Craft of Survival – Immortal

Author: 101XP LIMITED

100,000+ install


Anime Princess Dress Up Game!
This is the most beautiful dress up game of 2022, you have your own fashion salon studio and you can dress up your princess as you like! 👗

👗 Your own dressing room
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** Game Features **
💄- Anime Characteristic Costumes
💄- Dress up your princess avatar with a shiny and beautiful royal dress
💄- Hundreds of dress up items for royal dresses and princess fashion salon games.
💄- Unlimited outfit combinations
💄- Take a photo and share it with your friends

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Detailed info

File size: 88M
Update time: March 11, 2022
Current version: 2.5
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: 101XP LIMITED
Price: Free
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Customer review

Parham_ Z

Amazing game! The loading screen gets stuck sometimes but if you close it and reopen, it will be okay.

ico villanueva


Dana Joy Gordon

Love the game but like other people I've had the same issues with being logged out multiple times and try logging in and it says invalid info... Plz if possible fix this because I love this game but it's useless to play if u can't get but so far because everything is erased...

Joe Hedman

Great game !

Chris Hill

Wont even install. Got to 100% and said cant install.

Mark Baldelomar

The quest is not very clear, there should be indicator in the mini map pointing where should you go

Richard Prunty

Good story lil grindy but that's cool

Daniel Kelley

Can't delete and restart game still comes up as lvl 17

Ryan Peters

Misson for 5 keys wen is it

Harrison Munge

Really great game. Had to edit my review, I've got the hang of the game and I can now kill any over powered enemy, but I keep running all over the map just to kill one boss, the game could really use weapons with more power after level 25. Spinning has a really low chance so I stopped trying, if there was a guaranteed purchase for specific weapons except the mark set it would really improve the game alot. I hope someone reads this.

Jawad amin

Good game

Tarek Mia

মজা পাইলে

Nick Sneed

Decent enough but ive lost at least 20 dollars in items due to game crashing a crucial moments during battles. Games like these always do that. Just another money pit. Grinding takes far too long to do anything and items break too quickly. Unless you have patience for these kind of bugs I highly don't recommend. And before the devs talk about lowering graphic setting blah blah blah just know that they're already set lowest and runs fine on other games.

Miguel Hernandez

Do not spend on this game. This game has awful customer service. Play other survival games. They dont value the people that play these games, and will just ignore complains.

Joe Adamson

Won't play on my phone

Thalor Greenhorn

Really enjoying the game,wish it were more stable on my phone, it crashes and loses connection to the server a lot.

Richard Eckl

Gives no resources at all to progress. No metal at all. Without that you can't upgrade stuff, to be able to craft things to survive in other zones. Can't complete quests. Totally pay to win, buy boxes which still won't give you the resources you need. Totally useless game. Don't even bother installing it!

James Randolph

There are some pro's and con's about this game, but i'm yet learning. I give it 3 star for now.

Brian Taylor

A fun game at first, but turns into repetitive farming of the same maps with no armor and a club to make a profit. Item durability is almost 0, any decent weapon dissapears in half a levels work making many missions unprofitable to play as you will burn through 2 weapons to get resources to possibly make 1 weapon, with your choice limited to what the lootbox system will give you for resources. Don't waste your resources helping Naivir in town, all those quests are broken.

Brenda McOsker

Love it,

Nghi Le Tiet


Kyle Bartlett

Ok here it is,all games suck in the begining.This one did and some.They listened and with trial and error landed in 75% fun,story,graphix,and a few curve balls to not the same old same old.Its a 180° turn for the better

Cameron Lewis

Hands down one of the best if not the best survival RPGs available. Top notch graphics, physics and gameplay. Deserves more downloads.

Magnus Österman

Gameplay is ok, similar to most other survival game and graphics are nice. I would give a higher rating if they could focus on fixing bugs instead of pushing out new content. They seem more active answering poor reviews than fixing their game. Edit: reply to 101 answer. I have contacted both on discord and via mail. Every time they ask for things I have already sent, seem like they do everything to postpone help. Customer service both on discord and mail is apallingly bad.

Jacob Bucher

i have a brand new revol 6 pro that just came out and the game will not start at all, just opens a blank screen and stays that way. ive tried several times to no avail to get it to start but it seems it just wont for me. Havnt even had a chance to try it.

James Papworth-Smith

Good game, well balanced and enjoyable. Microtransactions are not fulfilled despite payment. Update: 2 weeks in good gameplay, but still no update or refund. V poor service, avoid microtransactions.

Janice Yeoh

I get many resources in the game but just short of iron ore which is main resources to rebuild castle, however only one way to get iron ore, from the mine guard by mighty enemies. So I quit this game.




