Cowboy Story: Wild West Rescue

Author: Rocket Game Studio

100,000+ install


Cowboy Story: Wild West Rescue
Lucky Lion is the new Sheriff of Lily Town. Coming to the town, Lion didn’t expect that the whole place was under Dalton the bandit’s control. Nomads are all around – causing trouble, scamming places, robbing homes and banks. The mayor and many residents are threatened and leave the town. Therefore, here comes Lucky Lion who will fight against the evil forces and stand up for justice. Let’s fight along Lucky Lion’s side to protect the town!

Think outside the box to solve the unexpected riddles. Let out your creative thinking and use your intelligence to rescue Lily Town.
– Create your own storyline
– Complete the 4 maps to uncover western mistery

– Endless intense but exciting stories
– Multiple and unimagined gameplay
– Simple but lively 2D graphics
– Fun game – Real IQ test

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Detailed info

File size: 50M
Update time: April 27, 2022
Current version: 1.3
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Rocket Game Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Upendra Nath Roy

This is the best game ever But add more levels please

Elcetro Tanger


hossein amani

good fun

Thomas Cullen

Very good quality

Rahul Shrestha

cowboy story is very amazing I like it🖤👍

Nemesis 666

Didn't play more than 5 seconds after the loading screen before getting an ad... Not worth playing.

Amelia and Ziggy

Can't wait for the next level



daniel dorsett

Ads last longer than the levels.

Mian Atif

Too much ads


Like this Game, Please Make More Levels up to 1,000🤣😂

Lynette Galloway

Great game! Tricky, but great game! Enjoy

Blake Windham

Too many adds. If there were a cutscene option then that'd make getting back to where you were alright. But it's a slog with all the adds and the cutscenes you have to repeat.

kwatog onie


Vidiot Opinion

Had potential, kept waiting an add wait an add wait an add nope just silly. Cant recommend friends sorry

Floridalma Alvarez

Great graphics and the dialogue is very humourous. I recommend it. Sure they have ads if you think about it a lot games have ads so I comprehend.

Gregory Curry

excellent very good job

Bryan Horsewood Sr.

It could have been a good game, but SO MANY COMMERCIALS RUINED IT!!!!!!!!

Hector R

Ads drive me crazy!

Paul. G

Really fine game with great humour and story, can't wait for next installment. Please could you add option for paid ad free please. Keep the story coming 5*****

Rachel Johnson

I like it 😊

Jennifer Runion

young erron black you are my hostage and don't worry I will tie your hands legs and your body I will take good care of you I promise you and also I like to kill you and don't worry about me you're my hostage now you are mine hahaha and don't worry I will marry you and don't worry wedding is coming up so be ready sweetheart because you're my hostage for now on hahaha looks like it's time to get married I love you darling and don't worry your wife is not here with you anymore you're mine will you

Michael Duncan

only played one level least let people play a few before getting needy for a rating.