Cooking Decor – Home Design, house decorate games

Author: OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.

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Cooking Decor – Home Design, house decorate games – Be a star chef and a creative stylist to design your dream home in just one game

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File size: 83M
Update time: September 23, 2021
Current version: 1.3.13
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Buram Buram


Jeanette Sharpston

So good

Lucia Salvacion


Judy Hill

Too hard

Zaheena Divan

It's a great game, but I'd wish they would be quick with adding more rooms to decorate, I've so many stars yet no room to decorat

Mhamd Abo ta3am

So beautiful

Jelena Bogdanovic

Very fun to play 😄

Sandra Hickman

Very interesting game I enjoy that

Ramji Gupta

V good

Okey Richy

The worst test game ever

Sonia Lauzier

it is very fun,not many ads.You earn money quickly to.

Hellena Helen

I always wanted a game wich is like this 😍😍😍😍😍

Tammy Johnson

Fun and Easy Game

Amber Conklin

Super fun!

Kathy Roy

Fun game


Good 👍😊

Life Impilo

It takes a long time to download and to download it want a lot data

Tara Artis

Fun game great graphics

Maysam Algabani

Very fun but like it takes like alot of time just to get to the 2nd room but really fun I enjoyed every single level of it ♥️

kopano dichabe

This game is actually really enjoyable my only problem is that the app tends to slow down at times. The levels get way to hard way to early in the game. I got stuck on one level for a long time and I had only decorated 1 room. But otherwise it's great.

Maliga H

Super good game happy game 🥳🤩 house Cook game happy

Shabnam Azam Rana

Very bad updates Going uninstal

malak badr

It's the best game ever i love it so much

Daisy Pascual

Good us stressed reliever

Tanishka Kasana

Very bad game i give it one start to write that how boring game this is there was some good review also that was given by the this game creter with there another id very boringggggg game dont download it😑😕😕😞😞😨

Fahim Foysal

It was amazing game.I really like this very much

Kelsey Simpson

Hello everyone

Vinod Sahni

He is game so nice

Ugorji Prospsr

Doesnt allow me to enter room 2

mona dib

Do not play!

Susana Campos

Loved it until decorating family room I kept getting diamonds to back me up ..and when I used them game stalled stealing my diamonds nope not today

Juanita German

The game is challenging & fun 2 play

Pool Shg

This is the best game in the universe I think people should download this game because it's a very fantastic game ,and I think people should download this game

Sabarinath S


Jaam Bashir

I like the game

Nethmi Kaveesha

I can't seem to download the second room. It's already been a couple days.

Nasibe Salari

خیلی باحاله خیلی دوسش دارم

Zin Lei

I love this game🥰 It can give me pleasure and happiness I recommend this 100% Ps; Now I am in 'dream mansion' room and 'hainan restaurant' I have played for four days to reach this level

Michael James

It won't even let me get into the game so how am I supposed to play the game?! Yeah bye

poonam mathur


Anne DC

I've been paying but it's still coming soon. Will this still be fixed???



14 Shah Prerana

Hey , I love this game so much , I have literally completed the whole available game , completed every house as well , it's just that I was wondering , after completing everything it said , the new house and the cafe would unlock soon. So can I know when they would be available , i just love this game and can't wait for the next levels and houses to unlock.


I like it

Luna Rose

This app gets too hard, the customer's ask for all the food at the same time and they're not patient. I really can't stand them. There's almost never enough time and time runs out too fast like it wants you to lose, this isn't a very kid friendly game to be honest if you really want to encourage them to do their best if everyone is trying to make them fail? Come on people, and stop making the customers so impatient and unlikable

junaid khan

Bast game 223345 TT so bs VN aj

Rhonda Redmond Watson

I like the concept, combining a cooking game with a decorating one. Unfortunately, I have been playing the game for 2 weeks and I have finished all of the rooms! I am stuck in this bathroom. What gives? If nothing is added in the next few days, I will probably delete your game. Update: I have completed all levels and decorated all rooms. Now what? Oh, BTW, I didn't make any in-game purchases.

Cheri Rickert

Great game

Carol Mary

Been waiting for the new house to renovate for months now. Keeps saying coming soon. What a disappointment. I was really enjoying the game

Magnifico Nico

Good game at first but with most timed cooking games the levels become almost impossible to beat with power ups costing real money. Uninstalled.

Nirmali Bhagabati

Not bad game I like this game but one problem ads so much and when I play some months this game like bore so I rate this 3 stars 🙂🙂

Mahreen Begum

This game is fabulous because in this game have cooking and renovating I love this game

Nesrine Ma

I like the game even though it freeze and log out.. gems are so hard to get and last but not least i am collecting stars but i don't have any apartement to decor... i just keep seeing coming soon i finished apartements but i don't seem to be able to decor anymore... is this game still under developpement or have issues to fix? Are you working on it ?? Or shojld i just stop collecting stars ???

Mahmood Khan

Good game

Allan Blair

I was going to give it 5⭐'s until the game kept cutting off and stealing away what I already played. Work on it and maybe you'll get more ⭐'s in the future...

Sonia Eduardo

I love it

Chloe Deas

excellent game love it

Helen Emmanuel

Why is it taking too long to upload the next level??? I can't wait any longer.... Please Hurry will you???

chikkala parimala

I like hard cooking games and this game started to be a little bit hard when I was just in the 5th round and I love that so definitely would recommend you download it

Madin Hekmat

Is This Game So Beautiful❤❤❤

Bayarmaa Adiya

Better than other decor games

ali ahmed

Iike 🤤🍬

Makeiba Henry

Nice 👍 to have fun with friends and family safe for kids to play it up to date woman lol



Juniver Collado

Tings po it's so beautiful games for kids tings pol po ako talaga kasi masaya nayo ng anak ko

Saifu Shaikh

This game is osm....... mind-blowing 🥰🥰

Asit Sachan class 5C

It is worst not download it

Alemtsehaye Wubshet

it is good game thank you very much

Baloch Baloch

Nice games

Zab Azam

Wander full game

Radwa Batoul


Kumba Songu M'briwa


Fatihah Ghani

Too much lack, and for to go to another stage, i have to wait to long for downloading even though my network is in best connection. too bad, i didn't like this game

Abisola Animasaun

It's so difficult to get gems, just two for watching a free video!!!!!! Am about uninstalling this game. I have tried playing countless times . It telling me to upgrade at level 14!!!!?!!!!

Gmail User

Game is so boring 😠😡👎👎

Althea Gonzales

This game is so good 😊 then I have a give star ✨ to you ☺️

F811 Sarthak More

मला ही गेम खूप आवडली

Ssennoga Fahad

Good game

Dina Calpotura

It was fun to play, it's enjoyable.

Prema Wati

Nice game 🎯

Ananya Upadhya

Awesome game ♥️ everyone should try it

Sanu Kumar

Very Very Good and nice game

Florence Chapanduka

I love it


So slow.

Romel Garces

I love it

Nomsa Sibande

Well so far m happy with the app

Yashaswi Singh


Jonathan Jooste


Emz Delacerna

Amazing and its fun

KS Creation

This is better game but this game is hard so i dont like this game

Caroline Matute

Better than what I thought

A. Galicia

Home design


It really wants you to spend money

Ko Ko


Roza Alkamarani


Sally Dajak

Enjoying the game 😄😄

Afiqah Nazlah

Please remove ads for Evermerge : 3 Puzzle! It annoying and make my game lag if that ads pops up!!! Literally many time happened. So please consider to replace it with another ads!

Shelbie Free

Exciting and fun.

josephine addai


Nilu Marasinghe

Cooking home