Craftsman – Mastercraft Survival

Author: Unicorn Game Studio

1,000,000+ install


Craftsman – Mastercraft Survival – Hey Steve! Pick up your weapons & smash them all on the survival battlefield!

Detailed info

File size: 49M
Update time: August 5, 2021
Current version: 1.0.5
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Unicorn Game Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Dylan Umana

Game is really fun

kk Kk


Pritam S Priam S

Craftsman Smasher very best game in the world

Muhammad FARAN

This is the best games but the add the too much

Saleem Abdul sattar

I love this game but the ad is disgusting me

Earl Joshua B. Batalla

What game is this?

Mubeen Adam

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Cian O'Mahony

I love gun game

Wade Diamond pig MG

Delete this game stupid creator your discussing designer anyways this game SUCKS!b: gh

Amy Weng

I keep winning and winning!!

Esteban Muñoz

I love it

Mcchit Cabili


Madeline Zamarripa

So many ads and ads go on my screen every 10 second

Water Fall


1111 ok18

Add plss multiplayer offline online Thank you for this app

Dell Lira

This is so much fun! I SUPER LOVE THIS GAME

samiur Rahman

Smash Smash!!!! I like this


You should delete ads


Fun game nice mincrafts

Ms Anonymous

I paid for no ads and it gives me ads when I go to change my skin. If you can fix that, I'll change the 4 star to 5 star. if you can't, then that's fine. Also, this game is a great game, I don't care about what other people say, it may have TONS of ads, but I don't really care about the ads.

sharon teves

ufziufd ... im

Fiona Brown

It's very fun and cool

Rohimah Baharom

I will rate it 5 if it dont have ads and i love your game its so fun!

Dragon Fly

So mad I can't even win this thing mad!

Pinki Singh



The Basssssssssst

Mian Saleem

This. is. very. nice


I can't even play this game there's ads every 5 seconds. it's gotten so annoying like come on I understand award ads but EVERY 5 DAMN SECONDS OF BREATHING YOU IMMEDIATELY GET AN AD. I'm just so angry about this you gotten way too far with monetizing your game.

Mohd tahir abbasi (RAHMAN)

Uuuuu and then the next week or two of them were in a bit of pain is not the 6th and I think that Htfgydgjyffggdcn

Asad Ahmad

I like this game

Nur Syazana Salleh


Joly Sarker

This Game Is 100% Great Midium Ads Super duper Skins I rate this 5 Stars Have a great day

Haha animation-herobrine

This is good because I can fight

Nik Ali Akhtar

################################👹👹👹 666

pooriya eskandari

It's very best game

Annie Lanting

This game is copyright it copied craftsman a minecraft gameplay that looks like an old bedrock version minecraft

Jacqueline Mbola


Suhana Rehman

Good game I love to play it when I am bored

Mark Florenz Villaruz


Ruzita Ngah

is ez


this an amsome game!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bao Zhou Chen


Gabriela Rojas

Garbage too looser

Nkosienye Thabang

It's fun

Joseph Bulatao

So many ads you deserve 1 star now but if you get rid of ads and i will give you 5 stars again

pro vloger

This game is very good but they didn't have customisation

Elvikko Septadion Jontin


Mithuka Dulanjana


Phil angelo Austin Bonilla

Realy cool game bengbeng

Warren Alfeche

lets enjoy im a legend this game now i love it its so easy to play this but i give you 3 star this game its easy please pick a hard game fore evry one playing this game its fun and make a lobby thia game pleasw and make a map user to evry body not to angry to yoyr game in updeat please :)

Awang Muhaimin

No like

Blue Bughaw

la la 💙

Amjad Khalil

Best ever

Shaista Butt

I like this game

zaash Zaash


Rue Mandapat

In noob

Veronica Soria

K ll jiinerw🍎🍒🍓🍄🐕🐶🐕🇩🇪

Abdul Hadi

This is so amazing game

Sabahat Asim

It's nice

Aqil Iman

Best game... thanks

Dwayne Hart

It's my brother's game

Sita Buksh

I 🏆

Deepali Biswas

Minecraft like grass and steve and gast woods

Safowan Jitu

very nice

Amontae King

This game is awesome and fun but every time you play Al comes up I'll give it a five out of five is very good

Jojiel Masagnay


Lee Francis

I looooooove this game is a lot like Minecraft and that's why I love this game it's perfect for me cuz I'm a Minecraft fanboy

juan tamad

Kiara hill jiho dr. rudnick fox hide Getty image by Paul 6AM

Mary Chavarin

This is a really fun game thanks for creating the game 😁😁

Julian Turull


Ko Khant


Jane Torayno

This game is the best 👌👌👌

umar qaisar

The is the best game but this is offline game will I like this game very much

Faruque Kahn

Too awesome so entertaining 😁

हाम्रो झापा हामी झापाली

Sure good but some kills me from the Neather portal so many times

Evan Ralph

The game is really good


i hate this game it wont load

Adnan Ahmed


sofea fatiha

I Don't Know About This Game But I Think This Very Good 5 Star😎😁

Ollie Gould

Add add add all adds

Maichelle love GPX

Lol Don't download this app all ads not recommended app❌

Jamaliah Shariff

zaim z

Amoksha Tattwa

Noob haha I'm like thi is cool game



Raifiqal Rai


Sandra Marsh


Aryan Islam

I love this game it's like mine craft but With guns it's so funny to shoot and run

• L U X I A • (Luxy)


Squinty McGuigan


Victoria Yusuf

This is an interesting and fun game

Janet Eaton


Enam Dajani


Jhejhe Jhejhe

Old can you fix it and remove the ads or I'm gonna delete it

Myles Steele

So cool this game I just destroyed enemy's this game is so fun play this game now

Goo Gle

I'm happy

Saf Wan


Annaliza Salamo

This game so good and kill all players

Balaram Khadka

B I don't know

Nazatul Shiela

Nice game Goodddddd

Mariammah Birapan

More info on the game