Cooking Sushi King


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Cooking Sushi King – Cooking Sushi Udon Puzzle and Time management game

Detailed info

File size: 59M
Update time: September 3, 2021
Current version: 1.0.31
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: NURIJOY, INC.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Priya Ravindran


Renzel Ann

It's fine

Vanessa Izgherian

I can't read it and it's not the most fun game but it's okay.

Sama Almomani

This game killed my cat

Preetam Kaur


Riyas tamil CRAFT

Super game

Jacqueline Rosario

I've played the first 15 levels and so far the game is great besides the upgrades being really expensive. Ads aren't forced, they're optional which is great!

Kshitij Sawarkar

Amazing 💜

Sarah Kennedy

It is an ok game. The controls are very nice. The adds are a bit annoying, but not crazy. The game forces you to leave a rating which is super annoying. The most annoying thing that I have found so far is that while you are playing the game, you cannot choose where the customers sit. This means that when double customers come in, single customers will automatically sit themselves which results in you losing the double customers. This, of course, forces you to lose the level in the lower levels.

sheera balqish

I love this game

Richard Smith

The game is in chines can't even change the language or even fine where to change it to English very disappointing in it you need to fix it

Milka Misheva

Being stuck at 880 lvl for a month what can I do to pass it?! English pls

thanh thao

Boring, lag, the character moves slowly and stunned.

Lai Ellen


siti aminah


Rene Present

Dont understand the language ?????? Didnt even start to play

T and J vlogs

like the game is good and all but when I'm playing the game it will say once in a while unfortunately cooking sushi king has stoped working but the game's good but for little part...😢😢😢😊😊😊😊😠😢😢😊😀😁😂😃😄😅

thoneyati soe


Mohan kumar mohan Mohankumi

Super 😘

Dawn Bouch

Lots of options that all go well together and you can if you're in a good mood and want to be flirty you can be flirty and dress flurry or if you're in a different mood you can dress that way as well I had lots of fun the cooking part was awesome as was of course everything else

guoc moc

Challenging. Interesting at first but boring later. There is not enough guidance when needed. Too hard to earn coin.

Mitha Nur Andriyani

Why i cant write the nickname at level 2? It says nickname with 4 character but when i tried it doesn't work. Help

dilvn husen

good 😘

Izzah Honey

I already played like 12 level i think and it still have tutorials like pick up the food and serve kinda looks annoying to me..cuz how many times you have to show it..I wish I could turn off the tutorials..but the game still ok and fun

Jaymi Lucia


Rowela Rosario

Just downloaded the game now. Upgrades are expensive. Hope for more updates.

Mastura Rahim


Bobby Davis

Everything is expensive

B Hospital

i am enjoying the game so much ✨

Daniela Romero


Anna May Pineda


Jaime Jasper


thomo bangprom

Love the game, but been stuck on the level 60 for 2 days now. How can I unlock to the next level?

Rachel Harvey


Amanda Kurth

Amanda s

osu! Gamer

I think it's gonna be amazing at all I really love this video game so much, only I love English

Charona Jones

I just love 💕 this cooking 🔪 game

Stephanie Borbe

Wow it's great


This a very good so far

Leah Bautista

I like this game

Lorenzo Limjoco

I love the game its just you cannot play it on offline..can you translate in english please..thank you so much