ColorPlanet® Jigsaw Puzzle HD Classic Games Free

Author: Games Vessel

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ColorPlanet® Jigsaw Puzzle HD Classic Games Free – Assembling a jigsaw puzzle is hugely satisfying and can truly bring happiness.

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File size: 92M
Update time: August 17, 2021
Current version: 1.1.2
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Games Vessel
Price: Free
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Customer review

Lynn Love


Carol Lee Poulis

love these puzzles!

Dave Russell

There is nothing I don't think about this game at all.

robert barncord

Parasite advertisement

Eileen Radie

I really like this puzzle game because you get the pic the puzzle you want to do and how many pieces you want to use I like the fact that you could take a picture of something and make a puzzle out of it and then send it out to everybody

Savage Murray



Love the different puzzles, but I'm seriously considering uninstalling this app as I'm not liking the disgraceful ads

Belinda Massar

The ad for this app keeps crashing my game! I downloaded the app hoping it would fix this issue and you would just stop advertising so I don't have to close out of my game every single time but please fix this issue!!

Sharon Golden

lots of fun

Bonnie Thomas

Very Much Fun 😄😊😍😜!

Jorge Barron

very relaxing

lynn owens

I don't like only half the puzzle at a time.

Emon Sk

Good App

Judy Hompstead

This game makes me lose valuable points in Solitaire Challenge, wouldn't download it. Downloaded it and the ad still messes up, wish you would remove the ad.

Tammy Brinson

I download this just let you know that you are an ad not an a pop up you go back and then you go right back to this game I don't want this game I'm installing you just to let you know you need to fix it if I could block you I would you are so unreal this puzzle game I just keep reporting you until you fix it to where it don't go back and forth I done sent you a screenshot this is aggravation

Kathy Hale

Very good colors, fun to assemble the bright pieces!

doctor seruzawa

Ads are tripling. There used to be one or two ads per puzzle. Now the ad breaks run 2 and even 3 loooong ads. One ad never gave an x in the corner to close it and I had to shut the app down completely. So be forewarned. The puzzles are fine. But the ads have become very annoying. And now even more ads. Especially those fraud ads about weight loss pills.

Margaret Bonds

I love the vivid old fashioned colors. I enjoyed coloring these very much. Keep them coming like these. Thanks.

Sharon M

Lots of ad breaks

Pauline Furr

After reading other options I didn't load your game I'm up for ads so I could play for free but not in the middle of the game maybe yu could play 2 at the end sorry

Belinda Wolfe

no problems yet just started playing it

john pascoe

Again. Color Planet pop up ads on other game apps knock you off. Have to restart other game app everytime. Would not trust Color Planet app on my phone system.

Saeed Masood

I installed this app just to give it 1 star, the ads that shown from this app inside other apps really make you angry, it automatically enters the Play Store three times during an ad.👎

Jackie Lord

When I want the whole puzzles I love you not just wants to give me a section of time I don't like that I'd like to have the whole puzzle in front of me not sections

Tina Flippo

It's a lot of fun, I love it !!!! ❤️❤️

Gloria Jarbath

I just downloaded the app so far so good different and pretty cool actually nothing hard

Melissa Myers

Splits puzzles in half which is odd but ok. I did not like the fact that I had to watch 4 ads just to complete one puzzle.

Kim Jackson

You guys won't go away, you are ruining my game!!!!!!

Marlon Knighton

Teased me with lots of chicken puzzles but very few actually available.

Frank Avis

too many adds

Jovanni Hernandez


Beatrice Wood

this is a relaxing puzzle game to play, and easy as well. try it you might like too.

Sarah Cherry

this is a fun way to relax

Darcy Ritchie

Keeps my mind sharp. I love puzzles but this is better cuz I don't have enough room to do one.

Cathy Kyzar

I like that game

icis mcclain


Carlos Esparza


Paul Twamley

jolly nice

Phil Dycus

I started playing this puzzle game because of the Anne Stokes art work. I just love her work! I've only done 1 puzzle so far and was on the hardest setting. I feel the app needs to support horizontal screen not just vertical. Also, the little add bottle that pops up on the middle right of the screen every 30 seconds is just annoying. Please move it off the puzzle to a corner or somewhere! All in all this is a good puzzle app.

