Cooking Witch – Cooking Game

Author: Ghost Rabbit

10K+ install


Cooking Witch is a addictive free time-management game where cooking can be achieved with magic on the fantasy land!

Different food will be cooked in different places in our witch restaurant and be made with different cooking methods in different environment accompanying the witches’trips. Different food materials are used to cook fantasy food.

We will meet with various customers on this fantasy land, for example, mage, princess, bard and werewolf, etc. We will also see magic kitchenware such as fireball, frost, conveying sink and magic oven.

We decorate our restaurant with heart so as to attract more customers. Besides, we also make some magic food, for example, roasting dragon’s tails and ice man-eating octopus,providing you food charm experiencing in this magic world.

We make out a unique fantasy trip of your pursuing food in the game Cooking Witch. Go to see what kind of splendidness your story will bring!

Game Features:

1.Different food

2.Customers with special professional

3.Taking care of your dreamed restaurant

4.Becoming an excellent chef after being bored of acting as a hero

5.Magic cooking experience.

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jan 5, 2021
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Ghost Rabbit
Price: Free
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Customer review

Sherry Myers

Would love to have played it but it's in midair so it was a 3 till it appears (hopefully in a better kitchen)

Mona Lisa Carey

Love it but very hard game to play

Tamara Harris

I love this game, but you are not giving me my diamonds from watching the ads. You guys didn't give them to me for times, and I buy diamonds too. If you do this again, I will lower my stars and delete the game.

latanya whyte

Great game

Rena Shores

Cool game

Madlen Lange

Super Spiel

Анастасия Заболотняя

Лучшая игра про готовку

Emma Wittman

This game is really fun

dori sangston

Good game

Vijwan Ani

Best game that fells great

Jax Wilde

My favorite of all games in this super saturated genre - hands down. The serving basin is innovative! I love the magic theme. Humbly asking for more please. :)

Shawna Turner

Ive downloaded and uninstalled this game a gew times since the beta phase and i have to say ive never been disappointed. theres so many new levels now and all enjoyable. its a cooking timed game but its all different equipment,ingrediants,etc on the levels so it stays challenging even to a *veteran player* like myself

Janeta Mynott

Very different i like it so far

Tanishia Lyles

Love this game !

Durdana Hanif

Boring nothing to past the time

Tiffin Deffin

I'm actually expecting that it's full screen view that that's okay. Overall it's a great game

debra eddins

I actually have a lot of fun with this. There are ads but that's no big deal.

Crystal Nelson

I love this game

Nazeema Achmat

Excellent game

Natasha Robinson

Too tiny

Riot Red

A really cute and easy game. Easy to get coins, easy to upgrade. Im only on the first 'island' but ive got high hopes for the second one. Google games needs more apps like this one instead of the same old mundane cooking apps. The characters are cute and the graphics are epic. Five stars!💯

Kerrie Devine

Just started the game

A'isha Girsberger

Awesome game! I can't stop playing it regularly. I wish all other places on the second map will be unlocked soon, because I already achieved in all previous places 3 stars.

Jill Brewington

So far so good. I like the graphics & looking forward to see how this all plays out. Interesting menu.😁 Happy Halloween!!🎃👻

Kore Aether

This is the best thing to take away the bordum even the adds are an option^^

Anthea Daniels

Just started playing great game so far

Millie Williams

Don't know yet. First time playing it!!!!!!!


Cute little time management game

Elizabeth Nye

Thank you

Jamelia Hero

Nice game enjoy playing it 👍👍👍

[[BabyMiaNotyNoty Anja511NetManja2]]


B. Thickson

I would've given you a 5, but I don't like any games where I have to "drag" an item to anywhere. If you're just a tiny bit off you miss getting points that you DO get in games where there is no dragging. Sorry guys.

Eva Lopezs

Nice love fantasy themes

Nkanga Nkanga

My daughter got it She said :it's nice, pls download, but it was hard for her to pass level 11.

Genesys H

we should be able to load game to new phones and not have to start over EVERYTIME 🤦🏿‍♀️

Jyoti Singh

So cute game I am in enjoy game good aap

Porcia Kumaglo

Not bad 👌

Jess R.

Love this game can play for hours

Kala shusha dawn johnson Johnson




Leanne Humphries

Different environment, but fun to play, very enjoyable

A01 Core

عالیه حتما نصب کنید پشیمون نمیشید من هر دوتا بازی های این مجموعه رو دارم

Eulizca Rautenbach

Love it alot so awsem and fun💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😁😁😁😁😁😍😍😍

Darkstar Day

A little difficult to get started with but very fun and original

Jody Dickens

I Love Playing games

jeff perry

Most def food 👌!!!

