Construction Ramp Jumping

Author: BoomBit Games

1,000,000+ install


Construction Ramp Jumping – Jump into a roadroller and other heavy vehicles! 💥 Spread destruction! 🤯

Detailed info

File size: 89M
Update time: September 3, 2021
Current version: 0.1.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: BoomBit Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Pawan shewale

Not good

Nafees Bhatti

Nice game

William Novo

A fun way to pass the time

Nikki Hatchett

At first when I saw the ad it looked very cool but when in-game it looks different... and that's the GTA 5 map.

Shahid Rauf

The vehicles shown here are not available in the game.

Mikey Pinto

Too many ads, even when opting out of the between game bonus.

ravi Shrivastava


Gursewak gill

Too much ads

Karthikeyan Karthikeyan A

is nice

A Black

Very cool game


Very nice

Aditya Kukade


rikk miranda

Another game that use high graphic trickery to show you how detailed the game is, and then when you play the game it's far from the actual visuals displayed on the ad for the game. Never thought BoomBit would use this though. When in Rome....I guess.

Si Platt

Good simple game. Horrific advert overuse

Patel Kunj

Contains lots of ads

hunter rowland

Tons of ads and just the same vehicles and surroundings over and over

Sourav Sutar

Bad 👎

William Reynolds

Too many ads

Garrett Crow

To many ads

Mayank Doda

Useless game i have ever played even i don't want to give 1 star.

Brittney Gossett

Its fun

Rayyan Asif

Realistic look

306 Okasha ali

Worst Ever single time adds pops up


Video after every jump makes it unpleasant to play!

DragonTamer Ashy

Too many ads but kinda fun

Jonathan Welker

Decided to purchase the game. I like the concept and graphics, but it takes way too long to pass through levels. As you progress the purchases get exponentially greater, but your rewards/collections can't keep up. So it takes you longer and longer to play each level, even though thr difficulty doesn't really change throughout the game.

John Phillips

Add generator that's it

Josh Chipp

Sexual adds is just wrong

Adriaan van Wyk

Good game pity about the ads

Eric Wade

5 star's app game

A Google user

This is the game you play while doing something else.

pampana Sivareddy


John Stacy

Absolutely terrible game. Beyond horrible. It is completely rigged in every single way possible. If you love add, and nothing else, here ya go

Scott Tait

Constant grind too many ads


Way too many ads! It would be a better game if there were less interruptions.

Roman Burns

Love it

Lawrence Melchor

To many dam ads to play game

Bicky Raj

Good game

Christopher Lint

Great game

Jesse Peralta

Too much adds play something better


Do you get to drive the big ship like in the ads?

Corey Vick

Way too many ads

Jerry Fahrni

Soooooo many freaking ads!

Josiah Reiley

Maybe if I was 5 years old I'd like this

Jenna Spermlock

it's absolutely fun. especially trying to get further and further. I don't mind the ads cause it helps double your coins so you can boost your engine and not quicker

Bart F

A lot of ads

David Clayton

2 second level for a 30 second ad. I understand you put ads on to make it free but come on maybe 1 ad after 10 levels would help with people actually wanting to play it. NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE

Manoj Kumar

This game was very bad because adds no matter of the game whaste for 81mb weast

Alexander Peace

Waste of time. Just painful adverts.

Jared Gilbreath

Ads blow

Steven Worrall

I am doing good and it is fun!!!!!!!!

Joe McG

Way too many ads

views on Life



When you play start then so many add comes to disturbed you

Divyansh Sapkale

Worst game dont install so many ads of minutes

K Nithin


Jhay Tejada

Free to

Ayush Vind

Too many ads

Alvin John Kline

It's the only way to fly

Captain Tucker

Works alright for a while, then the prices become so steep that progression is impractical.

Frank Hardee


Saran Dhamotharan

Pore in the game very pore

Jerry Watson

The graphics are not as good as the ads, and you only have to hold ur finger.

Diego Gaspar

I wish I had the truck


Played 2 matches- saw 10million ads

Anthony Watkins

Like it so far

Luke Assiratti

Tidy,addictive ,straight forward . Nice one.◇

dave berg

Cash grab, shame. could have been fun

Lamees Mob

Very good

Paul Gabriele

It's an ok game

music song


Captain Jeoy

Lol... This game is basically designed to get you to watch ads as much as possible without offering any actual gameplay value. It's games like this that give mobile gaming a very bad reputation. Terrible!

Kelvin chiamaka

Useless game I really hate it

chris Obscene Brigade


Jeanne Palagonia

More ads than game play time. It's absolutely lopsided. It's stupid.

mr blueberry34


Harsha D

Worst one

Dennis Sterling

The game is fun

Asif Dhada

Nice and easy to play


Tooooo many ads ...makes it boring

black scorpion

Very fun to pass the time

Edward Dobbyn

it looked cool, then within the first 3 minutes of game play I had to watch 4 ads. pay to play garbage

Amandeep Singh Nanda

Good enjoy with

wayne finco

75% ads 25% game play, don't waste your time

Drshweta Singh

I think 🤔 that a good 👍 for mobile 📱

austin post

In the ads it shows a ship where is the ship

Ben S

Ad time is 10x your play time.

Derek Benkovich

So many ads I thought the main game was an ad I couldn't skip

Andrei Narkevitch

It would be a good game if it wasn't forcing you to watch countless ads. For this reason I prefer to purchase apps and games. If it doesn't have an ads free version, I deinstall it and never install again.

Vatan Kumar


Gregory Davis


Bob Alburn


asim saif

Because of ads waiting 45 sec

Marvin Murphy

More ads than game

Arfeen Mehmood


Kase Ch


jose martinez

You get plenty of ads when you finish a level but when you want to get more coins there are no ads available. So I don't see why they give you that option.

William Spell

Great game

John Walton

Aaaarrrrggggh ads ads ads gave it 5 minutes and 4 of those were ads so uninstalled, when will these people realise we bin the games with too many ads so no one gets to see any, a few is fine to keep the game free but being greedy is not a good idea