Claudia Abell

I enjoy jigsaw puzzles. It is only the best thing to be able to take with you when you have to wait for an appointment. Great colors and puzzles

brenda rutledge

I download the game for the chicken pictures, where are they? I found 2 of them where is the rest ? I would have given a better rating but its decieving when you lie to people there for I'm thinking of deleteing it because of that cause what else are you decieving us about?

Theresa Draper


Shirley Drake

I love to play this game.

Brenda Johnson

love to play puzzles . this is a good one thank you...

Beep Boop

commercials are too many

Denise Stamey

If U like putting Puzzles together then this is for U.

J Reina

Ads jump in whenever, don't even wait for a puzzle break. Would be good if ads weren't so obnoxious.

Sandi Pearce

I've been playing this puzzle for a long time and loved it. Now, I'm going to quit. All of a sudden I'm spending more time watching ads or trying to get away from them than I am with the puzzles! I don't have that much free time! It's constant. Over it.

Erica Adams

I love the picture

Rhoda Williams

An okay jigsaw game, but I am uninstalling because ads pop up in the middle of putting together the puzzle, and most of the time a little bubble on the screen of the puzzle asking you to watch an ad for a small prize.

Josephine Arias

I can't open it its supposed to be free

Juanita Viramontes

Fun Game

K Stewart

Colors are beautiful. Ease to get started and play are great. I uninstalled because in 5 minutes play I got 3-4 ads. I know it pays for businesses here but it's still a pain in the as....

C Posey

too many ads in the middle of the puzzle

Marion Childress

love guessing we're they good

Jackie Knight

interest and fun puzzle game.

Dean Kirby

helps with the headaches

Teresa Walker

very impressive, we will see how this goes

sandra lindseyT

Game no fun can,t play for ad,s just 2 MUCH!!!!! &2 Many!

Margie Hayungs

First one took a while. Requires

Bobbie Davison

Love it

christina eubanks

I love doing puzzles

Bobby Previti Jr

Should not have ads in the middle of a puzzle

Phebe Goodin

Love the genre,,.takes me back to a better place

Diane Reyes

love these puzzles

Kelley Noiseux

Awesome how you can use your own personal photo to make a puzzle.

Gita Gita


Melvin Williams


Harry Cabilis

Like the apps

David Jennings

you get three stars because You only use 1/3 of my screen and I can't see the whole picture. have to be able to put the puzzle together. turn the game to use the available space well.

Chaz Earp lll

realistic fun game

Michael Perry

Always enjoy doing puzzles!

Vicki Wilkins


WindDancer C

very basic- too simple and easy for real puzzlers

geri taylor


Rita Reynolds


kelly leadbeater

very relaxing big pieces awesome

Ali Zadiraka

having the puzzle be split in two pieces caught me off guard, but it was fun and Iove horses!

A Mary Merry


Betty Bradley

Bad time playing

Desiree Wohlers


Holly Stevens

I really want to like this because the pieces are very realistic and the puzzles are beautiful and they have alot to choose from. BUT I don't like puzzle play area it makes you do the puzzles in sections I hate that I don't want to just do one corner at a time, now I guess some people might like this then this is the game for you but for people like me there should be a setting to do the whole puzzle and until that happens im uninstalling.

Brenda Chalmers

Found site confusing

Sandra Burnside

very relaxing and fun

Tonya D Brand

a couple of glitches, but was able to complete a 🧩 of choice


Wish we could earn coins. I cant afford to buy them and want some of puzzles. Love that puzzles are sectioned off. Makes it easier for me to be able to do them. I've done other puzzle apps but this is my favorite one

KeiraAide Elina


corinne pieper

I love puzzles & enjoy the pictures of the puzzles.

gayle williamson

great puzzles

Douglas Garlitz

these puzzles are really fun and great to do I really like it

Anita Patton

does not work

Virginia Johnson

Great 👍😃

Erin Green

i enjoy puzzles alot

Elizabeth Barrow

So many issues and no reply from customer service twice. Uninstalled.

Dawn Evans

i luv doing puzzles. big or small .

Dana Trocchio

love this game!!

Tammy C

love this one

Lisa Noble

love 💘 it

Sara Billbrough

The app doesn't work

Sasha Dudley

Nice pictures but annoying. I get you have to have ads but can can you least leave them till after the puzzle is completed. 1 puzzle and 2 ads already and not finished 😑