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Comma, nation needs your help in this epic battle! Enemies now become stronger than ever. We can not avoid the world war anymore. In Commander. io, you will become an army commander, lead your team and fight for your right in this military combat. Your mission is collect money, build your armi and destroy other clash or clans in this bazooka battles.

In this crazy military combat, you as a armyy commander, collect all the metals and golds on your way to make your barracks stronger and gain more pocket troops. The more pocket troops you get, the easier you can attack the enemy and win this battle games.

Defend yourself, military commander! This is not only soldier games, but also io games. You can join tft 1v1, war io battle with addicted fighting and shooting experiences to dig into the military combat.

If you love military games, this is for you only. No need to find other battles anymore, join Comma military games with army training.

Collect silver and gold metals to build and upgrade military commander’s barracks
Buy tft and army training your clash a royale army. The more clash a royale armi you can get, the stronger you become.
Join io games, fighting and shooting other clash or clans to become game io war
As war commander, you will lead your team to occupy other lands in this army games.

Amazing 3D epic battle graphic
Challenging with endless military battles in this soldier games
Easy to play with only 2 fingers to control your war commander and run along your land in the battle games
Minimap is designed for commander to control the army battle
Rank is updated 1v1 real-time, dare you to become the best commander in this army games
Enemy is getting stronger through levels, you need to focus comma, attack enemy to win this bazooka battles

Download and join Commander io military battle right now! ⚡

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Update time: Jul 9, 2022
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Developer: XGame Global
Price: Free
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Customer review

Al safa family

Ads, Ads, Ads!!! This game recive more ads and can't play calmly! please

babyrani 2912


Manohar Chavan

, 🥳😊☺️😎🖤❤️🎵🖤❤️

Asia Mobile

Very good the game

Zar Zar

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dhruv vadodariya

worst app, every 10 seconds showing ads, i think name of the game should be ad commander.

haniya farasat

Good game

Pareeth Oukunju


ubermen eski66

Cool....but lags......

Thomas Rodriguez

pretty cool 😎

Kim DeLeon

awesome but needs more updates

Robert West

Loads of ads, way too difficult without ad boosts

Madhu Ben


savvannah harvey

It do not work 😭

Dulu Kalita

What's a amazing game I like it.....

__Nitin Dwivedi__

Nice 👍 GAME

Damaso Julio Rodrigues

Wow such a great time to play this game

Nur aliff Hakim

it's good!!!

khitte haromonzon

Thet was goooooooooooooood

Cabdi rashiid Xaaji muumin sh

cabdi rashiid xaaji somalia 🇸🇴 xamber

Toni Petrović

Wow is game hidden behind ads?

michael roe

Maybe add some more ads! Every ten seconds is not enough.



Roger Wolfe

Way too many adds don't waste time

mohammad saad

saad. 123

Shikha Roy


Dorothy Steller

Basically the game Army Commander but better.

Indian gaming comedy

Hank Jyada Karte Ho add bahut jyada Aata Hai

Rudeus Greyret

Do not download this game! Just a boring game, but the problem is another trash development. This game shows us so much unexpected ads and i wasted ma time, network and space to download this game. Hope u save you time!

Xeng Lor

needs more maps and upgrades

Rupeah Lusah

Bro what are you talking about there is no ads bro

Umesh Bhatt



Too many ads not able to play the game worst game ever played Game totally destroyed because of ads

Darren Williamson

too many ads... and ads just starting while you are battling

Sunny kumar Kumar


kushagra kashyap

Seriously! Bro so many ads I am only not able to play the game apart from that I am watching ads please remove ads that more people can play this game and they will also not delete the game it will be good for us and for you you will earn more profit and we will also enjoy the game. I am giving it a 5star rating because this game is good but please remove ads

StaR KillEr

Offline game that needs internet,so u have to qatch adds every 10 seconds. Trash.


adsi bhut Jada hi

Enea Rustemi


Mohammad Ismail

Very good game

manohar manohar

this game is so good you all so play this i gave 5 stars commander take to attack

James Grieve

What have you done with this update?? I'm lvl 79 and can't win a game now as all my troops are lvl on played again people that kill me instantly!!

Thor Thunder

Need part 2 or a new map fast

Ryan Harris

I haven't been able to use the video upgrades or pick up any of the weapons or utilize the 3x bonus at the end of a battle

Glen Allison

Simple game loop but tons of ads.

Justin Foreback


Tejas prakash

Tejas prakash V. Very mast Game Rating 5 🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅

Brian Bates

Pop up ads upon pop up ads. And then more pop up ads. Oh and did i mention the pop up ads you cant get out of so you have to restart the level. This game blows.


I am waiting for new update

Ravi Kumar


Md. Muhtasim Shadid

Kool I guess

Amena akter Mitaly

good game

Rupu Rupu

I love it so much 😍❣️🤩

Pmhegde Hd

I hate pop-up add video

Kevin S

This is a fake game it's just a copy from lion studio's army commander

R Torup

Forced ads give 0 stars Can be played without ads in airplane mode gives 1 star...

queen echidna

Too many ads

ajay pandey

This game very good game but this game many ads this game very slowly and many many many many ads

Kenny Lantz

I love

Mona Shaw


John Glovka

To many adds during game play. Died alot because of adds

Vijayan Neelakantan

Power game

Amir Ehsan Moshiri

Many ads in the middle of each level.

Hailey Meadows

it's an amazing game just definitely not anuff levels I've downloaded it five times because I've beaten it so many times

Hassan Shah

Too many ads uninstalled

Atiqul Islam


Mohammad reza Taheri


Ahmed Lahouar

Repetitive and boring and full of ads, every 30 seconds an ad pop-up, delete game please

Kiki Aw (Aw)

Too much ads

Md Arnob

Good boy

Renu Taneja

This gimmes very nice and op ❤❤

Mukesh Mukesh

Tera bhap

Penny Copeland

Crashes every sencent

sudha Abinesh


Donald Vaughn

It's a good game when you get time to play ads every 1 to 2 minutes you can't even play though one level without ads

Mohammad Arfeen



The best

Jonathan Middleton

Way to many ads even dueing game play.

Jenny Fredin

To many ads that ruin the gameplay

Courtney Harker

you have the ability

Jaya Dutta

nice game but too much of ad

Shridhar Ghosalkar

Jhcvhdj NH AC

Jordan Smith


Md Sagar


e guzman

Unplayable amount of ads waste of time even as a temporary download

Naran Maji


Ahmed Maher

Waaaaay too many ads in the midst of the game play, just out of nowhere while playing it automatically plays ads and disturbs the game play

Mohamed Mabrouk

Tooo much ads

Andre Smith




Aiden Vineeth

Awful game 😭

Method Raw

Keeps interrupting game play with ads which get preloaded at app start. Immediate uninstall due to greedy developer.

Erik Schwendeman

Forces you to watch adds to play. If you turn off your data or wifi it wont load the levels. All these five star reviews are fake af.

Nikola Pavić

Game is unplayable due to too many ads

Christian Patterson

This game is stupid

Ash ash


md Mubin

Commande r.lo


Attract interested army 🪖 game like a star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 🥰

Ekramul Karim

Game was fun but had to uninstall. Too many ads. And the main disgusting thing is in the middle of fighting or defending suddenly the ads came. Very much disappointed. Would have given minus stars if I could.

Felicia RIcks

very good