Cooking Rush – Restaurant Game

Author: WeMaster

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Welcome to Cooking Rush: Restaurant Chef Cooking Games! Become the star chef in our crazy kitchen – cook and serve tasty cuisine with us!

Park your food truck wherever you want and make fast food as fast as possible. Serve customers with a diverse menu: Delicious donuts, burgers, fried chickens, hotdogs…In this cooking craze, you need to maximize your speed and satisfy your hungry customers. Let’s prove that cooking incredible food on the go is not a big challenge. Become a famous king of burgers in the world! Feel the heat in the crazy kitchen with QUICK TAP, COOK and SERVE till frenzy.

Enjoy our interesting Cooking Rush game in the Kitchen and Prepare world-class cuisine like a Super Chef!

🌎Park Your Food Truck And Discover Culinary Wherever You Want
– No internet needed after the initial install!
– Improve your time management skills just by playing this game!
– Join a cooking adventure around the world

🍔 Delicious World: A Kitchen Game With 100+ Tasty Food
– Cooking hot dogs, grill hamburgers, chips and pizza
– Upgrade ingredients to manage top cooking restaurants!

🎯 Upgrade Your Restaurant As You Cook
– Upgrade new and luxurious theme restaurants

Many strategies, tips and COOKING skills:
⭐Quickly create more combos to receive bonuses and become the greatest Coin Master!
⭐Upgrade kitchen utensils cookware
⭐Upgrade premium ingredients and food
⭐Time management game: Serve and place orders during rush hours, brain out difficult levels
⭐Apply useful boosts tons of Cooking tips and tricks to assist chefs with hard challenges

Love cooking? Want to be the world top chef who starts a cooking madness? Customers are waiting for hot & delicious meals cooked by Super Chef – the Grill Master at the Cooking Speedy!
Surviving in this Cooking Fever’s Fast Food Court Challenge! Don’t miss the opportunity to Cook classic restaurant dishes from across the globe!
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Update time: Jun 8, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: WeMaster
Price: Free
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Customer review

Mie Lovee

I still don't understand why this is not in apple store

Oyindamola Faleti

No more customers from level 46

Tina Lopez


Adeyemo Olaitan

I'm on able to play in another city despite completing the first city level

Sbonga Ndlovu

I've given this game fair choice

Ifeoma Ngene

I love this game so much

Mario Vrlec

Celebrity cooking game

Cathy Davis

It's a very fun game to play. And it's very relaxing

Imelda Legaspi

Nice games

Vera Daniels


Mazuba Mushala

Fun and interesting game

Lizzy Oluwabukola

I love d game

Tapashree Dutta

Food Love

Yosefina Yanty Sastro

Love this games. But right now just cant log in. Please help. Tks

Prosper Chukwudi

It's really nice and ... well yeah, that's it

Angie Webb

The game froze. Couldn't open the new world. Far too many ads after each game.

Tanika Wheeler

This is a great game but the next levels don't work after 109 are done!!

Ada Ada

Best game ever

Tanya Cooper

It's a great experience!!! It's a fun game !!!

Terri Hood


Bunmi Salako

Game is fun but my biggest complaint is too many ads. Sometimes you have to exit completly out of the game just to go back to playing because some ads are stuck on the screen. Very frustrating.

Kathy Rieves

I have not been able to go to the level with the ship which I believe is like#3 It keeps saying uploading but stays at "0". I really like this game but that is very frustrating.

Belange Kanyinda

The game is nice I am enjoying it

Dianne Norris

Cheating greedy game. Stopped customers by game to make you spend the little coins you received or look at an ad back to back when they know you've passed the level. Not worthy of my time. Uninstalling.

Md Rubel


Anaya Nouman


Joyce Kalio

I stopped getting customers at level 49, I've tried but to no avail....pls try and work on it thanks

Mike John

Very interesting so lovely

Rose Ibibam Sylvanus


shazia Kash

Nice 👍🏻

Zakiyya R

I've given this game a fair chance, it has potential if the developers worked on improving the game. 1. Ads after every level, this is annoying really. 2. Game keeps freezing, rebooting doesnt help 3. Some levels you cant play the third tier. 4. Game does not synchronize data, could not play the game for 2 days cause it just would not open. 5. Every world requires earning new currency, currency earned in previous world is useless you cant convert it, exchange for boosters etc. I'm uninstalling.

