Comix Breaker

Author: MojitoGames

100,000+ install


Comix Breaker – Unique Roguelike Card Deck

Detailed info

File size: 64M
Update time: September 7, 2021
Current version: 2.0.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: MojitoGames
Price: Free
3 votes

Customer review

Matthew Krafft

Unplayable after title screen no tutorial no anything at all

Stefanus Edmund

Can't play the event roulete. Always said fail without any description

Javier Lim

Nice game that resembles slay the spire but with pvp mode and events. I love it and was tempted to purchase permanent season pass. However, this game has some bugs, e.g. Max event wheel can't be spun with the error code "Fail" and previous Max event had issue as well. Dice event was working but I still have a dice in my inventory that I can't dispose to clear up slot.

Shawn Fox

Every time I download it it has a download error


Its really sad this game is kinda dead at the moment, because it's a really good card game in my opinion, I can see it growing up into something beautiful

David Garneau


BassKid Joshua

This needs to be an offline game

Joshua Gouge

Great deck builder!

big nobody

freezes alot. also just laggy in general for a simple game with simple gfx it should run very smoothly.. it does not

Santiago Avila

I keep opening the app and it kicks me out every time I'm pretty confused

Justin Kev

Whenever I play classic or competitive I got loading can u fix? I have good connection


I really like this game.Gameplay is really fun and art is perfection.Great job 5+ from me :)

Leonardo Lua

It a good game but I don't like how I have to pay a lot of money for a skin

Mic Nelson

It's very fun collecting cards and leveling them up. It's fun to battle against other live players. I wish the app didn't crash so much.

Belontiga Joker

So far the game seems pretty solid, no major issues. It looks like there are only 2 characters and I don't even know how to unlock the second one which is somewhat of a bummer, but the game makes up for its lack of characters with interesting game design mechanics and ideas like weapon cards. There is a HEAVY emphasis on the time-based competition mode and I'm admittedly worried about poor match making favoring paid players and players with better hardware. Game crashes also pose a problem.

Amber R

Review deleted. Try again. There is a big bug in this that needs to be fixed. Some choices won't select and you have to forfit the game, causing you to lose rank even if you are doing well. Once this is fixed, I'll come back (if you keep this review up)

Adnan Zaib

This game is literally luck based. The compitation mode is joke. They favour some players over the other and will put u against opponents that do 20+ damage in one attack meanwhile your max damage will be around 10 or 12. And furthermore they will delete your reviews as well. Really not fun if u play for a little while.

MuhnkY Van_Hendrix



Amazing game the gameplay is so cool and the artstyle is beautiful

Danish Fathan Abdillah


Tim H

Was never able to log in.

Daniel Bialecki

Best aesthetic in a card game yet

Kaiyum Owens

Was playing comp when I got to an area and the game wouldn't let me select any options so I had to force quit which fricked up my rankings. Fix this bug and I might rate higher.

Anthony Intriago

Gqme great but it forces you to rate it lmfao

Johnson Lee

Bugged, event token spin wheel can't spend ...

Shawn Teng

Unable to recieve dice from dice event after clicking the reward button. Does not show up in the inventory. Tried reinstall couple of times already.

Anthony Mares

The game is all glitchy since the last update. It's in Korean now and nothing works. I can't play any levels anymore. It was a good game while it lasted.

Strange Fate

DOES NOT REPLY 2 BUG REPORTS OR EMAILS VIA THEIR "INQUIRY"(CONTACT US) PAGE! Having 2 leave this negative review should't have been necessary & I CAN'T WAIT until I'm able 2 update it 2 a better rating & revise the following 2 say that they read & respond 2 their bug reports & emails promptly from here on in, ESPECIALLY since they seem 2 be using a canned response on Google play DIRECTING reviewers with issues 2 do JUST THAT! (Hence my all-caps intro to see if they do anything differently...)

Peanut Animations

I Love this game! I First saw a Ad for it before it came out so As soon as it came out I auto-downloaded it. This game's art style and theme is awesome and straight up my alley as a artist. I Highly recommend playing it ,and I will be planning on playing other games from the company if made. Note:Sometimes the cards won't appear and then I will be stuck on a screen for on long time because the cards aren't in battle but not too much of a inconvenience to down the review.

