Combat Quest Roguelike Archero

Author: ChillBase

1M+ install
Role Playing


The world of magic & heroes, in the genre of rpg games offline & roguelike, needs bow masters to protect it.

Bowmasters! An ancient evil has attacked the kingdom!
The princess & last heir to the throne of this land has been kidnapped by monsters from the world of magic.
The fate of the kingdom is now in your hands, assassin! Become the best monster hunter.
Take up your bow and arrows to join the battle royale, descend into the dungeon & complete this arcade quest!

Find your place as a master royal, archer hero & experienced archery master.
Can you survive battles with hordes of terrifying monsters?
Set out on a journey through the battle lands & multitudes of dungeons fraught with danger, where other bow masters heroes have failed before.

You must kill all your enemies & defeat bosses!
Already being an archer and master shooter, you now face the challenge of becoming the king of archery.
Run, shoot, gain experience, upgrade and craft your equipment.

Develop your own unique style by leveling up & choosing skills to beat this epic game & become a legendary assassin.
Explore battle lands teeming with vicious enemies. Run, shoot arrows & grow stronger.
Select an archer hero with your combo choice of skills that will help you defeat dangerous enemies & maybe even their bosses.
Archero must become the best bow shooter, level up skills & survive in battle royale.
Turn their weaknesses to your advantage to ensure your victory.
Upgrade your archery & become the best archer & master royal.

Once you finish shooting & collecting your rewards, put all the treasure you gained during the dungeon raid to good use.
Craft & upgrade your gear to create the right combo of stats & become a monster hunter king.
Select & use talents that suit your playing style.
Be fast: run, dodge and shoot!
Or become berserk as a combat master & go all in with a storm of fire arrows!

Comrade bow masters and lovers of dark fantasy rpg games offline with simple controls like in io games!
In this new arcade quest game, you’re in for an archery adventure with options to level up. Raid through roguelike style dungeons & explore the world. This RPG game that’s similar to Archero has everything!
The controls are simple, like in io games no wifi.

This bow and arrow shooter includes:
● Be a combat master, archer hero, raid the dungeons — a fun and exciting way to spend 10 minutes.
● Difficult battle royale levels, valuable rewards, lots of variety — you’ll never be bored.
● A wide variety of bowmasters fighting skills to choose from — can you find the right killer combo?
● A massive world map for your heroes to explore.
● Infinite progress, innumerable locations and lots of dungeon modes.
● Weapons and gear: lots of craft & modernization, and the ability to choose your own set of gear to ensure that you survive.
● High quality 3D graphics.
● Simple controls like in io games.
● Hundreds of monsters & tough bosses.
● Level up in this epic game to reach the status of archer master royal.

Bowmasters heroes! If you’re a fan of adventure, fantasy rpg games offline or epic games like archero, assassin and monster hunter, then this arcade quest in roguelike style with shooting action is just for you!
Start your hunt in the battle lands kingdom right now!
Prepare your bow and arrows.
Combat master king, you are in for an unforgettable shooting adventure.
Millions of monsters & piles of gold await in this arcade game. Can you survive and collect all the rewards, or will the world of magic take your soul?

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 16, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: ChillBase
Price: Free
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Customer review

god of death

So I'm in the later stages and I'm currently running an issue where enemies are continuously hitting me even though they're not I could clearly Dodge the attack but I would still take the damage even though it would miss me and I've had so many runs the past couple of weeks get ruined because of that and it's starting to tick me off I'd make it to the very final level of some of them and I get killed by the boss because their hitbox is off even though I dodged attacks I would still get hit

Elizabethjs Aqmarina

The game is good. We have added a lot of new things compared to last year. It is convenient to play in an upright position.

Uviktorijae Istepanovw

The game is interesting, a large selection of equipment, many modes. And with each update, something new.

Uevgenijaa Idavydovd

A wonderful game. There would be more of these games with such wonderful graphics.I have a weak phone, but the game does not lag, does not hang

Ujuljao Omihajlovr

For me personally, the most balanced game in this genre. Developers do not forget about it. Something new is added with high frequency. It is quite possible to play without donat!

Ozhenjau Ubelovu

Thanks. This is my favorite game. Just add, please, more heroes and levels

Sarahtg Xxanastasija

The only game I have installed on my mobile phone. I downloaded it when it came out - I'm still playing. In general, fire!

Kimberlypw Oezhenja

A sticky and cool game! I like the graphics and mechanics of the game here.

Oviktorijaa Ekudrjavcevk

A game to kill time. I hope it won't get boring soon. Advice to developers - do not give up, the game is worth developing!

Susanuz Edlesja

The game is interesting, a large selection of equipment, many modes. Well, and with each update something new.

Patriciaud Uavera

The game has a nice interface and easy controls. Most of the main characters complement the game. Undoubtedly deserves 5 stars

Karenyj Hhoksana

A good game, sometimes very difficult, sometimes simple. The game is cool, it has not been boring for a month. Really great. There are few of them

Oolgai Aalekseevl

This game should be in the ranking of the best games in the whole world! The idea of the game is cool. It is very colorful and interesting. I didn't regret downloading it!