It's a bit to much of a grind. Specific items needed to complete quests have a low spawn rate/occurence. Also, the armor and weapons durability is waaayyy to low. You barely get through half a map before needing all new gear again.

mark shoelace

great graphics and controls for now.

Henri Tumpal Purba

I really dont get it, i bought the bag using real cash, then i play it, i died, i want to revive at the spot but need 100 crystal (you can have the crystal by quest or mission, but yeah $$ made it easier), yet i dont have it and must revive using the normal way, i lost my bag that cost around $5 at Iron, is this how you guys using survival theme as reason to take more money from player? And im not even a pvp player, amazing.

Danny Ward

Fun game. Love the lay out. Building and all the different places to go. Just having a problem with loading in to some maps.

Ramiro Gonzalez Ruiz

I really needed to change from 3 stars to 4 star. The game has improve a lot. I will give 5 stars if there is any place I can learn more about the game, like, what do I need to learn to picklock the boxes I found during my rides. You are doing grate.

John JJ

Good game I love graphics and it's Nature. But I hope energy can be filled up with food or maybe add more cause is little to far to go to better resources zones(I mean go and comeback cause about 50 for yelllow zones).

Rachel Waltrip

I would give it no stars but i cant. So i downloaded the game, but i cant even play it. I go to open it and it just stops working. So 0/10 until i can actually play it.

Princess Keziah Perdiguerra

thank you

Alice Cassidy

Dosent actual help you ay the start of the game how to get to places you kind of jave to figure it out on your own

Armond Ford

Still loving the game

ean isyraf

nice gane

Bryon Mosher

It's fun


good game but it takes luck to find resources one needs.

Dante Good

Make it so when you have no armor on your naked and uncensored then this will be the best game ever

apa wakwaw

Good job

Dakota Howard

Can't get past the first load screen keeps glitches out. Will change review once I'm able to get in and play.

Androel Vergara

The game is superb but it freezes and crashed.

mille bluecat

The story and game are good. But I cant stand the bug and sudden shut down of the game. It gets really annoying so I decided to delete this game. What a shame though.

Tinier Hail

Pretty early on there is a quest that has you travel to a nearby Inn in search of information, there is a conversation option (i like to run through them all for the lore) when talking to the npc about some guy(the guy at the inn) but the context of the conversation is a repeat visit to the Inn. When visiting the Inn for the first time after seeing this option, I was locked out of the main quest and have since been unable to progress as there is a boss fight where the quest npc should be.

Lawrence Palmore

To small, old graphics and just another survival game

Becca Lurie Edwards

Good game but takes up unnecessary space and takes too long to load

rick bornsheuer

Awesome game would give 5 * but you have to pay to play but other than that well done

Michael King

This game ticks most of the boxes, although Arms and Armor are damaged all too quickly in my opinion. Unlike a lot of games the developers and Google are very good and quick in addressing problems that players encounter. Large game with the prospect of never ending unless the player wants it to! Four stars because nothing in life is perfect. Pleasant way to spend your free time (wives permitting!) Many thanks for fixing my own game problem, Cheers.

JR Smith

Game is not glitchy, Quests are easy. Might want to spend some money if you want a good bag for space to carry things back to your castle.

Alexae Sneer

Great concept but it had way too much at the start. I like starting from scratch with a short tutorial, not a playable tutorial.

jonathan anderson


Cory McDaniel

Game won't even load in now keeps glitching in main screen


Things missing keys for treasure chests the story just sort of ends after intro no way to knock rock pile down in castle and when you upgrade things they don't look any better they just function better. Big recent PROBLEM! Keeps saying connection is dropping since a few days ago I know it's an error because my internet is fine no problem with other games I do like customization but unplayable at the moment

Ken Crimson

I played a lot of top down survival games but this one is totally different from the others and it's for a good,combined with rpg with lot of quest,you can play for hours without getting bored, also not a pay to win you can buy gems or just play the game to get it its accessible and hope you keep it that way I'm waiting for yhe next update to see what you will bring and if you keep this good formula I will give a 5 stars 🌟

Ibnul Abir


-Chris White

Ridiculously slow and bug-ridden game. It takes forever to get in and out of locations and those are the good points! Stupidly steep learning curve that limits you to a handful of locations over and over. If you venture outside of green areas it's instant annihilation from too powerful enemies.

Kova Dathu

KOVA Dalhu

Briana Wiggins

Would love to change my rating if I could even get on the game to try it....will not load at all and I just installed it. Just glitches and tries to open a screen then load over and over very quickly.