Shocks and Drops


David Corner

Great game, BUT.... The game if fun, lots to do and looks superb. But the speed of every g needs to be addressed. Animations are way too slow and need speeding up. Moving from match to match, screen to screen is way way too slow. To the point I dont want to play even though I love the game. Please looking into and fix this ASAP.

Mouse Brewer

I was only seeing a black screen

Matthew Erbele


joel nelson

Game plays for about 3 minutes then freezes. I've downloaded and re-downloaded at least 4 times and some thing Everytime.

Elaine Irving

Look's cool but i try to play but won't let me🙁🙁☹

Luis Galvan

Fun game, but the "My Turn" phrase in between turns was ripped off from Game of Dice. Aside that I do really love this concept. It definitely is better than the other apps that have this card play style.

Ean 'OM' Lindblom

UPDATE: The only Good Value For Time Mobile Game is Nano Legends. Prove me Wong. Dev deletes fair reviews and gives 10-100x more value for time to watch ads than win 1st place.

J Millar

What do you call a cow without legs (: ground beef!!!!! Don't trust sussy 👁️👄👁️🤳

Turtle Muffin

Good game. I like the dog


Looked interesting but I just started and already needing more inventory space with no explanation of how to delete stuff. Inventory space has to be the most annoying thing and kills a game for me instantly. The second most annoying thing is stupid little red exclamation marks everywhere. Either watch a dozen ads or be forced to see a dozen red marks that absolutely kill the game for anyone who has issues like adhd, anxiety, or any other mental disorder

christopher miller

Loads of fun Hey after the last update it's broken.

Nguyên Mai Lâm Trọng

Too much ads. Please have and ads remover, i will pay for it


This game is amazing but please add more cards and characters I thought that this game was a copy of a card Builder but this is unique so that's pretty much it

True dreams Gaming

This game is so amazing and fun


Quietly fun and not being a boring game, but the internet server is still laggy. I hope in the future fix the server so player can enjoy the game ;)


Honestly a really really cool game. Awesome animations and I love the card concept. The only thing i would say is just it does lag sometimes and doesn't respond on touches. Minor bugs n stuff mainly. But overall a really good game. Would definitely recommend!

Stephen John

Game is awesome! Rewards are good. Not totally P2W! As long as you properly use your cards, you will assume victory(also good internet keke). Unlike those fancy phone problem reviews complaining of game not working, my potato Samsung Galaxy s6 runs it fine! Keep up the great work devs :) Please don't make this game P2W or loaded with ads and your game shall rise to the top of the Playstore! Btw, characters and card designs or cool. Animation is fun :D Have some pocket moni as reward;I'm poor heh

Kevin W

Going to have to give this game a fair 2 star rating. The game has nearly an hours worth for ads for free stuff, daily. If you plan to do that than offer an ad removal feature for like $1 plenty of games with free stuff for ads do, take a hint. It needs an auto battle and stage sweeping feature, desparately. It takes nearly 7 to 10 minutes per 3 battles even if you one shot everything on your first turn. Gold takes forever to get enough, and PvP takes 30 minutes for even just 6 or 7 fights.

Robin McGee

Best deck builder yet


Boring, dry gameplay, a thousand games like it

Barbara Kelly-feldman

Game not work

Katrina Hunter

Cool an fun

Julian Smith

The game is amazing I love the music a lot I like the effects when you use The cards I like The Pledge Dr. skin but I do not have to PIedge Dr. skin

drake chambers

Good game to pushy

1_1lmao 1_1

When I try to download the game it just restarts my phone please fix this

Humberto Chavarria

Very fun game love it

Patrick Stehl

So over all game seems great. Dont like the pvp because i dont remember what but i got back to my home screen probabley the stupietd gestures, but then had to log back in by the time i got back 1st place was 4lvls ahead. Yeah i lost but still enjoy the game. Untill today when i go to play and says update avaliable confirm.? Confirm what? That there is an update??? Thats what your job is. Click confirm takes me to play store and to the proper game but slight "UPDATE" option... Ugh!

