Craft School: Monster Class

Author: ABI Global LTD

5M+ install


Join Monster Class where Herobrune and his favorite monster students go through all the crazily fun lessons. Try your best to finish them all with your classmates and get the highest scores!

You will immerse yourself in a pixel world full of amazing challenges and thrilling dangers. Your skills and reflexes will be tested throughout the lessons where you have to outsmart gruesome enemies, avoid enraging obstacles, run and jump your way to the next round.
Climbing up the ranks and breaking the world record as you defeat enemies, collect gold coins, and hunt all the hidden treasures in all lessons.

πŸ”₯ Take on top-notch lessons:
– Prison Escape: Avoid the guards and break out of prison
– Siren Head: Survive Siren Head attack and blow it up with all TNTs
– Parkour: Dash from block to block, jump over obstacles, and master your landing tricks
– Survial Game: Survive the Red Light Green Light and Glass Bridge challenges
– Zombie Apocalypse: Shoot and defeat all zombies

⚑️ Simple yet addictive stimulation:
– Use buttons/joysticks to move, run and jump
– 2 viewpoints: 1st person and 3rd person, drag on the screen to find the best angle

🌟 Game features:
– Ultimate fun lessons with 100 levels to test your skills
– Various characters and skins to upgrade
– New pixel maps and landscapes in every level
– Leaderboard to track your rank among other players
– Awesome 3D pixel graphics and animation

Can you get an A for every lesson and become a straight-A student? Join Craft School: Monster Class and find out now!

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Update time: Jul 24, 2022
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Require Android: N/A
Developer: ABI Global LTD
Price: Free
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Customer review

kaysonyada buttercup

some good

Amanda Mainr

really good πŸ‘

Nemesis 666

Two ads within 10 seconds of starting.


Bro this game is bad I wish Google removes it

Kartik Mishra

Worst game ever played the developer is a noob

Areif Tuan Zalizam

First time and play this game πŸ‘πŸ‘

Sahil Sahid

Op craft

Jeany Flores

Maganda syang laroin

Otilia Elena

very boring


I give this 2 stars beacuse there are sound effects this is poop never try it

Shaju Majeed

On β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β™‘

Leonazz Bansan

ngeleg ngeleg caracter nya ngalangin iklan terus



Ishan Ghosh

The best game

Axel Aberg Cobo


Araif Khan


Manoj Kumar Gautam

best game

Amir Ahmed Ansari

Remove this game because in this game one object same as betullah (πŸ•‹) so please remove it

Shadik Khan

Super cool I love it But plz make it super realistic and 3d And also add a box where we can play the monsters any game by searching By the way is very cool

Nallagondla Triveni

OK but I left

Gamer Wonder

Waaaaaaay to many ads

Vipin Goyal

nostalgic game. love it and reminds me of the good ol dayz

Dimitris Avgitidis


Joey Gonzales123


Monaj Shaikh

NAWAZ SAKH good game good game good game good game

Shafizah Wahap

I give 3 Star because so many ads im so really want you to remove the ads

Tomas BHR

Is very very gooooood


To many ads do not recommend

Venkat Reddy

Venkat@dReddy wedgijgffghhhshdhdbbdnxbdndh xbbxbxbxhdhxhhxhx xhxhdhhdhxhxh xbbxbxbxhdhxhhxhx xhxhdhhdhxhxh xhxhdhhdhxhxh xhxhxbdhdh xyxhhdhddydhhdy the xdgxhdhtdhdy hau HDFC dgdysgs dgdysgs SGD SGD SGD SGD bdhzhdhdgxhhxbxbxbxbxnxnnxnxnxnxnjxxSGD sh dygxyd sudh dygxyd sudh dgdysgs SGD sy jxbdbdbdbdbbx xhxhxbdhdhvdgsgshhdhdhdhdhdhhfhfhchdhdhdhshsxbxzvbfjxjjxhxhdhhejeiusyueydhjzhsgshgsjskldhdidkjdhdijrjd

Sheena Na

--f-fć Cass app 7 am

Izzul Tube Channel

Just bored

Jeong-hyun Redfield

Easy and entertaining.πŸ‘β€οΈπŸ₯°πŸ˜šπŸ€—

TreTreTreyy Seven

Why can't you play as Herobrine!?

