Cow Evolution: Idle Merge Game

Author: Tapps Games

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Cow Evolution: Idle Merge Game – Merge cows species to create even crazier mutations!🐮 Idle Evolution Simulator

Detailed info

File size: 34M
Update time: July 20, 2021
Current version: 1.11.8
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Tapps Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Michael Worden

So... Many... Invasive... Ads. There's a limit to how many mobile games I should intricately know the details of in a 30 minute span of play time... I get it, it's free. They have to pay the bills. This goes above and beyond that excuse.

Jaques Roofiarchino

The core of the game is fun but is ruined by pop-up ads, predatory micro transactions, and lost progress. At this point I'm pretty sure the game will take some of your cows away, encouraging you to spend money to get your lost progress back. Do not spend a dime on this game.


muuu muuu

Sami Smith

It's amazing you should get it it's free anyway 😉 stay safe!


it's fine but its more of a game where you only play when your waiting for like your microwave good to be ready.

Richard Palocsányi

best game

Lucille Wilgus

so fun


Gets boring


An absolute gem, this game is such a good pass time activity

Larni Falzon

Cute game, gets boring very quickly. Extremely spammy, ads load constantly. Progress is locked unless you want to use real world money.

morgan kaleb

cute game like it <3

Mahir Kazi

childhood favourite can't resist

Maddy Berrong

I play this game a concerning amount


A few years ago it was a really fun game, now the ads ruin everything. Not fun anymore

Marvin Flores

Random ads out of nowhere.

hayden yoder


Menna Bahaa

it's so beautiful and I like it 🥰😍

Lisabeth Dixon

LisabethDixon Save

Ronnie Stuart

good game

nett Felix


Liam Tufaro



oooooo perfect game

Taylor Adamson

𝙄 𝙢𝙖𝙙 𝙞𝙩 𝙥𝙖𝙨𝙨𝙚𝙙 𝙘𝙤𝙬𝙯𝙞𝙡𝙡𝙖 𝙤𝙣 𝙤𝙣 𝙞𝙩

Jonah Wallace

Cool game

Maun0. a

en oo viel testannu

Patti Ferner


Robert Keller

Tried again. Kind of interesting. Then the ads start. Unavoidable ads. Instant delete.

Roman Claudiu

Ads simulator. Hard pass!

Oliver Chou

coooool game its realy hard and chalenging to find every combination

Yim Ping Leung

Seriously, this game is infected with ads, tons of ads. You literally get an un-skippable 10-30 seconds ad every 50-90 seconds! Of course I know, almost every game on my recommendation has thousands of ads! Honestly, I mean the cows are cute. But seriously, even though YOU, developers, are HUNGRY FOR MONEY, don't you guys think you should do something about it? The amount of ads every seconds are KILLING ME! Of course, you can just TURN OFF your WI-FI to get no ads, but it's really uncomfortable

ivan Dobrev

bread 👍

El Sjej

im on a chromebook. ive played it until the 3rd place, Now its saying it has a problem with love.boot and it wont let me play ! i spent alot o ftime on it. other than that its a really fun game.

Hariz Hairman

This game is so old🥺

Ryan Grosso

Bad experience having random ads during gameplay

Jyoti Chhapolia

Hungry birds bhoot

Carmen Martinez

Dance dance cow evolution



Anna Burns

best game EVER

Kristi Pugh

It good

viktor satanik

Nice game :)


It's a good game, what can I say! I remember playing this game for hours on end when I was younger. It's a good time killer, but it is just a fun game in general

Amir Harried

Amazing game lol

Daisy Goodson

Boring but if you like evolving games this is for you

kid85 6438 roblox account name

This game was fun, at first until the game started kicking me out and not letting me play. It says they did bug fixes, but I have seen no bugs been changed

Colin Leroy -lina

This game is awesome

freddygamer Zan307

It's a fun game I haven't seen any ads yet

Claudia Schroeder

Love this game! Super cute and I love the art style! The names are hilarious and I really enjoy this game. 5/5 stars!

