Combat Magic: Spells and Swords

Author: Kisunja - Free Shooting Games

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Combat Magic: Spells and Swords – Fun souls-like action-RPG game with lots of fantasy weapons and magic skills

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File size: Varies with device
Update time: September 11, 2021
Current version: Varies with device
Require Android: Varies with device
Developer: Kisunja - Free Shooting Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Mahin Choudhury

A very fun game!

Jacobia Mcgee

Five out of dive but it's kinda hard to make my character black not try ing to be racist bit it's hard o try to make home light skinned and hes just darker then the darkest alley I ever seen but over all it's good my personal favorite the necromancer no one hate on this it's what I think

John Jon

Making us unable to go over buildings and to have a battle without stupid bots will make us hate the game even more, and we will play it less and less, now we see much less servers, no one wants to fight with stupid annoying bots, and it was fun being able to go over the top of buildings, now you are making it more strict and less fun, enjoy losing more players ;)

Khairil Amir

Zoooooooooooo the

Z xcre


Alice Sweeney

it is the best game


Great for killing time!

Toni-ann Trought

It's so good

Zeid Cassey Dominguez

Can you make more class plsss

Lone wolf

Can you fix the part when your weapon hit the enemy it doesn't get hit,you even need to point your cross hair to hit the enemy.oh can you also add the part when you can choose your bots role,armor you don't need to buy the stuff when he levels up by its self

Patrick Gaming

The game is good so I gave it 3 stars but why only 3 cause my team changes everytime someone joins so like I'm red team and I did a lot of damage on the king and then I died and It changed my team from red to blue causing me to lose plss FIX THIS NOW

miles Sullivan

Wish totally free

Herb Brown

Very enjoyable mix of controls and effects

Rico Dechavez

Good game

Luci Mitchell

Ok at first I was thinking about this game but then I played it omg to much fun stayed up all night playing


Good game. Tons of armors and weapons to choose from. Pretty good game in general. Biggest setback is the hit boxes on characters. If they're knocked out and on the ground it can be impossible to hit them with a melee weapon even when ur on top of them looking right at them. Other than that it's pretty good. Also more maps would be nice.

Jayden Caiden

i love to play the game

Mary Sampson

It's OK 👍 needs more maps and armor and weapons.

Juffrey Marquez

The game is awesome, I enjoyed playing and very affordable if you want advance faster. I am excited to the future updates, you can add more game play.

Antonio Gerozaga

To baby

Caleb Medlock

Wonderful game! Only tweak I'd make, is make the basic attacks of staffs, not costing stamina. It doesn't make sense to me. Also maybe make the gold earning a little better. Or add challenges/quests that offer more gold payout. 🤷

Masin Best

Pretty good game I'm just wondering if the developers would add more classes

Tevel Lambi

I don't know what to say just make more updates because this fine is good

Kian Santos

Can you add New hero that named Guardian it can send reinforcements on ally unit hes weapon are Sword and Bow like archer

Context Sensitive

I just discovered this game back in early 2022 and many months later i visiting it again due to already played this game and max out some of the characters got bored and bored and etc

Lee Taylor

Max out all class nothing left to do add a level cap


Pretty good considering it's a mobile game. With enough work and love this can really grow to be a great game 4 stars from me.

sam quinag

Its berry cool

Trevor Roberts

Good but can u take off the Rogue and change it to a ork plz it would me more fun I been playing for 2 years

Eh Taw

I hate the boys they are so good when I try to kill a rather it runs away like a scaredy cat By.EH

AURA Werewolf

The game is great bit there are a few issues: -bad aiming -very unbalanced encounters -ranged classes doing waaay to much damage at close range:i have an idea on how to fix this so hear me out;ranged classes should do more damge the farther away a target is and less when the target is up close. Ideas:a mode without ranged enemies but only melee ones -capture the flag

utra sans

engineer still needs a buff such as decreased turret deploy time because without them he can't literally won any fight

Jeamar Coronacion

It's a great game but I recommend putting more PvE modes like defending against waves of zombie-like people with plague or something

Ben Pawlowski

Amazing game

Skylar James

Great game hard at first get used to the controls and you'll love the damn game great game homie!!


I love it but how to delete a character not like reset but like deleting it so that the slots was empty?

Chad Willhite

Seems fun reminds me of a lot of games I played growing up

Mark Infantado

Not bad🙂

Dark Fang

Love it

Ethan Jadriel Salvat Figueroa

Fun battle game

William chewning


Saurav Halder

It is really a good game but when I start multi-player mode after few seconds it stops.

Craig Miner

Your game has no lag at all and it is very very fun 😀 great job

Pumpkin Slaya

This game is one of my favourites,since i like Medieval PvP games,these are the types of games i can continously play without getting bored,the game is simple yet complex at the same time,for me atleast,overall 5 stars! Would recommend!

