Countryballs at War

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Countryballs at War is a Grand Strategy Game with turn mechanics and real-time combats involved. Your aim is to make your country a world superpower by building strong armies, controlling tax rates, increasing the happiness of your people, and upgrading your country.

In Countryballs at War, you can declare war, send ally requests, sign peace treaties, offer peace to enemies, and puppet weakened countries. You should choose your allies carefully because enemies will always try to capture your territories and destroy you. If you fail to rule your country, there will be rebellions in your country, and with rebellions, you will mostly lose half of your territories and armies.

You will start each game with attack and diplomacy points. Each time you attack a territory, it will consume one attack point. Likewise, each time you use diplomacy actions, it will consume one diplomacy point. After you end a turn, these points will reset. You can upgrade these points’ limits in Academies!

In combats, your aim is to cross your enemies’ borders by sending your units to the battlefield. Enemies will not accept that to happen that easily. So, you should call your allies to battle and you should build strong armies!

To build a strong army, you should unlock units from ‘Barracks’ and ‘Artillery Depot’ and upgrade them when you reach enough resources. There are tons of units that are ‘unique’ to each country and more will be coming soon with the next updates.

There are world events in Countryballs at War such as the ‘Pirate Invasion’. Pirates will often invade territories with seaports, so you have to be careful!

Lastly, all countryballs are available to play, but some of them are locked. To unlock them you should find them! They are hidden in some areas. You can get some hints by clicking the ‘Get Hint!’ button in the game.

If you enjoyed playing Countryballs at War, please consider giving it 5 stars. It will really support me and the development of the game!

I will try to update the game frequently. If you have any questions or problems, don’t hesitate to mention them in reviews. Or, you can send me an e-mail.

For more updates and discussions, you can join our discord server:

Have fun playing Countryballs at War!

Map Music: Gates of Glory by Alexander Nakarada (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

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Update time: May 16, 2022
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Customer review

Fathini Balia

It's so much fun

ian carlo panlaqui

Wheres the Philipines?


Sometimes it's get boring ...


Compared to CBE1890, its more feature rich. It might be missing a few nooks and crannies but its good.

Elvis Elwood


Komi San Playz

Its the best countryball game

Evangelyn Padua

game so cool

emma marshall

So far this is a really good game, though there is a lot of ads and sometimes the screen freezes, But its alright! Maybe you guys could add Suprise attacks, Betrayal (A player could be allies with a country and either the player or said country could betray the other.) You could send supplies/A country can send supplies to eachother, All up to you guys though.


CountryBalls is cewl

Flo Basy

This game was really fun to play, in fact olI think this is the best countryballs game (Like Europe 1890)

MarcoJustine08 Gamer

The game is good can you add other country's like china and philippines and add day year and time add other empires to that would be nice and add war on water and other disaster's I hope you read this


It was going great. I was able to complete the game but while I was trying to get all the territories the whole map was blue and there were no countries. I tried to clear cache but it still didn't work.

Nildeo Latigo

It make me even like it update is cool I take the all world its mine

Skylar Johnson

I think its awsome!! I like it alot!

my ghie

Can you add kkk pls

Rio Henry

Good game only problem after the update which was rlly good it softlocks znd the screen turns a little bit dark so you have to save alot apart from that its good


Fun game, should add a randomized spawn location mode if haven't already.

Abeid Hadi

Nice game I was so bored but when i found out about the game I was not

AJ Pamesa

War Country balls

Felix Antonio Lincoln

Pls repair the bug where the resources are suddenly not producing. And pls add new gamemode "Spain but the S is silent" jk. Pls do repair the bug tho it's still exist


The game idea and gameplay is well made for sure, but, the AI's army are usually very weak, and I mean by, if you manage to upgrade your villiager to the maximum level, and recruit 3 of them, you could just colonize ALL of Europe and Africa if you wanted. And to defeat an army, all you needed to do is fight a few battles against them and their army is gone. No need to worry about them attacking nor really anything from them AT HARDEST DIFFICULTY. Really wish if the AI's army was much stronger.

nathan faith

Pls add more german states

Yasmeen Malik

Very good game 👍 I like most 😍😀

M3 Brothers

One of the best countryball games i played

Bennett Little

The game is fun but when I bought something it didn't work and I couldn't Plat as the country I wanted but this game is fun I do recommend this game if you like country balls and country games

The CJ Animated

Never played it. Just great though.

