Corecraft – Pixel Invaders

Author: Retro Principles

100K+ install


Corecraft is a innovative reinvention of the classical Shoot ‘Em Up Games. Fully physically simulated and sophisticated modular spacecrafts (Corecrafts). Every Level plays differently and has an evil endboss waiting for you at the end!

Build your own Corecraft (modular spacecraft) and blow you enemies in pieces! Find the best tactic to annihilate Corecrafts, made of up to hundrets of modules!

You decide if you want to build a small, agile but fragile fighter or a heavy tank. The possibilities are endless…


■ Customizable module spacecrafts (Corecraft)

■ Intuitive physic-based Gameplay

■ Retro HD pixel visuals

■ Simple one touch controls, easy to learn and difficult to master.

■ 35 carefully designed, non repetitive Levels.

■ Challenging quests for extra rewards.

■ Leaderboards, brag about your Highscore!

■ Uncanny Soundtrack explodes your mind!

■ 100% Indie made by German game developers, by gamers for gamers. <3 □□□AWARDS□□□ □ Winner (2nd Place) - Big Indie Pitch GamesCom Germany 2016 □ Nominated - Best Mobile Game Casual Connect Los Angeles 2017

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 22, 2021
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Retro Principles
Price: Free
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Customer review

Komang Kenzie

I feel like it can be better if you fixed this bug, i get paused and i cant unpause, fix that pls Or its just my phone

Jordan Hermann

Great game, exactly what Ive been looking for in an arcade shooter. Challenging and rewarding gameplay. Surprisingly tactically oriented. For everyone complaining about the paid pro mode or the energy system. With games like this think of the free mode as a demo, games are not free to make and everyone expects too much for stuff that they don't have to pay anything for. I'm happy to pay for a great game like this and support a good game development company for new titles like this on the future.

Harry Heit

Relly hard but great game and you can mack pretty good ships

Ellie Starlite



This is such a great and creative game! I would have rated it 5 stars if the quests weren't so hard. Some of them just seem so downright impossible that it doesn't make it fun.

Austin Pare

Honestly an extremely fun game. It would be 5 stars of it weren't for the game constantly pressuring me to review it even after buying the premium ad free.

Danica Sevill


Hank Steel

ngl energy ruins every game

Graham Cox-Holmes

It's a progressive ship builder and it is very fun.

Francice Jones

Nearly perfect This game is like if CaptainForever wanted to be Space Invaders or Asteroid My one qualm is with the fire rate upgrades.

seth toker

Radinist gameinist 👍


Very cool game, upgrading could be less expensive..


Energy makes sad

Cathy Langel



The game can be fun but I'm really really really hate the part when enemies suddenly show up from each side from nowhere with that crazy speed that make it really hard to do the mission

Dave Schneider

Everything is great in this game. Pro purchase is a great way for monetization. Needs an infinitely upgradable weapon though.

Marivic Racca

off her

Citrus Coldfusion

Can't stand that "Aw boohoo you liked playing our game TOO much so now you're out of energy" BS

Colin Ancheta

Good game :)

Taylor Hatch

Great game addictive, challenging, but fair, and I good difficulty curve!

Parimal Swamy Goona

Loved it !!!!!!!

Kanishk Syal

Such a beautiful and captivating game with highly immersive mechanics and model💯. Edit: new levels we're starved still obsessed hehe

Pero Perić

Very fun!

Grimty Granule

One of the worst examples of a game that wasn't playtested.

Stacy Sumstine

I love it it is great

ishraf zaini

No way

Jonathan 2 the grape Peirce

Difficult and a little grindy, but overall fun (if you're a fan of bullet hells).




my favorite shmup, I love playing with different shop builds. totally worth going pro

Austin S

It's a fun game, great concept, after level 13 the difficulty ramps way up and your ability to afford upgrades drops off, fun game tho

Jian Ph


Khael Enriquez

The big game (Wow)

Owen A

I like this game style, but it is SO hard! Incredibly frustrating at times. Add in the fact grinding can be quite the challenge AND limited attempts in a row, and playing this game can be like punching yourself so hard your arm breaks from the sheer force of the punch. In short, good concept not commonly done, not great execution. Please, PLEASE, add difficulty options before I start punching people. I ended up having to uninstall and change my rating from 2 to 1. Far too frustrating to play.

Cobalt Blue

I've played this game for about 20 minutes and I'd already buy the premium version.

Gavin Brown

This is way better than I expected. Smooth frame rate on galaxy s21 ultra, and much better combat than I thought it would be. I love a good schmup, and this ticks all the right boxes of an on-rails space shooter - big, creative enemies, challenging gameplay, lots of dodging, etc. It adds some neat features with an rpg leveling system, a fully customizable ship (right down to shape and size), and plenty of growth from completing challenges on each mission. Great game, can be played one handed!