Joey Powell

Getting message we are syncing your data and it won't load

Edna Jackson

I love the game like dead I have to give you 5 star

Jennifer Johnson

This game ok

Carla Watford


Afua Antwiwaah gyabaah

This game is so good and relay helpful I learn how to cook buy just playing this game

Elizabeth Kpodo

This game is the best game lt teaches me how to cook fast, When I was born my dream was to be a chef.

zeloacraft :

Really enjoying it so far.

Jamila Salim

The game is incredible but when playing they give a small amount of time to serve all the customers, anyway thanks 😊

Refilwe Kwanaite


Donald Steward

It a very good game loving it 👍

eli danyali

Hi, I enjoy this game but I have a promblem with downloading new world! i finished level 100 but i can't continue . There isn't any new levels!

Oluwatomisin Akinbote

A very nice and instresting game,I'm and addict already🥰🥰

Ayaat Rajpoot Farooq

This is good on picture

berniece richard

Good game so far

Sabrina Adams

This game is the best


The worst game ever. Nike commercials ppp up after every move. And you can't close them. You have to shut down the whole game every time.

Ifeanyi ijeoma Margret

Interesting Fantastic 💖

Afolabi Olamide Babatunde

Addicted already.... Enjoying it so far

Arvella LEE

Enjoy game.

Preshy Candy

I can't pass more than 21

Anar Fakhry

رهيبة اوي انا اول ماشفتاه حبيته😘

Audrey Brown

Awesome Very Good Grapics 👍

Shaygan Language Institute

No more coustomer and i can't play? Can you help me

Shankar Yeware


Walaa Reda

This game is imposible to win and bad at teaching.

Mohamed Hassan

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So good 😊

Jhon Kyle

i like it

Lené Lukas

i like this game but there is too much ads!!

Tegeletso Sinah

I like this game it is amazing l could move to another stage with one customer 👌🤩

Uma Sharma

Game start karne per customer hi nahin a raha hai

colette williams

Great game

rick rebell

cheats you on he timed levels .

lisa simmons


Mary Ann Webb

Awesome game

Zachary Buszta

This game is fun to play

Saniya Sabu


Lemau Nguyen

Cause this game the best game ever played

Dot Gorle

Freezing, buffering, way to many ads

Sherry Wiencek

Too long to cook and no patience

Adarshprasanan B

I give only 3 star

هدیه کریمی

عالی بود ممنون از اینکه این بازی روساختید

Cory Cain

Really fun and addicting cooking game to play

Julie Soh

Nice game but got bud, no customer coming out.

Kenrick Williams

I like the game.


I like this game the more restaurants I complete the Glitches start..I could have one customer to go to end that game and no more customers appear...I was jipped out of my diamonds several times..I contacted support and no fixing at all..I think they want me to buy in order to keep playing NO It's a Free game😠

Wangubo Abdulkarim

Thanks for the game

Diba Bna


Lisa Miller

I play all the cooking games. This one I really enjoy. It's the only one that didn't make me mad and uninstall.

Monica Kindel



A lot of cheating going on. Orders sent out but none of the customers received it. Donuts popping up with pink frosting that was not topped with it. 3 stars because controls r pretty responsive.

Batsaikhan Tserenbaltav

so easy wow

fereshteh hosseini


Millie Williams

Love this game

Mary Ann Malasmas

Hi the Cooking 🍳 is. A best trian to jk 😘

Cassie Hong

Why is there commetcial after every level?

Terryy Crowder

Like. It

Sandy Puy

Enjoying myself

tracy james

you dont give enough time,add a no time unlimited moves until then i am DONE with your game,it was good

Daniel Pelerin


Angela Alex

Never can tell maybe later let me see how it goes

Dz D u c c


Gay Daugherty


Michelle Nash

I enjoy cooking 🍳😋and so far I am handling the ads. I'm hoping it's going to be fair as some of others become irritating because they expect more than reality 🙄.

Rhonda Fowler

Fun game

Faw Lankford (Faw)

Great game

Carrie Gregory

Love it

Bamidele Samuel

Wow amazing game l love it

Tynesha Jones