Cooking Life: Crazy Chef’s Kitchen Diary

Author: Art Ocean Inc.

100,000+ install


Cooking Life: Crazy Chef’s Kitchen Diary – Best Cooking Game! Design your Restaurant & Keep your Cooking Madness Diary!

Detailed info

File size: 125M
Update time: January 8, 2021
Current version: 1.0.13
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Art Ocean Inc.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Christine Joy Perez

its very very beatiful game there's no ad and it's free offline

Naomi Diana

Hope to update more restaurant.. :)


Just a rip off of Cooking Diary 🙄


This game is terrible. If possible, I'd give it zero stars. Not only is it a blatant copy of Cooking Diaries while being able to somehow dodge the copyright laws, the tutorial is way too long! The tutorial goes even past level 5. The thumbnail is a direct copy of Cooking Diaries thumbnail. Game doesn't let you do much of anything on your own during the extremely long tutorial. I highly recommend you do not download this game. Instead, download Cooking Diaries. 0/5.

Kathy Williams

This is a wonderful cooking 🎮!

Mary Grace Tugbo

Gud games...

Sateesh Kumar Mani

It is so good like cooking dairy

Iiqumite lash__

it's this very good game ☘️🌹🥀💐🌺🎮🎮

Marilyn Lehman

pretty okay game besides the things you need with gems are so expense especailly the boosters

Deedra Towns


Cassie Dennon

Love this game

George Basallo

Nice game! Enjoyable

Angie L

Loads of obnoxious ads and very little in game play.

Nour Mohamed

Amazing game I love it so much 😍 ❤ 💕 💖

Joye Carter

It's a very very 👍 game then it's like a good 🚶

Favour Kelobo

Nice game.... Even got addicted to it but as I progressed to other restaurants, it is getting difficult to upgrade kitchen and food items because of the amount of diamonds I will need for just one upgrade. The rate of increase of diamonds needed for upgrade ridiculously went high from the donut shop to the steakhouse. I have restarted the game so many times just to garner more diamonds. It is getting tiring


Good game so far

Silvia Ciacciarelli

Great game! Can't wait to play with everyday ☺️

Tabby Lamphere

Love it all together

Hassain ali Ali


Soni agarwal

I have completed it more than three times but still one more time I am playing it again I have to say that this game is just awesome ☺️

Komal Pandey

I can't open the moment installed it. I even re-installed it but it's not opening. I'll give it a 5 star if i can open the app, otherwise really disappointed 😠

mera meranda


Susanmarie Spreadborough


Bilal Mikrani

500 Ugak Jxiz

தமிழ் வகுப்பறைகள்

Dnt waste your time..

Theresa Hurd

This game is fun for me.excellent

yashwanth Thikkavarapu

Simply Crashing

Mary Horsburgh

To slow always freeze,s not good so unfortunately had to uninstall it

Alicia Clifton

Why do your game fuc up

Mary Tapley

I enjoy playing this game it's a lot of fun

Modupeola Adenuga

This game is nice. I love it but the only problem I have with it is that it freezes anytime I try to play it. So if you can fix this problem, then I'll be glad.

Mikaela Tiongson

I love this game cuz it's to earn diqmonds & coins?!😃😄😁😆🤗 Keep up the good work on making improvement in this game, i just love playing this game so much.!!!😃😄😆😊🤗🍀🍀🍀


The forced ads really kills this game

Kelly Smith

Fun game

Josephine Knight

This is a good game am also enjoying the game

Alicia Cummings

Generic version of Cooking Diary . Chatting option in guild chat needs to allow more characters to be able to send a thorough message. Ive been trying to contact someone for 4 days already trying to figure how you play in the guild events with friends and when they start and have yet to hear from ANYONE..... Game needs an update BADLY......

Rose Vazquez

When will Cooking life get more levels? I am at the Sushi level and there hasn't been a new level to play?

Shaik irfan

This game is very super friendly game

k d

Hi i was just wondering when you will put more clothes to buy or earn on this game? That the only thing that really is annouying. When will you actually update this game?

Barbara Whitlock

Every time I try to open the game it close back. It's not downloading at all

Angela Gunayon

I liked the game, but the advertisement is super duper annoying there's no exit button. I need to restart the app so I could just continue playing, so annoying.