Carlos Davito

All I'm going to say is that this game is the best game I ever played xdkdkxldkfjfjdjdjdjfjfjrueudjdidofifirifrororifkjffkfjjjdggdjxcgjfgdjdjfjghjdhtjjddgfjgdjgdfjfgjcjvxfjvcdjdvfvcjxvjvdcmvcvcxxcvvxcvfvfcfvvdfggfdvfvffvfdfvddfkckfjdjxjdjdixixkxkxjxnxjxjxkxxkxkxkxkxkxkxkxkxkkxkxkxkxixkxoxoxkxxkxkxkxkxkxkxkxkxoxooxvfddvfdgegtgthtrhfghfghfghgdhgdgfvxfvfcvcczcxxcvfvxcvvcvcvfdcxcvc

Samuel Cooke

EDIT: ABANDONED GAME. NO LONGER SUPPORTED. You don't earn enough points playing older levels to level up your equipment, even with sparks and combos. I understand difficulty, but it is plainly asking us to spend money to buy upgrades if you don't want to be frustrated.

John Justiniano

Level 10 ai is litteraly supposed to trap you in a in ascapable death circle making it impossible I needed to change the code. Brouhaha

Sirrius Parish

This is a great game. It is a lot of fun playing it I even got the pro version which is pretty good deal I have to give it five stars it's been keeping me busy it's a great time waster

Chad Allen

Decent idea, but the way everything moves when you move the ship kinda puts a damper on everything. Also, the optional timed objectives on each level are completely absurd 😂 1:30 is way unreasonable when I do everything I can to finish as fast as I can and it still takes 3 minutes or more. Come on lol

dylan corbett

This is a great game, Although it's very creative and fun, I'll have to rate it three stars as I have gotten a extremely annoying glitch where my energy won't regenerate at all, even when I watch ads, and I can't figure out how to fix it.


I was very sceptical of this game as I am not a fan of bullethell shooter games. But I was curious about the physics part of the game advertised. The game ended up being great. I havent quite put my finger on it yet, but I enjoy the gameplay. So far its a little hard to grind lvl up materials because you dont get many points for completing a section. You have to get the bonus points for extra objectives. maybe double (bit high?) The amount you get for simply surviving a level & it would help

Lucas Jurado

This game is sincerely spectacular, you actually get to make your own spacecraft, or whatever you make There is an energy system, but it's pretty well implemented, and the creator's got to get some money. all ads are optional and there are ZERO ads that reward you game "coins"

Shannon Corona

Horror game 😅😅😐

Zachary Arellano

Ok the game is good, but the enemy speed is way to fast and at least put... I don't know a red faint shadow to show where the enemy's will come from, but overall the is great!

Carter Brezina

This is just a mobile version of chippy

James Post

Core craftis mooore than good it's greeeat

Dain Augustine

HARD but fun abit

Etienne Duverney

Super nice game, the physics of the blocks make this bullet hell unpredictable and cool ! :)

James MacDonald


Sir Koolerbag


carl morgate

Great game

Rafael Dacio

As much as I hate the difficulty and claustrophobia, I understand that the devs are simulating what a space flight/attack would be like. Debris thrown at you in all directions, and more. What I don't like however is that I get stuck alot. Like, how do I get 25,000 coins to upgrade my core?

Ethan Doty

Love the concept (pretty much just the way you build your own ship) but the cost of upgrading your core completely stops you from doing pretty much anything I paid for pro and bought credits so I could upgrade and even with all of that I only got to upgrade it one time not cool and makes the game trash. All this game is is just another cash grab but this time I actually fell for it don't do the same as I did games not worth it at all

Chris Evans

Love it very addictive

Jonny 2tense

FINALLY 70's RETRO ARCADE GOT AN UPGRADE IT DESERVED! Sadly though, Corecraft lacks joystick and button... I mean a real joystick & button. Was born 75' myself so didn't play many arcades that decade, but 80's had me hooked on a number of the same machines that snagged many already. 90's I tapered & the last quarter dump I was in was back 2005ish. Don't believe I would have played this game in any arcade tho... lines would have been too long. Good job. Will endorse joystick & button if needed.

Brad Oreman

The game is solid, I want to play it but having a cool down for when you can play the game is literally making me play it less and making me want to play it less.

naval gaming

Difficult, but fun


great game, It has fun and addictive gameplay, it has a really interesting concept, theres like no ads. but there is a catalyst you can't restart the level instantly unless you have VIP which is kinda stupid but other than that it's a good game

Jane Galanay

Pls add more blocks like pixel and feature to make the game more awesome and this is a great game ok thanks


How do I sell stuff can't upgrade anything I don't understand why.

Potato Mace-02

Takes way too long to upgrade the core and the levels get too hard too fast

toxicbread 103

A very good and fun game but is unplayable without buying pro, and if I want to watch an add to get some energy it says the add is unable to load (╯°□°)╯ ┻━┻ Yeah I bought pro and it was worth it.

