You listen to me M2H.

Gabriel Deocareza

I'm so happy at the game and the stile in this game it inspires me to become a racer

Yemeni Muslim


Joann Avis

F********itself was very bad for me and I was at the rim with it

Payam Mu7


#Ronit gaming

Expectations meets at this game was very good

Tan Eng Ming

Unfortunately I can't remove ads so I skip ads. I was playing minigames stunt and garage with a quest.

Ismail Mat Deris

Seronok gila game ni

won kzla

The game is really good itself the only problem i encountered was the controls not working properly on mobile, sometimes the buttons don't work when I press them, but the controller support works perfectly fine.

Robert Belt

Fantastic graphics. lots of fun.

Ejaz Jamaldeen

I can't access the game as it only shows a white screen since installation. I deleted and reinstalled, cleared data and cache, but still the same.

Micky Micky



Very good game, . I enjoy tank battles

Dj Djhehhdhdh

so op stunt game and dering game I love it

Lommryla9826 Begum


Perarassan k Gaming


Rubab Anwar

Excellent game 😊 we want this types of games.

Sushi King99

boleh la

Isaac Jaykob

So when i buyed it for free it was stuck in the loading screen so i am going to unstail it because it wont work.

Pedro Santos

One of the best games around, fun and real multi-player opponents.

Iman Syafiy


Muhammad Arfa S

Gamenya seru banget

Walter Perrilloux

been playing for a long while very entertaining controllers a lil to small overall great game

Matt Bryant

still not sure which scheme of contorols and which graphic setting to use for smoothest gaming experience will work the best

Ahmad Sharif



ive been waiting this for so long im shock already and im gonna have fun time 😄😄

Joey Hawkins

Kinda drab. Doesn't excite. Just a way to spend some time but once "required" tasks are complete, the rest of the game becomes obsolete


Opp game ever i play 🥺🥺🥺😘🥺😍

Amith and Abhith , Alekh Shinto

Best game


Can you fix mine? I'm stuck at the loading screen

Zeek Hurse


Sheldon Reynolds

The Buttons position are not at all convenient, too close. Many times the right button is registered instead of the left and vice versa, same with acceleration and reverse. Many times i fall off (suicide) accidentally due to this. Give the option to the user to place and space out the buttons as needed. Rest the Game is good.

Arun Ramnanan

It's so nostalgic playing this game m2h thank you

Norzaila Binti zulkifly


DJ Million II

Very awesome



Ayushi Das

Wow too nice game graphics are cute and nice. But pls remove the random events option. And give separate modes option. And free mode option pls . But overall the game is nice.

Basa Ma.theresa

Good game

Adam Awad

Funny but if you can make a private room to me and my friends only it will be the best

Muhammed Abbas

I cant play the game it opens up the first time and runs fine but when I open it up for the second time it doesn't run

Rmk Gaming


369 Teamwork

This game is lagging while steering


Great game but I instantly got kicked off the game my phone was lagging plus they were ads I litterally have ad blocker on but I still got the ads and eventually everything just blacked out my phone was frozen good fun car racing game but it has soo many glitch the graphics not even that great I'll give it 4.3 for me but this game lagged too much for my phone

Abhishek Pradhan

nice game mach beter then c ahh drive 2.but where is crash drive1?????

Raj Kaushik

This is a new game I am trying but this is working in my 6gb ram but it is not working in my friend phone 4gb ram ????????

Jhon Daniel Ubay

Good game.Keep it up

davidluke sta rita

This is very awesome. i would like more and more updates on this game

Issam Oullah


sohail talukdar

Controls and graphics are top notch but more maps and events are needed it will boost the experience

Lawrence Eliarda

Its still loading! >:(


This game is awesome the only thing is that the controls are not as responsive as they should be. The controls stop responding randomly. I am on a samsung galaxy a12 not sure if that has anything tondo with it.