Katina Jordan

This game is so fun and the graphics are really addicted to playing .only seems like there are 7 places to open but hopefully more to come.only thing is I've found myself spending money on this game several times and I'm new to playing but it seems to to get ahead is kinda hard cause of gems .you can replay levels to get them but it's so fun you want to keep moving forward so that's the only thing I wish the gems came way easier and you got more and it has some glitches.but like it alot

Flora mae Bulaybulay

I recommnd ds game.. 😆😆

Wendy Garside

Really good game. But ads won't load to get free gems and money

Deloris Eaddy

don't do dragging.uninstalled.

Myint Mo

Good Game

Verna Riel

luv it

Michele Matz

Its pretty cool to play

vijay sudha

No hesy

Tracy A Walters

This is absolutely adorable!💞

Chelton Williams

great game

Carla Ellis

I really enjoy this app! It's quite fun & challenging at times.

Esmeralda DeCastro

Great cooking game , gets harder as you progress .

Tracey Oxford

Love this game!!! Lots of fun!!! The graphics are awsome!!! Great game!!!

Fatmeh Rao

Very addictive

Joanna Mendez

Reminds me of cooking craze I love that game. The game has good details too

Danielle Jackson

Game stupid the food serving is too slow no boosters what so ever


I really like the game but, your watch ads for coins etc. does not work. Therefore you must buy. Please fix. Again , Watch Ads for coins diamonds does not load, therefore if you do not buy you cannot excel unless you play the same over and over again, not fun any more.

Tracey Oxford

I love this game!!! Its great to play!!! Lots of fun!!! I play it all day every day!!! Its awsome!!!

Anita Fryer

Love it is a great game

Simu Chaudhary

I'm enjoying this game

deborah hawkins

Very fun and fast cooking game, Great graphics .x

Amtul Masood

I loved this game but the problem is I got confused very much....but it's ok

Jean Douckas

Fun to play once you get the hang of it!!🎃🎃🎃🎃

Kathryn Patterson

Its a cute game

Be Andal

I love this game. It's very cool and fun to play. The characters are so cute and the graphics are great. I absolutely adore it and I truly hope you will update it with more places to cook, more characters and stories.

Kaveri naik

It is the perfect game for which I was looking for.It is wonderful.Easy to control and ya I am happy to install it .😃

Susan Du Plooy

very good game. .love it

Pauline Hayden

This is a real fun game...keeps you on your toes...

jeanne teshka

I like this

melanin queen


Danyelle Cotten

Very nice 👌 I'm really enjoying this game, I'm loving it 🙂. Thanks for creating such a great game.

Cici Rayray

Love love ❤️ this game come play with me


Its very peaceful. I love the water idea. The art is nice and the music is not overwhelming. Very cute

Roma Yuu

It's so fun I have been playing it all day for days. The music is good too and the gameplay reminds me of cake mania with the walking part changed into like a sushi train or noodle river. The gems are kind of hard to get to be able to move on in the game and some might just grow tired because of the intense grind y and just uninstall it. Unless of course you have a lot of money then easy gems. I still like it even when I don't have gems tho. I just repeat the levels T_T

Denetria Aycock

I'm always loving when I come across something new that I have never played before. There's a few little bugs that I feel could use a bit of an upgrade #1- the costs of food is high therefore it takes two long to earn the cost of the next upgrade 🤔 #2- maybe speed the game up a little for the players that are fast with there hands 🖐 better yet the game moves a bit on the slow side (JUST - SAYING)😐🙂 Thanks for the newest addition for this gameplay 🙋🏾‍♀️🎮🕹hopefully I'll see great Improvem

Shuvro Pinjor

I really liked it. It's really addictive.i love the cartoons ..😊

Irish Arianne Romero

GREAT GAME! When's the update coming? It's almost a year since the last one.

kennedy foronda

yes best ever cooking game ive played keep it up. to the developer👍👍



Krys Tlazo

Really cool you can spend hours here, never ending lifes

Kc Rogers

Awesome game hopefully you add more places to serve food

A Google user

I will giving 5stars if you can login with google play because this game can't be saved.. i play with old phone already on lvl 50 but my old phone broke now i play this game from 0...please improve your game this is a good game! The ads not working too. Add more restaurants please...

A Google user

This really fun game. Its very cute and relaxing to. I really like this games its so much fun to play cooking witch. I give you 10********** stars.

A Google user


A Google user

The illustrations are dope also the graphics make it better. I love it. Too bad it's kinda left behind.

A Google user

Lovly game

A Google user

Nice apppp

A Google user

Good game so far. Fun charcters. If you like cooking games worth checking this one out.

A Google user

fun pretty easy to follow and love the concept

A Google user

ilove this games to much.

A Google user

Buggy! Can't make in-app purchases, it gives me errors. Can't watch ads for rewards either, nothing ever loads. It would be a fun game but these bugs are frustrating and limiting.

A Google user

Excellent app!

A Google user

Very good dishesto prepare on a ship Raymonda

A Google user

I love the design and the game so far. However, my biggest issue so far is that I totally don't mind watching ads to get the paid currency but the tool to watch them and earn the gems never loads the ads. That's it tho! The game is a lot of fun and very original ^^