Color Roll 3D

Author: Good Job Games

10,000,000+ install


Roll and create beautiful pictures.
Very simple mechanics, only tap and roll.
Once you start, it will be hard to stop.
This will be the one of the most relaxing time of your life.

Detailed info

File size: Varies with device
Update time: September 3, 2021
Current version: 0.82
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Good Job Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Hamzeh Shomen

Stupid game too much ads ads ads

VIVO Phone


Arpan Panta

no words

Bijay Chy


Dawnne Hetrick Foland

Love this game but there are not enough levels. Found levels repeating & repeating.

Md Alomgir Pordhan


Neil Cumming

A lot of the colours underneath are showing through the top colours. Which makes it look really tacky and horrible.

Hiomuska Nskdkf

Riley fun

Sahib Singh

Wish he wish key let socks

R e m i P c

didn't let me say no to not liking the game, and it doesn't have the music like in the ads so 🤷

Larkspur Nichols

Way way way too many ads. Puzzles start repeating after around level 110

Ilia Krixeli

Sweet 🌸

Zuli Yana


Yan Gigs


Sweet Lee

I love this game at 8:50

Nouhaila Elmahmi


laucky begum

good App TOP

Anowarul Islam

amazing 💜

Trisha Broussard

The people playing the ad are so stupid but it is a really fun game

Abigail Eshun

good evening

Rj Munna

sk munna

laurent voituron

Don't bother. The game is fun, but it's 10 seconds of game for 90 seconds of ads. Uninstall after 5mn, if mostly ads.

Khushboo Sharma

I like this game

Pawan Deol

nice game

Samuel Tambuwun

Wow this is amazing 🎮games

Lalita Rai

Nice game

Barkha Gupta


Charity Wawira

give me some songs

Asmo Barre

It IS Amaxing

Joyce Nduko

I like your game

Peter Kamau

It is the best thats why i give it 4 stars

saleha rafiqa


black Bodoo

Good, fun

Afua Omar

it is a trick game but it very good 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

Suraj Rai

This game is beautiful game

Janssen Reyes

The Game Is Cool!

Leo Otieno

nice game I guess

Brandi Jean

Too many ads, can't buy ad free. Duplicate puzzles already are level 28ish

Maryam Bibi


Kader Hussain



Nice game

Vipul Kumar Singh

I like it.

Shahwaiz Zahid

good game I like it

umi ahmed

vary good

Jennifer Wendt

A good way to pass the time.

Rash Tp


Hanaa Abdo

The game is very good

Madelein Van Tonder

Fun love the colors and relaxing

Iqbal Hossain

Is game not bard but puzzles so vary vary easy #4/10 It is no heard game.

Soumya H


exus impex

Best game

Mazhar Gill


Alakhe Mfana

entertaining game

Shahab Shah

forced for rating no option to disappear forcefully rating message

Sukhjit Singh


Meenakshi Bhandari

playing with colors in puzzle mode is really enjoyable.

Sofija Yanez

The puzzles are too easy and very repetitive. There's an ad after every level like with most games, but each level takes about 3 seconds meaning that there's an ad every 3 seconds

sanjeev jha


Ian Madlangbayan

There is ads every level! Are you serious???!!!

Gordon Senyo

Extremely addictive. Brainny game

Fareeha Nadeem


Princ Ess


police vendan


Rosita Thoudam

Good game. Love it

Yashwanth D R

Yashwant D R

Shazia Adnan

good game

Khyla Dawson

this game is so good

kala grewal

time pass jaise ex

Peta Johnson

same levels over and over , boring

Abdul Samad

Good game graphics are good.Better game that I ever play

Rajendra Bapardekar

I Want You Tube


Useless advertising

Lilia Baghdadi

I don't like this game because its really boring eaven the levels are very simple and nothing change in total I give it 0/20



M Adnan Shabir

Good and easy game

Imad Tannous Tannous

Great app

Jai Eswar


daniel smith

Please rate me after 2 levels. (This is why the game has more 5 star rating) Double ads every other level. Can't play a game that has constant ads. You know a game is trash and the game devs know their game is trash when there is an option to pay for no ads. Uninstalled after 5 levels.

Maia Renard-Carter

Was a good game at first but after lvl 3 you just get bombarded with unnecessary ads. There are ads after each level and it's just too much, it ruins the game to be honest.


So many ads after every game wrost game ever

Savta Mira

Can't close the ads

Abigail Nash

Well dosent work good

Bixr Boom

Good jop

David Swifticliffe

Good game but not enough levels.

Aleksandar Petrovic


Manisha Purty

very nice

Asma Fathima


Jay Lee

Love this!

Mayesh Kumar Shukla

best game in the world

Chiara Rose

it so fun to play it sounds like asmr it the best gsme

Kushagra Bhatnagar

forced for rating

Avi Ifrach

Worse experience ever. Full of 20 sec commercials on every level. Not the 5 sec bumper ads, no, every commercial is 20 to 30 sec.

Lilly Harrell

When I do not want to like the game it will not let me not like the game fix that please and I will change my rating to a five!

Mahesh Bajji

, Mahesh



Laura Coluccio

to easy I wanted a challenge and to many ads

Shalu Nayak

nice nd entertainment this game 🙂🎯🙂🙂🙂🎯🎯🎯🎯

Amatul Majeed Maseera

Boring after 2-3 levels. And highlight is you get so many ads within 1 min of gameplay. You can however play with net off.

Anuj Shaha

Too many ads

Deepa Rai