Johnpaul Listana

Highly recommend

T- 47

It's really cool to be honest I wish I could disable other factions Or like I could fight with only knights in a war

Julie Lerios

It's a nice game

Aaron Ah-wang

I love playing this but one problem is could you add a armour upgrade or more mage equipment because there's only a small amount in lv 34.

Jherpy Jinx

Noice Game.

Adeq Muhazzam

Easy control,lot of weapon,armour,and ability

Fas E

Really fun game. Their is so many things to do in the game. The is multiple game modes, maps, weapon classes to choose, etc. It's a really fun game and I recommend it very much to anyone that wants to have a fun time.

Michael Hall

I love it

Aidil Zahril Aznan


Valentin Petrașcu

Disabled auto aiming.

Zaky Ashafi

i can't login with my play account.

Emily Mejia

Hello i just want all houses in village are climbable please make it back😭😭 it just pushing me out of the roof


Love this game

Glyjel Yma

I like the battle, the game is great. And I wish for the developers of the to add more game maps and more features of the game. I love the game

Angie Vergara

Its q really cool game its not boring


Props to the developer for making it real


It's challenging at first but once you get the basics down you'll start improving and I gotta say it's quite fun

Jacob Parkhurst

Not the best game but worthy of 4 stars It is the game I've been looking for

Caxap TT

The overall experience is quite amazing, but a noticeable downside is the almost imperceptible hitbox. It takes may too much precision, especially when aiming upclose.

Sam Abrham Bayangan

If you reset your character and get knight for free other classes and this is very exiting other games I get disconnected but this has singleplayer and multiplayer 🥳🥳❤❤❤

The Kids



really funny!

Owen Morgan

I can even fight them because when they are low on health they start running away and also I can fight them because they have better items


Its very epic but it stopped updating.No new modes.No Events.No New Skills.No Daily Awards.No New Weapons.It Makes This Game Boring

Gauge Hodges

Great game! But i do think the ranged weapons should get a damage boost if it has limited ammo and not that fast reload

Ramin Rehan

it's gud brotha

Trisha Licmoan

Idk this is a joke.

Lucas Brown

Is so so cool

Brethan Baritogo

I Really Like This Game

Jay Reese

This game is so good

Santiago Martin Ibañez

This game is amazing, i cant believe how fluid the servers work and how smooth the combat is, i recommend to add an option to enable extra details on skills, to show how the damage works with your stats and other more specific stuff, and also passive skills and even more of the active ones, this is one of the few gems of mobile games, i congratulate you dev!

Jovelyn Patoc

It's a very cool game but when you reach the end, there is nothing to do but have fun so, raise the level cap and put more skills so the game can be cool.

Brandon Wright

Good app.

Hanae Hanaess

Needs more maps

Syamthanda Dlamini

I have been playing this game for a while now and it has been straight up awesome😎👍, I love the graphics and weapons... I gave it 4 stars coz there's something missing, the game needs more game modes like: Raid on the castle, village etc and multiplayer offline(Wifi Hotspot) and capture the flag and save the princess (which must have a time limit of which the princess must be saved within or the princess dies) over all great game, highly recommended 👍

Brendan Helland


Ian Contreras

Good game, it doesnt crash, doesnt have ads and gameplay is good

Jim D

I like the game but the thing is every time I rush the king I always die by a back stab

Edward Dec

Good game

Relmzo Gaba

Great game great controls there's alot of hero selections and many modes to but can you guys add co-op and like a Rankin system and a friends list you can add people or friends and you can invite them to play like a party that's it

Manny Guadian

Great games 🎮 👏

Pakai Sang Mah

This is so good this game

Joel Sorro

After updating the game it won't open. I tried to reinstall, still not working. I'm on a Motorola edge plus Update: Fast support response, fixed my issue!

Xian Lancin

This game is really great and funny this my feavorete game

Noob Get

Game is really good! (But on this update the app won't start and it says to clear cache) Update: nevermind they fixed it

Arhyn mckay

Gg good game

Jeremy Warren

Fun, I like playing it, hopefully there is another arena comming soon.

Yuri Saludaga

please add more skill slot.. so each hero can use atleast 5 skills per game please

Ruston Gian Generalao

Very good game this is not 5 stars is 500 stars good game 😄

Leroy Hernandez

Hacker 956

Cheese Cheese

Pls add free battle village no bots pls pls pls its really my favourite mode :(

Shiloh Blasurca

I really liked the game so much


When I First Saw This Game I Thought It Was Gonna Be Bad But After I Played It I Love It And I Even Have A level 32 Necromancer! Overall Good Game

lolodell ciclyrus

This is game is way more than I suspected. There are many classes to choose from as well as weaponry and Armour. The skill points allow you to create your type of style , like a tank or glass cannon. Over all very fun game

Cassie Proctor

It should be easier to level up.

Alex Woodward