Cook Off: Mysteries

Author: Gogii Games Corp.

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Cook Off: Mysteries – There is a mystery in the shadows. It’s hiding in the pantry, or maybe somewhere under the rotting floorboards…wherever it is, YOU are the only one who can fix it! Of course you need cover – what better than Meal Estate, a restaurant and catering company for the super rich?
Fry delicious food while playing as a detective. Renovate the mysterious mansion to its former glory as you search for clues about the missing caretaker you met. Stay secret – unless you want to follow in his footsteps.
Manage your time serving wealthy clients who wait for no one! Come up with your own special strategy to serve them all as fast as possible – and earn coins in the process! Try many different recipes as you progress through this free game!
exciting puzzles! 🔎👁️🖊️
Help Jennifer and Justin find out what happened to their parents!
Find strange clues to solve unique cases!
Trust no one!
Fun and challenging cooking! 🍳🍽️💝
Serve delicious food to customers!
Improve your technique in every level!
See how many dishes you can cook in timed levels!
Renovate Mansions! 🏚️✨🏡
Bring the once beautiful mansions back to their former glory!
Look for clues hidden in the trash!
Customize homes to create the perfect place!
Develop your own unique strategy! 🔥💵🍪
replay levels for extra coins!
Chain meals together to get tons of money!
Take on the cooking challenges – don’t burn your food!
unique dishes! 🍗🥩🍝
Serve elite customers with luxurious dishes!
Add a special touch to many delicious dishes – from crispy chicken to perfect pasta!
Fill your recipes and earn more coins!
Paid development! 💰💎🏆
Upgrade food in every game to earn tons of money!
Refurbishment of kitchen appliances; increase power and reduce cooking time
Customize on demand – chain meals together for tips!
What are you waiting for? You are a master chef, a skilled detective and a skilled renovator! Time to prove it in Cook Off: Mysteries!

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Update time: 2023-01-19T18:17:50.000Z
Current version: VARY
Require Android: VARY
Developer: Gogii Games Corp.
Price: $Free
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