Harry Carr

Brilliant game if you like silly cows


ver epiko




Bad i give 5 star if u suck my di***

dude number A


Toxic Box

the game was fun. keyword: was. the game is now cluttered with ads, and the game even confuses itself trying to load an ad because it's so eager. the game is barely enjoyable especially with all of these things they try and get you to do by watching ads, a simple game ruined by a greedy company.

Ice Bear


Sarah Spitler

Funny aa Hell and the art is beautiful

No Nuggets


Kevin Ryckman

Good game but it makes me sick how greedy these game developers are. I'm not joking when I say I will get 90 second long ads in the middle of my game. That is just absolutely unbelievable. I can only imagine how much money this game has made from just the in app purchases alone so the fact they are still so money hungry to push me the infinitely long ads ever other minute just disturbs me. I spend more time watching ads in this game than actually playing the game.

Matija M.

Horrible from the amount of adds

Rosita Chiquita Gonzalez

Love this is the best thing for me

mohammad ali ghadirzadeh

very very bad game آشغال ترین بازی دنیا یک گاو هست باید روش کلیک کنید تا پی پی کنه همین کله بازیش همینه خیلی مزخرف و آشغاله سگ تو روح سازندش

Jacob Barlow

play all the time.

eliissus noimvarysus


Finnick Aston

It won't let me open the game anymore just shows the first screen and then crashes and doesn't play anymore I've only had it again a few hours

Landen Kimmel

Too many ads

Andrea Jacknife

I have played this since I was four and it was awesome

Joseph Pierce


Angelo Gesouras

2 word's: I'm obsessed

Danielkim Pinera

pretty good game I think?

Rowan Feikles

simple and funny game

Bobbee Eck's dee



The game was good but my god those ads made it unplayable


This game is such a classic Me and my sister and my counsins USED TO PLAY THIS BACK IN THE DAYSSS. Although the year gap of me last playing this game was quite.. long.. im actually very happy to play this game again, it didnt become SUPER ad heavy like the other games, the ads are pretty tolerable since their skippable (unless reward ads)(similar to vlogger go viral). Also somewhat entertaining lmao Anyways classic fun game

marti zelinski

I love this game it's so fun and relxing


Can you please stop with the forced ads, i watch enough optional ads, i get yall need money, but im quite sure everyone watches enough of the optional ads already

Coral Wales


katie ryman

Love this :)

steve mhty


Jackson Hamilton




Kit Cansler

Ads. Ads. Ads. Super glitchy, some ads won't even let you close them, so you have to leave the entire app and you lose your reward. There's a cap to how much the cows make, (3,000 no matter how many times you evolve), it's slow, the "upgrades" suck, it's the kind of game that forces you to pay for things or it's no good.

Clyde Cartwright

It's infested with adds. Absolutely kills the game.

wellsEmmabecusecutiepie! wellseya

Its kinda meh i mean you could atleast make the crate load faster and some no ads for free 🤔


i beat the game. all ultimate beings. all achievements. reset the universe 10 times. now what

Pamela Cat

Cow Go Moo lol

Vicarious One


Aziz Amin

if they tell wich breed of cow i get and cow have how many species and in different colors and wich breed good for meat and wich breed good for milk then real fun

Jimothy Cement

Pure heavenly greatness

Craig joshua Hill 7

pretty fun but it has a looot of ads its fines tho cuz yknow the game devs gotta eat

TRS1 Gaming

Good Ok fine

Daniel Jaakkola

Very bad because the cows dont poop anymore.

Roman 503


Harshad Adagale

Waste of Time

Kaiden Gomez

Cow go moo

Hayley Ramsay

I love this game lmao. so easy and entertaining. the ads are a little annoying but after you close the ad a little alien cow pop in and gives you coins! love it

Sofia Cotter

It's really fun if u go on trips or something

Shib Chhaya

Really good game, except for one bug I found. I exited out of the app when kt was showing the blue recreation screen, and now I don't have a supreme being, even with 2 bahamoots. There is no circle in the upper right corner to access my supreme being anymore.

Eliza Keating

very addictive. no adds included

April Lee

I love it

Aurélie Bourg

the amount of ads drove me up the wall. the game is cute but seriously, there's an ad every 10 seconds... cut it out

Oliver Hendrix