Cookie Mania – Match-3 Sweet Game

Author: Ezjoy

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Cookie Mania – Match-3 Sweet Game – Switch and match cookies to enjoy your sweet dessert! Crush the candy and cookie

Detailed info

File size: 16M
Update time: August 30, 2021
Current version: 2.7.6
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: Ezjoy
Price: Free
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Customer review

Judith White

Sweet game, but needed to be updated!!!!!

Shunita Shannon

I love the game I'm on this board they don't have all the item on the board to get off.

Hilda Pennant

Stuck on level 1850 shows you need 20 lollipops but none on level ??? got everything el se but can't move on reviews show someone stuck from nov last year and march this year and still no change tempted to delete sad cos I love it.

munia Chowdhury


Hajar Nauzer

It is an amazing game☺️I like it

jovelyn villaron


Johnnie Lawrence

It a wonderful game mind occupier please update my game

Glenys Coles

I'm on level 1850 I've got all the brown spares and the brown triangles but can't get the lollipop impossible

A-6545 Azra Ansari

Bahot must game h

Rizalina Garcia



I like this game check now everyone.

Paul Atkin

Too many ads tbat simply freeze the game.

Cynthia Heiser

Wow! A lot of complaints regarding level 1850 and still nothing has been done. Why??? It has been going on since last year from what others have mentioned. Please fix. :(

Joan Edenedo

i love this game , I've been playing it since 2013. to me its the best game ever. The game doesn't open anymore, it it outdated? How can I update it without having to start from the beginning? Cos I have really gone far


No one can ever win level 503. Timer bomb time is very short. Make amendments.

Boney Laimayum

I really love ❤😘 this game but up level 185 to cross another level something is wrong plz do something

Shahnawaz Ansari


Appreciate Faith

So far so good what an incredible game

Sandhya Singh

Loved it.playing the game but there is some techinal defect in level 1850 .plz check n get it removed

alfiee amoah

I can't move pass level 1850 the candy bar does not appear for me to match it

Ann Cain

Fun game! Graphics great!

Kns lakshminaidu


sean Bertram

Very flashy graphics too many colours

Godavari ammay

nice, really super game. highly recommended.

Arun Sharma


gopi Dumpa

My favorite game

Kavita Kalra

We r stuck aT 1850 level please do something we are missing our favorite game.please help out.

Roleta McMiller

The last update is in October 2021. This is a great game, but you can't get past board 1850. It requires you to get 20 lollipops 🍭 but their are none on the board. I noticed that the company address was 1850, and the programmer may have done this on purpose

Betty Nooner

Love it!! Gives you an option to skip those annoying ads!!

Adewuyi Caroline

Best out of the best game ever.

Darlene Darlene

Very fun and easy addiction

Rhonda Maurry

I am also stuck on level 1850 no way to beat the game not even with a purchase of coins. Please fix this problem. Are you ever going to FIX this GAME?

Ida Fasida


Kgabo Mali

The addiction though. Level 1850 has no lollipos. I had to delete the game and start afresh bcoz I cannot proceed to the next level.

Talitha Mans

Stuck on level 1850!!!!!!!!!!!!!HELP PLEASE😡😡😡

Rachel Emery

Enjoyable and relaxing but losing patience now as I can't get off level 1850 it's asking for lollipop s that don't appear

Raheel Nizam

Lovely game

jacqueline williams

I cannot win level 1850 as the LOLLIPOPS dont appear and you are supposed to kill 20. Is this level wrong or something ???? Please redo level 1850 as it is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve this level. 11/9/21. It is IMPOSSIBLE TO GET TO LEVEL 1851 AS CANNOT COMPLETE LEVEL 1850 AS NO LOLLIPOPS. PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS. ASAP. GOOGLE CHECK THIS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

Gerald Stuckey

I am on level 1850 and it says to get 20 lollipops and there are none...players are telling you this and you are not fixing the problem..WHY???....WOW will you get the level fixed..Can anyone a actually get in contact with the people that should fix the problem...It is now Febuary 2022 and still response to people telling you something

eve devinsky

I used to play this game on another device and rediscovered it. Still cute graphics and fun to play!

Albert Hickman

The right amount of challenge

Jim Thomas

the game is stuck at level 1850 how can this be resolved.

A Google user

I am not passing 1850 level

Kathy Shaup

Love This Game


I really love this game and repeated the game several times after completion of all stages Edited on 8th January 2022 Stage 1850 is not possible because the item which is to be destroyed is not there...The fault may be rectified.

Edith González González

Ya no se puede avanzar, el 1850 tiene un error, las paletas no aparecen

ronel deysel

Love it...