Frank Bank

Carbon copy of other games and just as money hungry. If you're looking for something unique this is not it!



حسن موسوی

بازی خیلی باحالیه ناموساااا

Karennf Ufljudmila

The game is great. I haven't seen any ads here at all. There are many different bosses, enemies, weapons, armor and upgrades. In general, there is something to do!

Susanmj Iagalina

It is clear that people are trying to make the game better and better, a lot of new weapons, new events. The game is moderately difficult, does not slow down

Lindafd Jcinna

The game is great! The most important thing is to spend time when you are bored. Everything is worked out in detail, graphics and characters - I like everything. I usually get bored of everything quickly, but I've been playing this for a long time

Donnayx Inevgenija

Gorgeous! Developers are constantly strengthening something, developing, not standing still. This game just hooked me, I go in every day

Akiraa Imakarovy

I don't play for long, but I managed to pump well enough. Really great game, there are few of them now!

Ajanao Ulazarevz

In my opinion, the game is top. Good graphics and convenient controls, and you don't need to sit in the game for a long time to pump, progress is achieved quickly

Helenwg Dynatasha

The game is great, addictive. Once it was that I lost all the progress, but the developers quickly helped to restore everything. Thank you for your promptness!

Mariaij Ernadja

Well done, developers! New updates are constantly coming out. So they work, they don't leave the game, they don't forget about it

Dorothyla Vwanastasija

Insanely interesting and thoughtful game. I like everything here. I haven't found anything cooler yet

Nancykc Abnina

A simple and interesting game, it won't be coming soon. I've been playing for almost a month - I'm not tired. You can safely play without paying

funtastyk warm

Very addictive and adventurous game

Malaki Hixon

This game takes forever to load, and it keeps kicking me out when i am waiting for it to load.

Samuel Littlejohn

Requires "energy to play" worst game mechanic ever, they have gone out of their way to limit how much you can play the game, not to mention prices on micro-transactions are ungodly, they are charging $6+ for packs worth $2 max

mark hokianga

Fun to play


Fun game. Paid for a bundle and game took my money but then froze and crashed.. Never got what i paid for. Edit: support staff was quick and responsive. Issue was resolved.

Alex Findon

Energy rewards not actually replenishing my available energy to play with. Rating still change when this bug is fixed **I have already opened a ticket with support, and sent a video demonstrating the issue, but haven't received a response on the ticket recently**

Nishant Joshi


Susanuf Exlarisa

I recommend the game. Excellent and high-quality. But if you don't know how to play such competent games, it's not for you. And so the game is fire!

Inataliu Ikalininr

The game is cool, it has not been boring for a month. Really great. There aren't many of them doing that now

Eviktorijae Ezaharovi

Everything is super here! There is something to sweat over, it can be difficult. Not for weaklings!

Anadezhdau Ofilippovg

I liked everything. The game is decent, while I haven't seen anything cooler from similar ones. It works on the phone without any problems!

Mariaxe Nzsveta

Cool game. There is something to sweat over. It's difficult at first, then I got used to it. Everything is super! I play every day

Jenniferum Adlena

A worthy development. I liked the game, so far I haven't found anything better to spend the evening

Okatjai Idmitrievg

The game is super. I really liked it, there's nothing to complain about, everything is perfect!

Usvetai Ugrigorevf

The game is solid, some functions are paid, but it's everywhere now. In general, everything is super

Udarjaa Iivanovc

This game was recommended to me by a friend. Now we play with him together. I like that the difficulty level is high, I advise you not to pass the game quickly.

Helenae Sikatja

I advise everyone, the game is fire, I really liked everything. The graphics are not buggy and super

B y z u k u

Great game.

Brian Soliven

What a experience!

Jason Ayres

Why does the scythe not go straight anymore? It misses the target 90% of the time now. I was standing still firing at a stationary target and 9 out of 10 scythe attacks actually hit the target. Pretty ridiculous attribute to be added to the scythe. If the Thicket level was almost impossible to pass before it is 100% impossible now. Why does the scythe do this? It was the best weapon but now it's by far the worst. And I have made it a Heroic scythe too!!!

Argie Milan



If you want to win without paying, good luck with that... Pay to win af!

Ejuljao Ebeljaevz

A very good game, the developers keep the game in this spirit and try not to spoil it, it will be a pity if the game "rolls down", but I will hope that this will not happen.

Ojulijai Iefimovr

The game is very exciting with its own independent style and an incredible variety of roles and modes. The game is thought out to the smallest detail.

Eanjai Ofrolovd

The game is supreme - without words. There is nothing cooler! It doesn't slow down, everything works cool. Great!

Margaretpb Lnanja

The app is great. The game is a test, I play from my phone, I like everything. I advise everyone!