Sohan patel


Max Castillo

Do like the fact that there 2 new mini games like king of the hill or king of the crown but tho would been more cool to see more mini game not that i hate it but it just 2 extra mini game also WHERE DID THE ORIGINAL TROPICAL WENT

King Alpo Alpo

Nice game but make the cars more and make offline racing with racers

Tumi Mosai

Put some shadows and edit the graphics

Gurnawab Gill

Dumb game

Fabien Charles

More detailed review coming soon, but it's so nice to have a new Crash Drive game!!!! 60 FPS is amazing on my Note 10+


Hello please add offline multiplayer lan/hotspot, the game is perfect and very funny, thank you!

ဟ့ၚပကက့ဘိ အက်ိါိ

Hi bro


i love this game but it hes too many ads


Honestly the crash drive 2 was better for me but this one is not that bad afterall.

Mahommad Maaz

Uts better than free fire


Love this game when i was little and up to a couple of years ago I used to play crash drive 2 the most amd it was so fun and especially playing the tank battles against AI while offline it was so fun and now a 3rf one this has potential

tina mk


AmirAli Moradi

سلام کسی اینجا ایرانی هست؟ و بعد هم گیم خیلی خخخووووبببببههههه

Руслан Савчук

вами 0ьы


ناضيا ا دراري

Jennifer Snell


Keysean Taylor

Bruh this the worse one 1 and 2 is so much better

David Chapman

just loved it

Shailesh Kariya

It's something really nice off-road vehicles in here and the maps are soo good in it

Viktor Nederloe


Rafat Alam

Fix lag and Glitches

Arenum Cute



Same maps No adventure at all But at least nostalgic

always be happy

Mast game high graphic no ad. Beach ball remove

Shaun Campbell

Its an Okay game, it looks good and runs good on all visual settings, I run it on high, unfortunately I don't like that i cannot remove ads with a purchase of some kind so the game shows an ad every 1-2mins, i also do not like that challenges are not optional, a button to "Ready" for challenges would be nice so sometimes i can just freely roam as i please with no need to do a challenge if i choose not to do it/them, otherwise i like the rest of it, Gem use is common on F2P games so its expected

Aser Barghouthi

I like it

Dante Draconi

It's decent to play for a few. Getting new cars is pretty grindy. Daily payout says it's "days x 500$" but for some reason I'm getting half of that, which rubs salt on the wound. Tank battles are okay but the AI has completely different physics and at times it feels unfairly frustrating.

Austin Gerak

I played 2 I really wish I could have played the first one. Pls rerelease it.


Wow this game is very fun.😮😮. I very like this game. Now crash driver is very fun. It look like rc game. Good game 👍

Phukan Phukan

this nice game give me 9000$

mansour farokhinezhad

Fun game, only issue is the ads where they just appear mid game out of no where.


Fun game 🔥🔥🔥

Sourav Legend



It's decent, the minigames are fun and stages are well-made. Some cars are unlockable by paying but you can unlock like 15 cars if you play and it's not really necessary since I'm stull using the upgraded beginner car up to this day. I've yet to unlock the other stages, all you need to do is be patient and read the instructions at the start. The gameplay/control is smooth and at times, chaotic since that's the point of the game. All in all, it's a fun game worth a try.


AWSEOME i like the game it's perfect :D


I don't know what is wrong with this game, at first i installed, it ran correctly, but now it doesn't run. It stuck on loading screen and after while it shows my gems and money infinite and doesn't respond any more! Pls solve it 🙏🙏


so good

Chris Paul Mempin

I give it 1 star because I lost my cash and I lost my all my worlds please fix it

Elma Matias

I love it it's so much fun

D2rxv ً

Fantastic game


You should make it offline multiplayer tho

Saminah Bakar

Is a best

Catarina Furtado

Ewwww this dose not come on my iPad it dosen,t even work man you have to fix that I was playing this game like 3years ago and it was ok but now huhuh? What happened

Aditya Satasiya

I like the game. Please make the default map Arctic like before. Please add more cars in less price.


Great game but there's still some bugs

christine Agtarap

Christine and I are going to be Going On with THE PROJECT I Have BEEN WORKING with For A


I am trying to install this game but it is saying that I installed it and it's still not on my PC can somebody please reply and help?

Sambhu Mondal

5 star but some problems i have:- I changed my gamer name but in it it shows my old gamer name and i dosen't lvl up in googleplay games and the controls are block like server where it changes every time and please do something about it..