Connecter – Relaxing game

Author: Laurentiu Popa

10,000+ install


Connecter – Relaxing game – Relax, reduce your anxiety and calm your mood while challenging your mind

Detailed info

File size: 9.8M
Update time: August 2, 2021
Current version: 2.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Laurentiu Popa
Price: Free
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Customer review


I played this game, It is slow game, it is very relaxing and Stress free, it releases Working stress when we come home after work, it releases the Fear & Anxiety like situation in minds, when we know we are getting late. Try our best to reach our Work place on time, and Situation is beyond our control e.g. Stuck in TRAFFIC JAMS.

Sponge Bob

Very relaxing

Fonzie Fong

Relaxing game.

Benny Bharath

Relaxing, just as it is meant to be

Prince Xavier

It's a good game, great even. Easy to learn, peaceful. I don't like that fact that there is multiplayer and a leader board everything else is good. But uh..what's with the Nazi symbol levels? I'm on to you. 😑🧐

Kouche Arch

Great job

Queen Ellimms

I love Connecter. It relaxes me when I'm tense

Melika Amiri

Good relaxing game

Farida haroon Syed


Masline Gari

relaxing yes hapomot

Janelle Floyd

Very addicting. So much for free too. There is a little bit of it you have to pay to get if you want to. Honestly get so much free though it takes awhile to play through that alone. Really liked this.

Marshall Badger

Very chill.

Gligor Mihai

Great for relaxing, calming and chill

Andrea Kulanov

Great relaxing game with a lot of puzzles

Trace Lake

Best relaxing game

Michael Torge

Great experience. Best relaxing game I ever played. No intrusive ads and clean design

Ali Pathan

Bhot mast game hai

old play



Very relaxing game. What I don't like is you've got pay for most of the themes. It would be great if you made it so we could unlock them by playing and earning them that way, I don't want pay real money on a game.

RD Wawey30


Diana Milena Ortiz Porras

I love it it's so addictive jaja

Harry Arora

Good Harry


It's so relaxing and relieving I was having a anxiety attack and I downloaded this game and immediately helped

Imran Shafi


Mayank Kumar

I liked this game very much 👌👍👌

Alpa Bhatt Purohit

Really A very nice game!!!

Andreea Pop

Really love this game. Very relaxing and lots of levels

Peter Arbaugh

Nice relaxing puzzle game.

Vipin Pawar

Game is fine. Thou layout n designing is poor.

Rajpal kashyap


Andreia Daniela

Foarte fain jocul!! L-am instalat azi și deja am ajuns la level 122 ...( nu m am putut abține...e prea fain!!)🙃❤

Lorena Pocsoara

Such a great relaxing game! Helps me release the stress and anxiety before sleeping at night. Lots of levels and the design is really cool!

Elaine Yarker

Not off line

Proffessor Papel

Best relaxing game. Releases my stress and helps me with the anxiety

Joyce Buyer

Great game when you want to get relaxed and release the stress and the anxiety. Best relaxing game I ever played

Andrei Pocsoara

Love it. A chill and relaxing game!