Ijulijao Agrigorevb

The game is super! I liked everything, from the color rendering to the state during the game. Does not slow down!

Ruthpj Eikira

Great game, I like everything. It does not slow down and is very interesting!

Osvetlanai Efedotovu

The game is fire. I advise everyone who wants to have a great time. If you like cool graphics, then download without hesitation

Avaljae Uafanasevd

I've been playing for a month, I like everything. The levels are hard to pass, but it's even cooler this way. I advise everyone!

Ajulijae Ivlasovu

Super game, I've been playing for three weeks without stopping. Interesting and not buggy

Maryqm Eavalja

The game is decent, respect to the developers. Excellent and fascinating. You can stick for a long time

Kp Yang

Add more unique weapons and armor



mk killer Katona

Good time killer

Games Play

You can't get a new begging if you didn't like what you received from the chests in early game.

General Fox

Great game a friend told me to play it Great time killer

Helenct Aydasha

I really liked the game. Stuck and didn't notice how the night passed. I advise everyone!

Sandraoo Utoksana

Good time of day. The game is excellent, bypasses all competitors as in my opinion, it is better than other analogues

Karenyz Rwekaterina

I play with my phone. Nothing is buggy and does not slow down. Those who claim the opposite, either play with weak devices, or do not know how to use the graphics settings

Jenniferrz Uejana

The game is super, with a huge and lively world. It is an order of magnitude different from any other for PCs and even more so for mobile phones.

Bryan Quillosa


Cody Noway


Margaretlf Rgnatasha

a great game, constantly evolving. I wish the developers success!

Sandrarf Ekvalerija

I just started playing, and it's already tightened. Beautiful graphics, simple controls, nice interface. I hope there will be updates and you will not give up the game

Ualeksandrai Upavlovi

The game is cool. You can safely play for free, I'm waiting for new updates and additions to the game

Michellezr Qulenka

The game is just super! It's not easy to get through, but I like it. I spent the whole day to pass the first level, but I passed!

Helenzm Tsolga

The most ordinary, inconspicuous game, but somehow it hooked me. In principle, you can play in your free time

yuva raj

Nice game

Onataliu Umironovd

Just super! The first weeks were straight game and played, and the quality of graphics and performance is beyond praise!

Karennf Ufljudmila

A pleasant and calm game, helps to distract yourself in the evening. Weighs little, does not slow down, beautiful graphics

Deborahlx Eblarisa

Incredibly beautiful and addictive game. Really wants to pass the levels further!

Michelleyh Utkira

This game is addictive, and updates allow you to try it from new sides

nima naseri


Donnada Qgjana

Cool game. I haven't stuck for so long for a long time, and with pleasure!

Leroi Chua

Horrible. boring gameplay too. Don't waste your time. So many ads to make you pay money. Just constant ads.

Imashai Amakarovb

Great game! I haven't seen such a cool color rendering for a long time. Make room, primitive toys!

Ooksanae Atitovp

The game is cool. Some levels are hard to pass, but interesting, addictive. I advise you to play!

Nicholas Short

Fun game. Just starts freezing then crashes.

Lisafl Xyaleksandra

A decent game with excellent graphics. You can play in your free time, the most important thing is interesting

Dorothyiid Asorokinl

I've been looking for something like this for a long time. The game is cool, does not lag and does not glitch. And the graphics and characters are just without words!

Helenbg Uevalentina

The game is great, I haven't seen such cool graphics for a long time. It's a little difficult to get out of the newcomers, but this is interesting

Nancyxt Irlena

Developers, you did a very good job. Thank you for such a game.

Jenniferhr Pngalina

The graphics are worked out, there are no lags, an interesting plot and an impressive virtual space

Sarahcv Onljudmila

Are you sure the game should be free? I would sell such a masterpiece only for money. Very good graphics, there are no lags and pumping is convenient!

Patriciatv Zjnina

The game is just fire! PC-level graphics, user-friendly gameplay. The developers of this game are just god playmarket

Edarjao Uantonovy

The game is very good, the plot is just impressed (at least shoot a movie). I advise everyone. There are disadvantages, but they are insignificant

Michael Calugan

Great game! Paying isn't necessary to have fun or lvl up in the game. Ads are optional, which is a huge plus for me

Matt Salem Dorado

Progress is too slow.


Fun game


The zombie app never goes back to the game during the *watch an add for a reward. Must be a glitch but it loses player progress every time.

Brett Argyle

Fun as hell


Still one of my preferred games, but technical issues are frustrating. Google Pixel 3XL, Android 12. [EXCESSIVE LOAD TIMES] No other similar game has load times even 1/4 as long, and it often locks up completely for ~30-60s. [MENU LAG] Changing menus often lags very noticeably. [FRAMERATE DROPS] Often severe, not linkable to anything specific during gameplay. [ADS CRASHING GAME] I just skip ad offers now, especially during gameplay, because the game frequently crashes and restarts afterwards.

Moises Escandon

It best that game i want more !!!! But i not yet play this part one i want part 1