Fahad Fiaz

I really like this game

Megan Good

The game is great. However, the constant pop up ad videos are very disruptive. I have to exit out of the game and open it up again just to play

Terriann Goodridge

Nice game. I'm enjoying it

Mohamad jaheer gnt Jaheer gnt

I Love This Game

Larissa Wegener

Never been able to play. I've tried to sign in 11 times and it just closes down. Frustrating. I really wanted to play

Rebecca Pascucci

Just downloaded the game and can't even play because as before it even starts loading

Nater Bohora


Elizabeth Gyasi

Good game

Caky Yaky

Another game i will always come back too❤

Beth Ann Trempus

App never works. I started the game now the app won't open. Deleted it and re-download and still nothing. Waste.

Colleen Bullock

Really fun and addicting. But some things like the boosts cost wayyy to many gems. Seems impossible to buy stuff unless you save like crazy! Other than that I would definitely recommend!

Heng Lan

Too much advertisement

tj camara

Game crashes will not open

Tonia Hines

Really like this game and would have gave it more stars but I have contacted customer service for 2 months and nobody ever responded. Very disappointed became this game keeps telling me to up my kitchenware but everything is already at the maximum and I can't go any further. Please someone tell me how.

Jackie Cook

Just love the game, fast gameplay, very enjoyable.

Maria Lourienzia Sukmananda


Carolyn Porter

This is a five star game but I have to change my rating to 1 star. The reason for this is that I have spent real cash on this game and can not play because it keeps crashing while trying to load. If this problem is fixed, I will change my rating back to 5.

June Smith

Good game

Erin Johnson

Could take out more ads. It's like every time you get done with a level or some sort of achievement a AD comes on

Johnny Solis

Love This Game

leslie gentry

Game will not load please fix

Megan Highbaugh

Is there gonna be more levels added??

Kathleen Robinson

Smooth game play.a joy to play.just love it


The most honest answer you could give about generating funds then I guess the games are not free if the purchase options drives the game and not the ability to play...

Angelia Williams

So far it's fun!

Haven Nicole Bernardo

A copy of cooking diary from Mytona. You guys could've at least credited them. But the game it self has a bit of a stiff animation and it's too colorful? I really don't know how to describe it. 3 stars for good effort though

Danalyn Villegas

Wow!! Its more gems u either the 1st cooking diary...

Zahed reza

best cooking game

K Campbell

Your games take up too much room

Curtis Rollins

Thought it was a good game at first but then when your trying to deliver food or won't let you


Your game is too hard and too expensive. Ugrades cost way too much. Poor replication of the very popular game Cooking Diary.

Amanda C. Chism

Love this game very time consuming

Riia Ghosh

Game is very this game👍

malaya Pati

I like this game very much cool .but there was no event like cooking diary . So please 🥺 devlopers add event in it like cooking diary . Otherwise the game is superb😊😊😊🤞. I wish you all can do this . Please . Graphic Gameplay are also great 😃👍👍

Bonnie Irwin

keep having problems

Charlene Persence

I downloaded the game and then it says I have to download it again who's going to give me back my data of the first download 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

Sint Sint Aung

The sushi restaurant aint working. Customer won't accept sushi dish. Plz fix error asap

Key2 Freeman

I live this game❤❤❤

Patti Bruce

It's fun a day fast

aliana bacate

Very good and exciting game!! Loveit

Tina Pope

It's fun to play and I love every thing about it 💕

Lensey Kuder

I love it 💕


Kept closing out

Vicent Kawooya

It similar to cooking diary so l love it too

Antoinette Plowden

Great game

missy Mccoy

I love this game

Necha Figueroa

I love this game and how easy it is to get diamonds but am having a Lil trouble I haven't been able to play for 2 days beacuse it keeps crashing and I already cleared the catche and I uninstalled it and installed it I force close the app and I haven't been able to play please helppppp

July Cho Hlatt


nomore muchehiwa

It is better than my cooking diary

Surendra Gothwal


Sakora Art


Tara Davis


Valerie Denley

Love this game

Pan Pan


hrishika manoj

I am gonna say this is better than cooking diary, I always used to play that game and it started getting harder and harder as I was not getting any diamonds so I moved on to this game it was easier and actually get diamonds so I suggest this is a good game and download this not cooking diary

Hassan Ashena


Dena Shelton

The reason is that I really enjoy play this...this really is my favorite game... I have not had any problems with this game... That's why i gave it 5 stars

tracy james

great game ,so fun.great story upgrades and graphics.