Cowzuuka – Rock with the COW to DEFEND EARTH against ALIEN INVASION. Blow all the orbs!

Detailed info

File size: 117M
Update time: September 1, 2021
Current version: 1.2.2
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Jyamma Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Tano Oreo

Its pretty boring I dont get how this is 4.9 rating but good effort

scott bailey

Runs too slowwwwwww

AmàeDaisie Dae

Ever since I updated today the game continuously is crashing please fix this

Prabhat Kumar

Time killer

David Vicente

Awesome game with not too many ads

craft hotel

I love playing this game

Penny Hofheimer

Very nice development


Pretty good game. Zero bugs and lugs!


Never got a crash, extremely well produced

Hubertus Gessert

This game is so satisfying !


Engaging gameplay!

Fasoekdif Jasorddij

Good game, I haven’t got any bugs


A game to enjoy

Ehtel Lobo

Stunning game

Mallie Brannigan

A game for everyone

Corina Breeding

Just good reviews on this one

Gilma Bitsuie


Metrick Sonia

For me this is a 5

Bedonie Tonda

Definitely a 5 stars game

Hale Jeanna

I’m the best in this game

Sizelove Neda

This game is a real addiction

Hessing Loan

I am definitely addicted to this one

Baldridge Milda

Perfect work

A Google user

Stunning work

Perrette Lucile

Just cool

A Google user

This is so cool

Markus Loan


A Google user

Finally a game that satisfy me

A Google user

Stunning graphic design

A Google user

I am gonna kill all the aliens!!!

Cills Carita


A Google user

Cool soundtrack

Salviejo Rosaline

Love the soundtrack

A Google user

SFX and soundtrack are so professional

A Google user

The soundtrack quality is super

A Google user

The 3D graphic is amazing

Botras Nancie

So many skin

A Google user

Love the variety of skin available

Devendorf Josie

Let's save planet earth

Brinda Batterton

Still good

Maude Groover

I think it is one of the best games ever made

Ferne Nixon

Overall a very nice experience

Kathy Crites

I really recomend Cozwuuka

Corine Jefferis

This game is a good game it is satsfing to play i recomed it to you

Rachell Rinaldi

Love the game! Keeps me and the kids entertained for hours!

A Google user

Immaculate experience

Venessa Screen

Its very good. Basically what most of the other reviews are saying.

Gwendolyn Hollmann

This game has amazing potential and I love the mechanics

Marguerita Haman

I loved it

A Google user

fun fun and fun

Clarke Matthews

its pretty good i like its hardcore challenge

Eric Walsh

Stunning videogame

Morris Williams


Alexander Campbell

I've been playing for a good few months now and still am not bored of it, it's the only game I play cause I'm bored of all my other games I've downloaded

Mason Patrick

I really can't stop playing it ahahah

Clarke Walsh


Turner Moore

I think this game is perfect and funny 👌

عبدالرؤوف السماعيل

Best game for mobile

Larissa Smoak

I'm having fun

Deedee Rudkin

Now I'm a fan

Cyndy Knill

I love Cowzukka

Manda Fetch

Full fun game i really enjoyed it but its addicted game. Go and download to start playing this game.

Kittie Loy

I play when I have to kill time and it's perfectly enjoyable.

Janean Ansbro

Best mobile

Mitsuko Burda

Really the best

Scotty Heiting

5 stars

Alease Pacewicz

Keep it up

Shelia Mogren

It is a nice game. I suggest for time pass

Caridad Beaubrun

videogame to not get bored

Caltagirone Ramona

Stunning work

Gronquist Trena

Great game

Modugno Rosenda

It's soooo fun, great

Redinbo Hilaria


States Myrtie

It's time to destroy aliens

Szenasi Izetta

Fluid and well animated

Wein Lavinia

I like this game, and it is soo good. 😘😘😘

Hinman Jerald

It's very good

Kemmeries Maryrose

Great game You should play this game

Zimmermann Raymonde

I'm having such a great time with Cowzuuka

Curfman Karole

Great,I am enjoying

Tagliarini Miyoko

I love Jyamma Games and their games

Saiiao Btisti

Fun game to play

Dsiusi Tifri

I like it really really much: download and try

Gsiyao Beidti

Nice game

Daiuso Ctodto

If you don't know how to pass the time, this game is perfect

Asoiai xeusru

Addictive and fine

Serg Oliviera

Hoe cute are the cows?

Amelia Hinkle

Such a good idea

Norris Miller

Dope game!

Anna Marie

I finally hit my last record

Juan Rodriguez García

Alien vs Cow: that's brilliant

Jaitso Bruatu

This game is just woow!

Heather Schiefelbein

It's perfect for passing time

Peggy Oin

Amazing gameplay!

Gaforksil Safoegsik

Cowzuuka is superb

Dakorlhih Sagorjsik

this game is so so addicting

Julio Alberto Benitez Flores

Tons of fun but man it gets harder and harder as you go on! Good time killer

Ganesh Gupta


Raisor Luvenia


Adele Jadoo

This is soo cooool