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Contact Origin: Idle Strategy RPG – Idle game played with one hand

Detailed info

File size: 118M
Update time: July 21, 2021
Current version: 1.4.6
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: LAXASOFT
Price: Free
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Customer review

Ronnie Harris


dan gabriel ene frandes


Maxwell Listinsky

The game has a direct link with my neural cognital pathway function as well as my cardiovascular inlay providing a possible way to reach NIRVANA. I seem to be stuck without buying anything from the shop which makes me sad because I have no money but maybe I will become fortunate in this coming time and I'll spend some loot in the store and discover if the game actually effects control that I have been desperately scouring my life to find 🧬

Harley Mc

Just a button masher, I found it tedious within a couple of minutes

Cla H-d

Need test

Jerell Encalade

All the levels are the same.

Winston Summey


Frank Morgan

In this genre the game is definitely a 5 star game experience! It's got everything you need, except fast fingers. If you don't have those plan on using auto-tap,lol!

Raven Darhk

Overall this is a pretty good game. There are a couple things I find annoying though. While most games in this genre offer 4 hour boosts (some offer 2 hours), this game gives you 15 minutes; that is right; just 15 minutes. So there is no setting it up to auto click while away. Then, if you can't destroy the enemies fast enough they take gold upgrades away...and they keep taking. Good game but needs a little work.

Bicanu Gsx

Just a cool game, makes a lot of fun.

Kinetic Allah

Great game! I love the feature that is named after real stars. Having a blast with this one.

The M

The only annoying thing i would mention is the fact that the stages do not progress when not playing. Sure, not beyond the max level, but at least to 80% of max lvl Apart from that, nice

Kalin Reed

It is fun, in my opinion a world chat opinion would be nice

Leon Welch

Great game and everything that goes along with it! Worthy of having a spot in my idles! Bigger shooting fields with better performing idle weapon for better chaos in burning ships going crazy to add playtime enjoying! Good job. Keep it coming! *Update;Still idling along! No complaints at all!

Marian Florinel Condruz

Good game!

Zainul Hatia

Really brilliant game love it just awesome

john campbell-white

nice graphics but boring doing the same thing ,check out GOF2, more my type of thing ,gotta leave. soz

Tim A

Reminded me of my game maker 8.0 days. When a game was just a joyful way to waste time. Interface is simple and instructions are just enough. Like the great arcade games of olden times. The more you play the better you will get. Or not lol

midnight arrow

This is the best game on mobile

Ryan Jacqmin

Fun time killer. I'm editing my original post. Thank you developer for responding in a timely manner. I updated Google and game works better. Thank you again.

Ryan Nakamoto

A great game that you can play at your own pace. My only complaint is that the enemies tend to approach so fast that I often don't get a chance to really browse through what I want to upgrade next. Because if you let them get close enough to start attacking, they sometimes take away upgrades.

Ysteaf Beop

Looks really fun but, will never know because it's online only. I really dislike nowdays, it's always online online online!

john ruttan

Relaxing and fun

Dale Darland

Funny little idle game

David Alon

Ok game

Leon Welch

Pretty cool way to tap game!

Alexandru Rizan

All guci

Pekka Vahlsten

Not that idle...

Nk Haruna

Can't update.

Theodor Georgescu

So far it keeps me coming back

J3427 Kinsey

A very good game to play come and join on the game 🎯.

Trenton Robbins


Brian Devins

A fun and tightly designed idle game. I enjoy the balance of generators and weapons. Nice graphics.

Michael Jay Pate

I am having fun saving the earth.

John zaleski

Only problem nothing worth buying with gem otherwise great game

Chris Boyter

Not your average time killer, nor is it pay to win, I would definitely recommend trying it out!


A good iteration on this style of idle game.

Casey Hardy

Cool idea but a little rough around the edges. Doesnt follow the standard prestige or upgrade systems of popular idle games with the same context types. Kind of needs to be downscaled in that aspect in my opinion.

William Murphy

Looks like that money deletion bug got fixed. Closed and opened the app several times rapidly and never lost money, and since that was the only way I experienced that bug, it seems it's gone. Nice job!

Jeff Robertson

Dudes thanks iv been waiting for a game like this u guys 🤘🤘🤘🤘

Alex Grenlie

Boring. Tap enemies in a circle and tap upgrade buttons for no visual changes

Andrew DeShazer

Game crashed and nearly crashed my phone. Uninstalled not going to factory reset my phone again.

Velebit Mirić

Versatile game as you can easily self-pace it. Quite enjoyable and simple but effective, at least for my taste. Looking forward to new updates!

Christopher Holbert

BUY NEXT is when you buy all buildings up to the next one that gives a bonus. For example buy up to 25/50/100/200

Milkev Gaming

game lock style tutorial thats treats me like im 5.... felt like it went on forever, just wanted to play the game but uninstalled before i could actually do anything myself :/

Craig Hughes

Great game so far looking forward to future content :)