David Vanniman


Lyle Axel

This is the bestest country ball game ever can SHN games make another update for this with lots of campigns and the game is great

Colin is good

Great game great everything i dont have any compliants except that you cant annex countries Edit: Nvm they did everything i wanted. 5 Star

Guling Gaming48

the game is very good don't forget to always update

A Google user

hmm not bad this game is kinda fun!

Muhammad Azhar

Boring game



Edgar Lubis

this game is so cool!!

kingof theundead

Way to many ads

krystal farley

Good game

Deshon Cuniffe

Ver niz


fun and the ads aren't bad, but it's annoying how it makes you go into combat when the other side doesn't have troops, so you'd just win anyway.


Nice game but it needs more things like production and resources.

Razin Nazmi

This game is country ball I'm love this game because I'm love country ball game h

christle lee

I love this but i want to create a baby country and that where i will have so must fun to see if they are cute i hope u update it where i can create me own baby country and i want some give army to ally or puppet so it will be helpfully to them and u want more countryball they are so cute im just hope u add a new minigame or add a ww2 and some new recruit army new lv i love this game and i just want more cute animation pls add some new it will be happy to all of 5 star this game i love bye.❤💖💗


This game is good but can you make a game or update that like the all of the country because I like to play my Country in this game

wihan jooste

It's very good, but can you maybe fix barvia's flag and add orange free state.

Lucky Relchar Ranara

Really good!!! Recommend it!!! If you encounter ads turn off your wifi, its that easy. Really great game btw nice job

Jacob Reyes

This game is very good! Although there are some nations like France and United Kingdom but there is no Germany? And there is a country like Prussia but no Australia.

Cassiano Reinaldo

You should try to put this online,with private servers

Connor Erdem

i buyed no ads and unlock all characters in this game but i uninstalled the game and now i dont have the perk can i please get it back and i made the purchase like 5 weeks ago.but i otherwise its a good game.

Andrei P24

This game is just another shin games masterpiece. I personally think it is better than Hoi4 becose it is simpler and gives the same effect of accomplishment. Recently they added what I was waiting for: a quality of life update. They made many god changes but I found a bug. It is not very important or severe but when you anex a puppet it shows you that not only you annexed it but also that it is no longer your puppet. As I said unimportant. Don't worry because it is only visual. Great game!

Gold Roblox

It would be 5 but it's too complicated the old one is a lot better

Ajwjjwhssiajsj Wuua


Naufal Ali

There is ti much ad with internetbpliss no alot of ads plis oke

Fatimah 98

Good Games😊😃😊😃

Chase Walter

What about adding the artic at the future to make the map bigger olso make the cannon sound explosion not like a sword

Jeslifrel Domingo

The game is now boring due to update the country's are why to easy to defeat even in hard mode unlike the old version its true that its had an update but unlike the old version its more exciting that you have to deal with proper country

William Dobson

I love this game and it's my best game but the only thing why I gave it a 4 it's because it's so simple to get a character like it's as simple has choosing a country who you want to unlock then attack it before you start battle go torrards the enemy's spawn then you can find his countryball it's way to simple please update the game and make making character's more harder to unlock Have a good day creators and everone!

Nicodemus Botalon

One of the most greatest updates to that happened on this game. The loading screens are SOO much faster [thank you for that Devs]. Glitches and bugs are nowhere to be seen [Thanks Devs] and lastly please implement trading. Hope to you all. ✊


Extremly good game I though it was a good game originally but the recent update was amazing 👏

Paula Dalglish

Really good game, I love the aspect of the game and the fact that the map being bigger unlike the previous game which I believe this is a sequel to, I hope there are more campaigns as that will make it better. Um I uninstalled this app to free some space, I then reinstalled it when I had enough space afterwards, but when I tried using the superpower pack which I bought I was unable to use it, even when I tapped the superpower pack in the shop it said it was already purchased.

Tracey-Ann Barrett

Thanks for the new update:)

Demarion Deonarine

This game is really good the instructions to play it are easy for me some might need time to learn and this game is a bit better than the other one which is great too but I really like this game instead of just Europe in the first game you have the earth except Antarctica.