Finley Surges

Love effects but need coins gained faster

Egg Of Wah

"Energy" systems in mobile games are the worst mechanic I have ever seen. Just a trick to get people to watch ads or stop playing and it ruined what was looking like a good game. :(

Andrew The Average

Very fun game, although the idea is not original, it is one of the best games about this!

Jean Paulo Dos Santos

Really good game, but the sounds/music look creepy to me. You should replace them with real-life sounds or other things.

Wise Allah


Mark Windischman

Pew Pew Pew... Boom... Boom... Fun!!!

Daanyaal van Wyk

Super amazing.

Mr U

Top tier

Daniel Cruz

Oh ok still a great game though


This is a really good game on the surface, but as said it gets claustrophobic quick. Too many enemies that fly right at you, and then occupy your already very limited space. So many things flying at you from the sides which you're never able to be far from due to the size of the play area. Projectiles with no real pattern to dodge through making it literally impossible to not take damage often. Seeking projectiles that follow you for way too long. Just a little bit of breathing room would help.

bimoagung's channel

I used to hate it now i like it, Thanks to the indie devs for creating this awesome offline game!

G3tsi AK

Not the best, not bad either. Hopefully it's worth buying, I'll find out, and update review.

Erik Benroth

It is a good time killer but difficult to get some of the goals since the game moves fast between waves

grom hellscream

Good game, only pay fo4 no ads and that's it.

Jim Henderson

This is a fun shmup and bullet hell where the fun part is blasting off enemy pixel parts that become a debris hazard to you! Your ship is upgraded the usual old way, but the twist is you can design your ship layout, so... Battling frank n beans shape. Fighting fallopian shape, the big cigar, etc. worth the buying! Money much easier, no wait time, just need a level editor for me! 2022 edit: still one of my best purchases. Pro needs a lot more levels as a reward :)

Hunter Anderson

Overall, this is a fun experience. Very challenging, sometimes due to intended difficulty, but sometimes due to bad game mechanics/broken levels. Take level 36 for example. On the final wave, the boss is meant to be chipped away at two corners, but when you destroy those corners, they get lodged and the only way through is brute force - several minutes of shooting and dodging that just make it not fun. Other than that, it's a great time-sucker

Aryan Banker

I really enjoyed the gameplay! The graphics and sound design honestly make the experience so much better, hats off to the devs!

Wise Dragon

I have to pay for each level.

Marco Montesinos

It's a good idea, but to actually craft anything you have to either pay or spend months grinding for the cash. Edit, now 1 star: Devs think impossible means "retro spirit", seriously? I'm playing a mobile game, I want a fun, quick distraction, not a second job

Mathys Nadal

The game is good but it went to waste because of the energy

Ahmed Fouly

If you're the type of person who loves to build his own space ship to defeat all enemies in your way, then I highly recommend this game

Tom Sandell

Fun, but infuriating. Enemies come in way too fast & from any direction, ruining my chances of ever getting a single level done without taking damage, the difficulty creeps up so fast that I'm honestly stuck, due to not being able to progress through levels & not making enough to upgrade anything thanks to the miniscule payouts you get from kills

Daniel Ramos

VERY UNIQUE, SPECIAL SHMUP! You build your ship! Well worth The PRO buy one time purchase; Sorta grindy, even with the PRO, but not as grindy and unfair as most other IAP shmups (Most other shmups are P2W ultra grindy cr@p)

Mad Mask


Jacob yse

Great game you can costomize your ship just i would like more modes but great game

Greg Nightingale

Fantastic retro feel.

Joshua Maynard

I like your game it's fun

Daniel Gingras

A fun enough game but the energy system ruins it for me

Johan Arcenal

Very fun. Very challenging and prices are abit high, but overall a great game. One issue tho, Torpedo I upgrade decreases area of affect from 30 to 3. So not really an upgrade.

Muhammad Haziq Al-Hakim

Is soooo cool!!

Phill Andrei

The only concern is the building, it is pain.

LAZERA Global Network

Great game I have a old phone AND THIS GAME DOESN LAGG and its a raging and i love it edit: im gonna download it again

Tyson Crossman

Fun and addictive

William Weigle


jacob le

Corecraft Pixel

Jeremy Ouellette

Actually really fun, neon voxel space shooter with interesting gear choices opening up as you earn money. $0.99 for "Pro" to remove ads and to let u sell for 100% return, meaning you can switch things around as much as u want and try different weapons / defence mods / etc. Pleasantly surprised!

Angelo Espadilla

I love this game sooo much. My only problem is enemies attacking off screen, it ruins my no damage run. Also upgrades are so expensive same with the weapons, so why dont you fix the off screen glitch and notch the price of things down a bit. Now here is my opinons on the game good, perfect for me, awesome, nice, great, the best game i've played in years, pay to lose money jk. So keep up the good work, also i would like a color wheel for all types of colors. Anyway thank you for the amazing game.