Samsung J4


Cynthia Diano

NICE have a nice day Selena maparoni hdjdhjd rendezvou mosa

S Abdul Azees


Nikki Jane

This is amazing 😍😍😍🀩🀩🀩

Pierre Claudio

3 stars since it's so laggy and it also keeps crashing 😐

Alex Casimiro

For some people who will download this and if there's too much ads just go offline u can play it offline :)

Tony Looi

this is not even a game do not download this app

Atreyee Podder

Copied from the million of youtuber's content monster school

Jose Sanchez

The game is fun in cringe

Edenmy Donaire


Jackson Stefaniak

I love this game I watch monster school all the time and this is exactly like it

Kamara Michelle

Stupid game

Dan Yip

When the game is better than the ads

Indieacc Giveaway

Good game i keep playing it every day 😊😊😊😊🐱

Nitintyagi Vivo

This GAME looks like a minecraft animations! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Pravin singh

This is so awful.

Raj Dev

Bessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst game

Lewong Super man

Game manta!!

Jaydee Daniot

I am ont good 😭

Roda Laurente

I haven't played it yet but i bet it can be super awesome so i'm going to wait for it

Lukas Clevenger

Dude this game sucks, it freezes immediately after launch. Fix this and I'll consider playing


Most bad game ever I have played in my life too much of ads no proper graphics prefer minecraft playing this bad substitute

Randy Crebillo


Vishal 254

I hate the game it's not a game

June Siblings


Jhon Philip Rentura

This game is really funny

Bala Sharathi


Aivar Naumov

I hate the poeple that say "theres too many adds"then why you play the games that look like they are gonna have adds but i like this game its just kid of boring beacuse its only parkor

Kanchan priya Chetry

Op. πŸ€¦πŸ»πŸ’―πŸ’―

Qaisara h

Lesson 2: why pig got hard one thats make me anyyoing i choose 1/5

Thirumoorthi Ramasamy

it is super game

Pirate Gamer

Super gaming but still so hard

Goutam Choudhury

Raj chow d

John Cedric Dela Cruz


Charlotte Lovett


Dennis Dacones

Don,t ads ple super😭

Jessica Manalili

HΓ­ salahat subcirabe sa team dugyot

Shailesh Jadhav

What the hell this game 🀬🀬

Hazel Bunagn

This is just bad I can't even control properly and about the ads!

Vinod Kumar


Abha Kumari

This is the bestest game

Thant Zin Soe


Darko Dark

Funk game (Two things are infinite The universe & human stupidity Im not sure of universe) I recommend don't download this funken Game

lantong bang

im so "laugh" im so ez mini but 1"air" i do dont delete apps 2"laugh⁴"(hacker delete now!√) 3"phone fall" sorry my phone fall 4 ok dont laugh is you dead real 5 dont eqt minicraft 6 **** so hard want newzealand 7 flag play 23 thank you

Rejaul Karim Ahmed

This game is super duper best

Adam Qusyairi


Arianna Othieno

I love this game.

nureen hannani

too many ads. please reduce ads, another one is always stuck while playing this game.

Anju Gupta

Sooooooo pretty game just fix these ads ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐😊😊

Leila Kiefer

Good game but to many ads


This game has so many ads and i can't move properly...if only i can zoom it or rotate it


This is absolutely the worst game I have seen and oh my god this game has too much adds and plus screw the new monster school and the old monster school is better than this piece of trash



Alim Khan


Alexander Gilbert

I love this game

Diouf Novela


Seth Okoth

I love this game very much

Chyrell Mohammed


Purushottam Kulkarni

This game is soooooooooo awesome dude

Rehana Rafi


Juni Z Gameplay

If I am a ******* gast why I can't fly if I am a ******* ender_man why can't I tp AND IN THE GAST LESON 2 WHY IS THE WOODS MATERIAL ICE AND WHY DO I SOMETIMES FALL TROW A BLOCK IN LESON 2 GAST??????

Kryshane Esperanza


enas Sabry


Joel Figuracion

its very funny

YOGI Sharma


Agnes Gamier

It's fun game but to easy please Im requesting update like realistic and have a city you can walk

Kitty Gerges

very cool and for big kids