Comics 456 – Squid Game

Author: NT-ABI

1,000,000+ install


Comics 456 – Squid Game – Mind-bending puzzles and comedy fun!

Detailed info

File size: 122M
Update time: November 21, 2021
Current version: 0.0.9
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: NT-ABI
Price: Free
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Customer review

Da Consulta

It's a cute end cool but the ads is not cool but ok i rate it 3 star...

Durga Prasad Mishra

I seen this game

Jellian Amadora

Because I love you so much and I will be there at mag for your help with this matter and I will be in touch when I get back from the game

Charity Arcala


Willow Aris

The game is so good I can't even breath anymore. 😭🦵🏻


Kinda bored

Neda Raked

It's good Tho the doll looks so stupid and the Chicken nugie adds SUCK

Charlian Marbella

I want this game

Chris Ngo

It's all cute and stuff, but I wish there was a thing you could pay to remove adds. I mean it would be useful, because all the mobile adds get really annoying.

chooi yin lee

I don't like

Meow chan

I hate this, the ads are cringe, game too, not the mention the ads.

virgilio torreon


Ms. Fatty



It has to much adds n when I take off my wi-fi it doesn't allow me to play :< 1 star

Nonoy logong

I dont know hehe

Anthony Chan

Its very bad Too much ads!!!!

Angelica esperas angelica esperas

Wow so fun

princess gia

Too many ads


There's no problem with this. It's just the ads. If you turn of the internet it just says turn it on for better experience. Good game. Though

corrupted Ayden


Anthony Turner

It's fun but the ads are annoying and it looks like a 5 year old wrote the texts at the top

Innocent Tonderai Sauramba

Notice and good

Carlos Verdugo Rotella

Todo El rato lo MISMO, fome

Clarence jake Balangue

Its good at first but when your offline it shows you turn on wifi for better experience but turning it on will cause ads ,And you cant remove the notification until u actually turn on the internet or quit

Rhandy Manzano


leyla borakova

عالی خیلی خنده داره

Christania R.

i love this game 😍

Ashly Medina


Enrique Lontoc


Lj Peaces

oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii g

Jake Sudaria

I dislike it

Agita Rusa

I hate the ads fix your game kid

Michael hodgkinson

Love it

adam zamri


Mr Alpha

I hate this game it says make your internet on for best expierence but it only show ads this is use less game!

Ronika Amirahmadi

I gave 4 stars becouse the new levels doesent come but its so graite i asked my mom but she said its not in real but its so funny im only 8 and next year ik be 9 and i want to se squid game i loved this game dowlode it i loved 067 and 457 its amazing downlode it


Game is broken

GL create!

Annoying BILIBILI ad

Mark Duque

Lag po

Jessabel Bontilao

I love it