Color by Number with Swipes: Coloring Games

Author: Fuero Games Sp. z o.o.

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Color by Number with Swipes: Coloring Games – Pick a number, swipe and color! Enjoy painting coloring games by any number!

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File size: 62M
Update time: September 8, 2021
Current version: 1.6.0
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Fuero Games Sp. z o.o.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Marie Barkley

Awesome thanks

Carol Lawhun

I love slot of the pics I've done there is a lot to choose from

Verlee Jenkins

Sliding my finger or stylus across the page is similar to true coloring or painting! Plenty of pictures,too.

Lonnell Samuels

Great fun!

Ally S

Please offer an ads-free option. I would pay (as long as it costs a reasonable amount).

Leah Nickerson

This is a beautiful app,the pictures are stunning.

Nena Swanson

I had uninstalled this app a few months. So i thought i would try it again. There is no difference from April when i uninstalled. The apps pictures are really nice but still there are so many ads. So i will uninstall again. If you ever get a free ad subscription that would be great.

Rebeca Hunziker

It may have more variety. I like it. I must like to paintings. An entertaiment game.

Theresa Pollastri

Awesome App.

Meloni Herron

This is a very relaxing color by number. I use a few other color by number games that you have to tap on these itty-bitty spots. Colorswipes you can just slide across the numbers and it colors gradually...Very relaxing. 😎

Mary McMurtry

I like the pictures but can't get out of advertisements and it destroys the whole purpose

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Cgvggghttghhynbb cgvggghttghhynbb b. V b. Cgvggghttghhynbb hhjbjbnbbjhbbnnbjbjbihinjbjbjjnjnm bbbv🌞🌝🌜🌛🌚⭐🌟☀️

Lisa Watson

Excellent game, stress free, just Relaxing I love the pictures and bright colors

Tracey Wright

So much easier to swipe then tap. Using 2 fingers you easily move it 🤩 Beautiful pictures to - Best colouring app 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Angela Cole

The adds freeze the app. Don't waste your time.

Angelia Pittman

This is my favorite app its takes things off my mind plus its relaxing.

Billie jo Doty

Like to color

Jatheleen Santiago

I really like it

Debbie Gunter Wedd

I love this app! Ty for the gorgeous artwork 💕

Melissa Rodriguez Perez

I like it because I love coloring

Judith Spillman

Keep shutting down ever few minutes. Can you fix it. Love the pictures. Still doing it please help still doing it

Robert Hoover

I love painting and color fill

Corrigan Texas

Love the swipe idea.

Rebecca gomez

Love it

Lindsey Marsh

Great fun

Milinda Strydom

Love the pics

Denise Macdonald

love it

Haley Hardigree

I love this app

Paul Walker

Super awesome best color app yet. Almost every pic is super cool design an colors beautiful. Pluse tons of super cool beautiful pics not just a couple tons. And the pics look so real. Love this app

Angela Mackenzie

Love this game .It's so relaxing.😃

denise young-gunn

Relaxing, Fun , Exciting and Challenging!

Gaviota “Pitbull” Placeres

Me Encantan

mike mccallister

Love this coloring game

Tonya Steele

It is constantly freezing up on me and I mean constantly. I have colored so many I hate to delete the app but it's getting to the point where I'm starting to get aggravated. I love the app please fix this.

Ada Scott

It was awesome

Jeanette Henstrom


Patria White

I love the wallpaper 😍

annie playtime

It's easy to play it is not needed to tap:)

Lisa Wilson

So addictive! Just swipe your color areas number by number. Pics take no time to finish! #1 recommended by me!!

Kathy Sweet

I really like this app. But I can't get any hints. It says the video is not ready. Works fine on my other tablet.

Robin Witte

The app does not work. This is the second app of theirs that won't work anymore. It constantly freezes up and kicks you out of the game. They won't respond or fix the problem.

Traci Tini

I have limited fine motor skills and most coloring apps are very difficult to color the tiny spots.. I LOVE this app because it makes it so much easier😀! My only suggestion is more variety geared towards over 40 ppl. Another app, the hard one has a tab for marine life!