Mark Dave Grande

Much better now bring more events

Biken Aiz

My screen is stuck in loading

Michael Wade


Mirream Tungol

great game but out of Runs

Richard Kholin

I cant log in due to constant Loading sign appear over and over again. Please check the system correctly, i wanted to play it but...cannot so i think i'll pass

James Ashby

Keeps glitching on google sighn in minus 10 *'s

Torie Fritts

thank you

Elysa Lee

I love this game and have even spent money to keep going because I don't want to put it down. I just need to know 1: Where is Ayden??? 2: How do I open the rest of my castle??? 3: When will new characters and character development be updated?

Ounheaun Cam

The game is unplayable now since 3.4 update. It crashes frequently. Uninstalling.

Ty Bryant

Decent for a mobile app. Often crashes in the middle of gameplay unfortunately. Repetitive missions rather than new missions each day. Update: haven't had a crash during gameplay since latest update.

Donald Temple

Items purched disappear when you die. Plan on spending a lot to play


After I updated the game now I can't go into no part of the world without a crash when the world load without me moving it crashed so I can't leave off the world map

Brasi Da Don

Wayyy to much storage I had to uninstall it cause it basically was telling me to delete everyone for the update but it's a good game a little more detailed combat and the storyline with the kingdom and the 5 keys would be very much appreciated.

Donnie Smith

Great game

Jacob Poling

takes to long to load don't work

Shsne Gilson

Great game, better than most survival RPG's because of the storyline. Excellent quality, great graphics and sound, cool selection of items. Challenging yet easy to understand and intuitive playability. I am editing my review because all progress has disappeared twice for no apparent reason. This last may be because update has arrived, yet I haven't downloaded it. Why?

Levi Durgin

I like the different elements this game combines. I would like it to be possible to fight without getting hit at all (if you are good enough) and the plot/side quest missions are unorganized and slightly confusing at times, but I like the machanics and the game in general a lot

Mohamed Mokhles

Nice game

Helena Hoek

I love this game but cant say much yet , untill now the only problem is when you pay for crystals etc je dont always get where you paid for havent bought anything lately because of that reason maybe its changed

Shayansa Mitchell

I spend too much money and it glances once I pay for uniforms and weapons and it is harder even with expensive gear. I guess they so it so I can keep wasting my money on high tech gear that don't last in battles that they should.

John Kirkland

Grindy RPG action love this game

Dusti Savok

I love this game! It's fun interactive challenging it always gives you more stuff to do it helps pass time when you have nothing but time on your hands and it keeps you from being bored I highly recommend this game!

Chad Riggle

I will update my review cuz I'm new and do like a lot of different things about this game. I've tried every single survival game I've found on Google play to date. So far I've felt this one is great but I'm picky and I've felt this way about two or three other survival games and still got rid of them for a few different reason. The energy and weapon and armor durability is one of the better ones despite what other reviews are saying. Sing in process can be annoying but it works enough that's al

Andrex Jude Dagolsapo

Bad experience for me, i thought the game was bounded to my account and later on I'm logging back to the game it said that i need an account to continue playing the game so i decided to continue playing a guest so that i can bound the game to my account but bruh all of my progress did not save so time to uninstall, such a good game for others but not for me.


Well very good survival game(best right now I think) have f2p friendly gameplay in this game energy system better than other survival games and I liked this

LIAM Hunter


Jack Price

great game

TheFoxyWolfy Studios

Seems like a promising game. But can't tell if its a good game or not because I can't even get passed the loading screen. It kept saying "Checking player records' and then download that says '0/0 mb'. It has done that constantly over and over. Please dear developer, fix this issue and I might change my review.

Kirsty Holsey

After installing the game it isn't allowing me to play at all as soon as I open it I flashes at me several times then shuts down... please help me

Lost in memories

The game stops in the loading part!

Richard Collenette

Waste of data downloading all i get is starting screen with downloading that keeps disappearing and reappearing not impressed after large size of game c ompaired to most

Juvoisean Mathena

So far I love the concept of it, very nice customization. After playing it for awhile i realized some of the games flaws. The Armor Crafting is way to obessesive mainly because the Armor Durability, no matter the Quality the armor is it will run low way too quickly and it sucks. The shop armors arent worth it because you cant keep them and they will waste away quickly.

Raul Palafox

The game is totally not worth it. When there is the chance to have interaction options to decide the story, you need to carry with you specific items to select some of them and if you don't have them there is not option to go back to collect them to have the choice that you want.

Bad Monster


Perry Inabinett

love it just needs a faster way to change out wepons and inventory

Barry Holmes

Played this game earlier this year and it worked perfectly on my A12..recently installed the game and it's not just loads..please fix this and then I'll increase the star ratings.

Candy Davis

When I click to start the game up it just loads over n over does stays on front page don't know if there is a bug in it are what but I really want to play this game can somebody fix it asap

Captain Silvers

not too shabby

Annie Cross

love it