Erik L

Great game, one suggestion to dev, please fix music when turn it off its off until an ad plays then music starts up again each time...thanks

Marcelius Byrd

I am absolutely loving this game everything about the illustration yesterday's like straight from a comic book It's artistic style cannot be ignored I just love it


Good game?

Shakeim Peoples

I really like this game but everything you do has a one or two second delay. It's annoying.

Arya Roxanne

Now all good and one of the best games. How ever wish there were more modes

Brad Crabtree

Cash grabber

antori antori

Connection is awful and loading screens and freezes common


Decent game so far. Very laggy touch controls, sometimes have to click 3 times for anything to happen. Could also definitely use a speed up feature for animations. And there are '!' on the menus to show you what needs your attention but they are also on all the in app purchase menus and don't go away which is very annoying.

Mehdi T.

i like the game, but its too slow, every action you take has half a second lag, even in the menus. OPTIMIZE, its such a shame

Medardo Aguiriano

Very great game, it may look pay to win. And you can get advantages from paying money but its enjoyable without it, its inevitable when dealing with card games or any free mobile game.

Ace Banda

A very fun and zany game.

Kevin Portillo


Wet Soap

Not fun forces you to do things in a specific way and doesn't let you do what you want and explore at your own pace.


Don't get me wrong, the game itself is good. And I don't mind the gacha either but the fact that a game like this requires internet to play is just dumb (and it crashes on a tablet) I don't think that I will be playing it anymore. Good job on making a somewhat interesting game though

Eric Shanda

Excellent game


I liked the tutorial and opened all the free gifts but now i cant play due to full inventory it might be unlocked later to drop unwanted items but i cant play because there isent an option to now

Arthur Waller

Decent game, but one fatal flaw. If you don't have flawless internet dont even dream of being first in competition mode. Its based on how fast you get through the levels. This means that those with faster internet load in faster therefore can complete levels faster thus keeping first place. I just tried to join the mode and the app crashed on me.

Yahir Cazalez

Is a card battle game


Sluggish at times, especially on the start screen, but damn I like the concept! The animation and style are amazing and I can wait to explore more!


The best game i ever played👌

Jacob morris

This game is pretty fun I enjoy the concept and it's easy to learn


Need more to actually do. I do the PvP thing. Then a comic. And that's it for the day..

Ray Ananditya

Fun game game, but upgrade price unbalanced with how many can earn gold f2p, competition laggy, why put ads opt on fast play competition anyway

Joe B

Crashes midgame and they're pretty pushy in adds and trying to get you to buy everything. Fun if it doesn't crash though I suppose.

Michael Moniger

All of the graphics and animation are fun, but they slow down the game way too much.

kilenn Gordon

Fun n time consuming

Yus Azeeme

Exciting card based game.. you will love it..!

Kitsune King

Good deck building

Eric Anderson

Love this game

Gaming GuyG

Good game, easy to learn and play, alternative card collecting game, nice graphics. Worth a look.

William East

It's not a bad game a bit buggy, if it was updated I wouldn't mind spending. Only on this game


It wont let me in this game so 1 star

prime majester

It is a good game but when i played it suddenly it crashed when i was in middle of a fight pls fix this i will gove 5 star if you do pls.


Too many ads it makes me feel like I'm going to get my virginity taken away

Ethan Kasipar

A bad game

chi ta

Too many ads

Mircea Iuliano

I would give more but the game has to connect to the server every second and that gives it a lag.

doing Ur mom

Good cu

Son NguyenHoang

3000 ruby for trash, Ad is everywhere, can't start a new acc, game is full of lag and delay

Jesus Dejesus

Still sticking to it with every up date it gets better

Ricardo Câmara

The game is great with terrible game design choice, the main way to get coins is by competing in a speed trial, but the game is not optimized enough to run well in all phones so the load time is huge and the ones with a phone with better hardware will always win, terrible game design choice!

Kresimir Jambrusic

Laggy and glichy. It reqiers a constant internet colectio. Its worse then a avrage experiance. I demend my 500mb of mobile data back.

David Dahano