Charlie Hyde

Its a good sequel to 1980, and its only been out for not long, but i cant get any resources after making them and ending my turn, other than that, its a really good game and i would recommend

olive biswas

Nice game i like it i need some update like #1multiplaye mode #2revolution like Soviet Union #3finish


The game is perfect, but the only thing bothering me is that the sound of the weapons are too loud and can not be controlled, other than that, adding the today's world map or multiplayer could make the game more fun

Franco Rafael Elicaña

Disappointing When i was on a middle of a game it suddenly freezes i dont wanna quit cause i didnt save it yet i was big already if i quit it my hardwork will be gone

sean labbe

Great game I'm really enjoying it I have a suggestion for a new Era it would be like the modern Era but any way great game


I think this game is great,best mobile countryball game by far! before I had alot of complaints but with the new update it is much better. I only wish in the future there could maybe be multiplayer I think it would be very fun to play with each other make alliances or declare wars in public or private matches with like 2-5 players or something like that.

ariel dela vega

Add Phillipines please🥺 🙏


I suggest adding more countries and timeline not just in the 1900s period also militias and buildings

Daniel C

I loved it great game lots of fun and just friend country and tap their hat people but it is great and would recommend.

Sakreufa Panha

It's Good

bismah shahid

to much good game u can customize your map etc

Joseph Sean Sunga

Hey SHN Games I Have Update Ideas! -Add Like More Campaigns But It's Similar To Muskets And Colonials -New Country Balls Like The Yugoslavia,Czechoslovakia,The USSR And Many More! -Ideas For New Units,A War Tank,Warheads,Missiles And Boats! -Add More Features And Stories And Historical Facts! Because I Love Geography! I Wish You All The Best,And You Have My Full Support.

Mike Saludes

Cool geme

Owen SchilK

Somehow I'm allies with with everyone so do I like win or do I like have to actually play the game

Jan debeer

It's not downloading!

Big Smoke

This is one of the best strategy games I've ever played but it seems to be unfinished, as there isn't much modes to play and there aren't really any goals after you finish the main objectives (exept for total world domination). I'd love to see the game updated like the 1890 version with multiple modes and but overall, the game is very fun and rarely ever gets boring. However, it is set in a confusing time period. The Holy Roman empire exists, but so does the Ottoman Empire and the Qing Dynasty.

United States

I like this, anyways. Can you add Chile Argentina, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, but I got an idea, when you skip time 10 times, Soviet union will appear, Russia will be replaced, if you skip time 8 times, Qing dynasty Collapse, Also, add all African countries,

Samuel Marchuk

Love that they added puppet annexation, but they should also allow us to give land to other countries

Bluebeery YT

I like thes geme a lot

Ian Maddax

This is just TOO FUN!! It has strategy, Planning Wars, and MORE!!! And if you rate this 1 star, your too wrong.


The 'Hard' difficulty needs to actually be hard or add another higher difficulty e.g extreme. No options on the year of the world. Limited countries.


I love it! The only problem is the battles loading takes so long.


Great improvement on original


Mmmm pretty good game but lots of lag

Eles Mekolli

I miss the og one...

Ceide Rivera

why theres no philipines


the new update is amazing, a few more bug fixes and characters and the game will be perfect, also there is a bug where when I use Prussia it can't conquer any seaports

Prashant Kumar Shukla

This game is so good 😊😊😍😍👍👍🌈🌈🍭🍭🍷💯🥣🍫🍰🍨🌹🎂🍧🥧💐🎁🍦

Luther The Hunter

Very Good game! I hope You added Republic of The Philippines at The 0.3 Update So I Can Play My Own Country I Hope I can see the Updates!

Jean Yadiel Delgado Oyola

I gave it a 1 because there's way too many ads, my soldiers kept duplicating and 1 fight had repeated itself,if those problems would be fixed I think it would be a very entertaining game.

Cayden Fries

This game is one of the best games I have played. It takes some time to learn but it is fun. The game is easy if you are a great general. I hope they add a harder mode for the game to make it interesting. The game does kick me out but my data is saved and I just have to get back in. I hope they add a hard r difficultly and more modes.

Amin Wakyl

Hey shn game kan you make philippines in the game please that be awesome and insane and nightmare that be awesome

Kayden Bledsoe

Fun army game

Usman Usman

It is a fun game


This is a great world conquest game! I've been waiting so long to see a fun country game like and now that it's here I love it! First of all, The ads can be skipped within 2-3 seconds, Anyone whining should shut up. I can see the game getting a little repetitive, which is why I think countrys should be able to break away. Like if I have new Zealand they can try and break away to become their own country, which would add alot more spice and make it way more interesting. Lots of potential!

Sean Galvan


Vrionis Vrionidis

I love it,but can you add a countryballs:europe 1938?it will be awesome!

Ruffa Siron

Wow this game its absolutely terrible

Kian Clyde Gallardo

I love the game. But can you add more difficulty?

Omar Scott