Colors Runners!

Author: Rollic Games

500K+ install


Hide your characters from the killer drone!

Place them to the matching color zone to save all.

Harder than it seems, have fun!

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 30, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Rollic Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Sravanthi K

finnaly I found this game and I am promise i am 3rd class

Greek Patriot

Nothing like the adds, boring, and the colors are completely different, don't install, it's a waste of storage

Amiyah Thomas

I just started playing so idk but it's ok

peyton Musser 104


Ki Ki

it's dumb

izzynate sippl

I Love it there is nothing better

Dara Cato


Hayal Samer

I like ot, ita just the ads


very but ads

Emerald Winter

It's really glitchey and bored easy

seema G.

This game is fun but the game controls are kinda laggy on my phone. Sometimes I bump into the wrong color stickman. Fix this bug and I will give it a 5. And also add an option to go back to the previous city. Thank you 😊💓

Candice Nelson

too many ads

Julio Cesar Costa Rodrigues

I got every building on the first city, but the game won't allow me to go to the second one.

Ash Ferland

The game literally crashed on the first level.

Geormoni Henderson

is at fun game

David Correia


Michaela Porth

How do you move to the next city? I've unlocked all the buildings, pets, people after all the stupid ads and still can't. What am I missing or is there a glitch?

Olivia Chatten

its satisfying and relatable i love it I'm obsessed❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


This game's gonna get boring really quick and it won't last long in my psychological taste.

JoQuavious Singleton

Sunday Funday

Jessiah Alexander

it's good bc running

omy abr

So silly

jessica Griffin

not as advertised.

Manaram Solanki


Danna Gavilanez

Nice this is very fun

Amanda Palmere

I hate it nothing like the ads, don't download

Carter Bridwell

It's a good game but you should add walls between the colora

marius Dane

12. 20. €

Emmie Gwala


Myesha Jacksonn

it's nothing like the add I watched but it's not bad

Gaddi Corona

It was fun but after I unlocked the second city, it never allowed me to unlock the next one. I had already unlocked everything in the current city, got all the possible ads, played next levels and had over 1k of color dudes and still didn't allow me to move to the next city. Gave up and deleted the game.

emily pierce

Its meh I'm on level 70 and been stuck on the same city for more than 10 levels unlocked everything to open new city and I keep going back to the same city no new city. My population just growing because I cant unlock anything else. Dont bother getting the game. The progression is limited and pointless if theres no new city

Mohamad Mshawrab

It's so laggy and not that fun to play with

Farhan Ahmed


Katelyn Roos

Issue with upgrading the "city." I've upgraded the entire city and it won't unlock the next city.

Janet Albrecht

Ads a longer than play time. Uninstalling.

Jesus Guerra

very laggy

Khan Rezaye

I think it's a really good game but ads are still here i want to let ads to be no more

Jinette Gabriella

Not at all what they show in the adds

Azura Azi90


Sid Mod


Titan Attack

What they said but I can't play the ad's for some reason so I can't get 50 more people

Nathan Hartman


Alejandro Parra Pintado


Luluth Munet

I like it but it's stuck. It won't advanced to another city.

Ryan Nicholas Bowler

needs worded instructions

araceli concepcion


NDZ Music

Im very disappointed 😭😭


the games ok

Kelsey Williams

After you finish the 1st city it goes to the second but i have unlocked every single building on the second city and it still is telling me that i have to unlock everything. I have no idea what else needs done.

Rea Moleme

My phone stopped working after I downloaded this game,the game is a scam DO NOT download the app it will hack your phone honestly this game is trash I did not want to give it a star but it wouldn't let me upload the review

salman al-bannai

Hard to control and it is not going to the third city.

Evelie Stafford

Honestly, I like the game. I think it's fun and simple. Great game to play to relax your mind, but I do have to say that after you go past level one, you cannot progress any more after that. Level two simply doesn't let you move forward. I still like the game though. I do wish the game gets updated shortly.

Hey Honey

Is the second city the last one? Why can't I move on? I like this game but I'm convinced how to unlock the next city

Jeanette Ancha

good game

schza nin

app is lagging

Hitesh Dara

New levels are not opening automatically. That is disappointing. Otherwise good game

Samauria Cross

It is easy but it is also annoying bc I get notifications a day

John Mafolo

I love it

Luvuyo Pama

it's not what it shows

Ares Martinez


Asmat Ashfaq

This Game Is Amazing. You will not regret downloading it. I love this game!! ❤️ 😍

C.R.Kelly Fly

I Like This Game!

Brentley Robinson

Really laggy and really bad DON'T DOWNLOAD

Kentrell Young

lagging can't play at all and can't control it

Joury Aqel

I gonna rate it 3 bc its hard to control

Janet Martin

It's so fun but on level 56 they show you a naked girl and no blurr it's so inappropriate I can say I don't like it tho☺

Hlulani Precious

where is the helicopter to shoot them🙄

Dimas Reza

what is this, too easy. Finished within 30 minutes without using extras

Yousif Mohammed


Pulkit Prabhav

Everything is ad based

Sadem Saad


Fat Nonce

Okay game, lots of ads but expected from these types of games. My only problem is when you unlock everything in the city. You don't move forward. I've unlocked everything and still get nowhere.

Ash Takami


True Choas

Garbage game just don't bother


Because ads too much, 😖😖

Kayleigh Merchant

nothing like what was advertised not worth it and it's so laggy don't waste your time on the game

Epickid 890834

I completed the 2nd city and I am still on there. Is that ment to happen or is the game bugged.

AJ Chaudhary


Shane Salila

it's a very boring game , cause it's just really simple please just naked it harder cause nahh it sucks .

Anaa Arroyo

blind pple be playing this like 💀

Angel N. Washington

it's an ad machine

osu! Gamer


Yazeed Karim

I is a good game

꧁Cherry ꧂

so slayed

Vanessa L

I like it

Andrew Soto

it is so fake

haniya khan


Beshoy Raafat

This is so bad games, its encorge for homosexuality, when you add a rinbo color and the kids playing it, which is the guys sign, and put in the child mind thats idea, so our kids in danger, i wish you had a zero star foe review or Even A Report to earse this game for the while apps store


It's a great game, but the ads are overloaded. It is the same as how the ad gameplay shows you.

Kat Kat

this will be updated as I play. so far it does as it says, match colors to hide [Very not suggested for the colorblind.] At the end of each level you get access to color buildings using the people collected which theres no need to use them all at once. Ads slowly start to show up at the start of each level. All the ads I've seen are skippable. The Play to Ad ratio is okay. -2022/July/2


10 out of 10 I wouldn't recommend

Russell Twigg

sehr farbvoll


I think the quality of the characters could be better

Thecoolgamer 123

K so If you just go off the map You can literally skip cut scenes and everything and go off the map And When you're doing Alien part If you just shake the characters One of them will just completely leave And I think this game needed more development Ever else it's fun

Kylar Fancy

It looked fun but when I played it you cannot get the new city It's never ending loop

Belle Alleman

Says I need to unlock everything in order to move onto the next city. I have everything unlocked. Don't download otherwise you will be disappointed. It was fun at first, but then I had everything unlocked and couldn't move on.

Mary Moncibais

This game sucks it is glitchy and two sensitive of controls I only played two level and could not take it anymore please fix it it is fun but really agitating

Elizabeth Padilla

I don't like it

Sherrian Gegenheimer

I will rate higher when you fix the bugs. First level and I'm under the playing platform. Second level and my whole team stays stuck on the playing board, except for one, who just flies right off the map.