Craftsman Survival – Smash ’em all

Author: Unicorn Game Studio

1,000,000+ install


Craftsman Survival – Smash ’em all – Pick up weapons, shoot down enemies and become Mastercraft in survival battle!

Detailed info

File size: 48M
Update time: August 3, 2021
Current version: 1.0.2
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Unicorn Game Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Moushumi NURUN nahar

Supep game wow bind blowing game in the world so funny in very adventurous game wow very nice

Jeffrey Schaeffer

20 gun used

Becky Zauner


Shamal londhe

nice game

Hafiz Hasyimah

I like the gema

Shiba Fatima

It's cool

Hamzah Najeeb

So good Game

Somhak Kongdara

YOU HAVE TO FREAKING WATCH 1 MILLION ADS TO START THE LITERAL GAME!!!!! and its not a survival game you just have to kill them with also staying alive.

Fikiru Agelgile

I don't like this game but it says I have a five or Star but I only read it five review star just cuz the game would hate me

Indra parmaditya

Its sow gut

Largo Jerome

My brother realy like this craftman


Its fun 必必必必必必必必必必必必扎扎扎扎扎扎扎扎扎扎扎扎

Ma Cristina Cristal

jakwsd Shosdd

William Patterson

Cool game

Zayyan khan

Good game but can u add masks

ligaya briones

it is not abs it is ads

Arsheen Ali Ali

Love it

Sarashwati Shrestha


Simon Pe簽aloza


Karen Tubale

Game crashed

toto sitjar

You have your life 妞 to get home to eat and get the siren head the killer in the vacation for a new to the vacation and get some sleep and get some of the vacation and get the killer in a lot more pa po kayo waypay to get a new games with a I j d jd you want me ok thanks for your mom ok I'll be

Shelby Ellis

It is a fun game to play for fun

Masna Gz

amen suka

Simon Williams

Unplayable too many ads.

Heba Moawad


Pirates Data


Quratulain Khattak

So fun a

Czarina Jessa Demain


Cris Levardo

This game is brilliant Thank you for creating this game

Emanuel Centeno

I love it 予歹


堥堙堜堜 堛堭堻堛媔堻媯堬堥堜..媯堥 堣媯堬堮堛堳 堶奡塈

Nelly Nxumalo

Great game 氣氣氣

Frederick Enriquez

My ipad broke and this i got the best skin every its ok i will retart I am using ny grampa's ipad if you dont know

Julian Ian


Kristine Janine Mayordomo

More ads o men 互互互互互

Sheikh Haris

The camer is bad it cant trun

Asnimar Che mat

don't download this game if you download the game was take a long time to download


Can you please remove some ads pls if you remove ill rate 5 Stars

Jax Baker

Good game

plotagon movies


Ilham Raihana Binti Abdul Rahman

Best dis gema dis gema and survival

Aryan Islam

The game is awesome I love killing zombies 5 stars

Grunt Gaming

I 'mean a covered

izuddin bakar

Good game

Mai Sarah


Maziah Gray

This game is so fun but I do hate when you go back to the main menu you have to watch a ad

Christine Curless


Ali Khaled

Critical ops

Naila Zahid

I Loveeeeeeee this gameeee

ShaFie Games Plays

Is so good i really really love this game ever!!

Saubhagyalaxmi Acharya


Borjan Panevski subscribe me on youtube

Like it it is awesome to play:fun and engaging but third person camera and fps mode i like it

jade O'connor


Muhammad Saidin


Jarmella Nonato


Raifiqin Ramlie


Agnes Quizon

his game is give ad one

Ashley Emm


Sharrie Apostol

Bro I thought its a shooting among us game but it's not gosh I got scammed

Mark adrian Rosal

Kuejmejjejek keu唐唐

Jhomer Lamano

Omg wow

Adrian Miano

Wow!!! Its so cool about this game so i like it very much

austins channel

Its so much fun its like the real game but difrint get to get a gun or knife

Lordcedrick Cedie


Ferny Avina

Fix this now the problems about it i can only aim like for example i cant even turn the camera around and is not multiplayer like npcs they dont attack each other all they do is just kill me and the voice that says M U L T I K I L L D O U B L E K I L L that voice is just to annoying but funny



Larry Laplante

Really really fun you should play this app I like this app so much I kill people a lot and I earn diamonds just from Minecraft I don't know why they didn't add guns in Minecraft that would be so op but no aw man I want to tell notch that to add guns in Minecraft or else I will kill his whole family and let's SSundees editor make them die

Shital Gawade


Hi Lad

Super gun and addictive but it's the same as a game I already got just first person

Alejandro Luna

It's a game :)

Lizana Giesing

Funny Cool Great

Tony Olivero


Spork Myers

Add for everythin open store add play 1 level add try changing skin add!!!

Susan McCormick

Wow best I got 10000099 diamonds

Connor Wade

I like the first person

Dale alnher Grandeza

this is good but the camera not drag

JaEloy13 Montealto


Nabil Thaqif

This game so fun.

december twentyeight

Lol Not Really Fun Game Boring

Jensen Delgado

This is the best but can you take the ads out and if we want somthimg habe have to watch and ad just that not everyrond

Tamaneka Brown

I was just thinking about thinking about thinking about the game

Sharky Doo

Fun cool stuff and a great time to win

Gopal Suryawanshi


Denis Ndoci

Good game

Caitlin Shaw

This game is good l have alot of expireains

Dominic Stassen

This game is so epic


Stupid. Donut get it

Irfan yousuf

James Wiltz

Zac Bushell

Really good game I like the guns but make a wave game mode and multiplayer

Tobias McEntee

The ads make the game seem better. It's trash.

Gary McBride

Lovely X Gg

Nihal Tahmid Ahmed

Good day up the plug-in settings 休


I like this game so fun with ads

Alma Luster

This game real good



Lisa Rosales

Yes Minecraft craft good

Bang Lacuesta

Cool can you make it multiplayer and more guns

Maria hernandez


christina riley

Best game wow I'm just a kid and love this