Lena Williamson

I'm on level 1850 and there are NO Lollipops to complete the game. There is no candy in this level! Does it need a Bug Fix???????? HOW do I get past level 1850??? Please take a look at it. Do you guys ever plan to fix this game or are you giving up on it?? This is December and level 1850 is still not fixed. Since October???!!!

Wendy Doucet

fun game. Challenging but not overly difficult.Keep your boosters up and you can get thru levels just fine.

rahul uttekar

Please fix the problem on level 1850 still no lolipops what should we do now. Its been a 2 months since you dont solve the issue.

Susan Moore

I would have given it a 5 but level 1850 need to be corrected


The best

jkkhokhar jk

1850 stage not complete stage tell stage complete

Barbara Moore

Stuck at 1850, it asks for something that is not there. Not cool

Irene Foley

I like this game

Tweety See

Add in a lots of new level but can't be played coz level 1850 is impossible to pass due to missing of lollipops! Pls fix e bug coz I duo wanna withdraw this game!

Barbara Laverty

At 1850 and cannot get passed, when is this going to be fixed? Otherwise a great and enjoyable game. Am disappointed that this problem has not been fixed yet, please make it better! Weeks on and still not fixed.

Mitch Domingo

All players stop at level 1850 very bad level please check comments players below kindly update we cannot move on.. on the next level😞😞😞

Seewoogobin Shamiksha

Very i like biu games

Cath Williams

Really good game

dee dee

Level 1850 is problem.. please fix It's been a month your company still haven't resolved the problem..

Linda Conley

Good in deed

Gregory Rochester

Very good game. Good way to pass time.

Cindy Pinon

When is level1850 gonna be fixed


When i am compleating the gameThere is no candys to complete the game unless there is no candy's how can we complete it

Christine Murray

I want to connect to facebook, but it want let me.

Latanya Hewitt

Good just as any of the other match games no different, just nice to do another kind of game. It's refreshing!

Bhakti Kerai

I enjoyed this game..🤗😍♥️♥️

Rachel MILLS

When is level 1850 going to be fixed? Love this game, but am disappointed that this hasn't been corrected.

Diana Ulloa

Muy bueno

huzaifa khan

I like it very very much ...

Estelle Ferreira

Level 1850 has no lollipops it does not work. Pleasee do something! People comment re level1850 like me cannot get past no lollipops. What seems to be the problem? Can somebody at least respond?

Pat Smothsrs

I love it a lot

sandra pawlak

Still waiting for a fix for level 1850.. Was excited to see the update - disappointed to learn there's no fix for 1850..

Esther Ndou

Can't pass 1850 A

Milvin Doshi

Unable to connect to Facebook all my progress is lost please help

Leslie Lewis

I want to know WHY this game WILL NOT connect to facebook?

Asama Nakahara

So far so good

B Blanch

Level 1850 impassable. Not engineered with all icons needed to succeed

Cara W.

Love this game but obviously the developers do not read ANY of the comments. There have been 2 updates and level 1850 is still not fixed. SMH

Jenn Martin

Level 1850 is impossible to pass because there are no lollipops on that level. Needs a fix!


What's the point of adding more levels to the game when you can't go beyond 1850? I was hoping it would be fixed by the next update but sadly, it wasn't


What good are the new levels if 1850 doesn't work...FIX 1850!

Jackie Hoschak

I love this game. Please check level 1850. It can not be beat. You have a swirl on it to get 20 of but there are none. Thank you!!!!

Melanie Munns


Pamela Overstreet

Love playing the game

Lee Jacobs

Lots of fun but it stops working at the most inconvenient times. I got to level 1850 and can't go on because it wants me to get rid of something that's not in the puzzle. Very frustrating

Claire Beatrice Attenborough

I can't seem to see the lollipops at level 1850... No lollipops. Is it a glitch.. can't play the new levels cos of this level.

Kalamani Mani

This game is so.. beautiful and every easy

Hima Akter


Kathleen Reeves


A Google user

Am I the only one not able to pass level 1850? Pls arrange it well cos I really want to go forward

Lawanna Helms

To many ads but a fun game. Tends to crash at times when I am doing good on a hard level. Please fix level 1850

Farhanur Rahman

Level 1850 cannot be completed.

lilian cheok

What happened with this game I waited for nearly 1 n half months n still cannot play why can't carry on playing

Vijay Kumar


Alma Gonzalez

My favorite game since forever! i finally reached level 1850 and theres a glitch. No way to win it. sucks but it was a good run while it lasted.

Ceazar Merced

So nice game


Please fix 1850!

Kathy Morgan

I love this game but I'm having the same problem as the other person that left a review I get the candies but the lollipops never show up can you please please tell me how to fix this