Sheila Campbell

Love it.

Lexi Simmons

Almost love this app, the picture are amazing. An come to life... best coloring game beside the cross stitch game. 💙

Floyde Polhemus

Love it's

Lisa Clark (Really? Yes, really.)

This paint by number game is very fun. You can do larger pictures just by picking 1 color and swiping the pictures until all colors are used. I find this very fun.

Caroline Buck

Love this app,so easy to use good choice of pics and beautiful colours.🥰

Emanuel Jones (XBOX360BOSS)

Love playing the game guys 😁

Jacqui I'Ons

Beautiful relaxing and fun to work with

Randie Tucker

Love it so relaxing

Cheryl Bothamley

So much fun, I ❤️ the blip noises when you have finished a colour.

Joua Moua


Sophia Alyson Mancilla

It's fun there's a lot of beautiful painting's😍😍🥰

Ebony Hodges

I love this app

Mj Magbanua


Paula Hovious

The app keeps freezing up. Have uninstalled and reinstalled and still keeps freezing up

Linda Laphand

Amazing game!!

Richard Canedo

Love it.

Mark fontenot

Like the game,it gives you lots to choose from the only thing to do is to try it your self

Michelle Weddle

I love this coloring format, there is something relaxing about tracing the picture to color instead of having to tap. I just wish the premium package was still available

Gina Stone

Love it

Debbie Kenneson

Enjoying! But find it a little slow getting my colors. Still enjoying! Easy and fun!

Pieter Le Roux


B Barrett

I had previously rated this app poorly due to the advertising being difficult to navigate from. Now it has improved so much. The colors are amazing. On several of the pictures it is so much fun to watch what details emerge as you color in the frame. Very relaxing and in my opinion quite additive! I will think to myself ok I will finish this last picture and then find it hard to not keep on coloring more pictures. Great app.

Brenda Murphy

A good site, just wish app had a place to save pic I like for later, cause its hard to find a second time, unless you go-ahead an color it now.


Gorgeous and perfection and magnificent And great and magical and beautiful and spectacular and superior and special and çolorific and supercalifragilisticespalidoious and creative and amazing and sweet and thoughtful and kind and courageous and superb and terrific 💯 and wonderful and superb and magnifique and natural and vivacious and cool and awesome and good and great and neat and fun and lovely and unique in a lot of ways and smart and cute

Ranata Shiner

Fun game relaxing and mysterious love it TRY IT

Sea Princess

gives me skills

Rose Ingle

Love This Game!

Teresa kelly Williamson

Brilliant detresser

Diane Bowers

a nice and relaxing game

Linda Carrell


Tonya Ellingson

It's hard to swipe when the whole picture moves around

Jennifer Mandigo

Coloring keeps me focus and my mind off stress. It clears my head up.

Deborah Elmore

Great art work and relaxing to!

Frances LaRue

So far it's wonderful 👍.

Mary Hall

This one was ok. I needed something abit different and challenging.

Lynn Ann Loving

Great pictures

Katelyn Lee


Linda Morgan

Great colors. Faster. Please tell me how to find the beautiful Victorian homes that you advertise. I have looked and looked! Thanks.

Necie Phillips

A very nice and easy way to color, the picture comes out beautiful

Tyra Ledeen

I. Will. Like. This. Game. I. Am. Having. Trouble. With. Getting. This. App. Update. I. Can't. Get. This. App. Update. At. All. Are. You. Having. Trouble. With. Getting. This. App. Update. ?

Jeanette Pendley

Very enjoyable color app.

henrietta dejongh

Easy colorring

Asha Kumari


Neha Sinha

Nice app 👌👌

adele hofmeyer

Love this color app.

Lyn Kock




Teisha Thomas

I LOVE THIS APP. I wish they had more coloring apps where you can swipe they should give you a choice on all the apps so you can chose if you want to swipe to color or tap to color. And I'm running out of stuff to color on this app because I use it so much every single day to that I've colored almost all the pictures.

Tracy Crutchley

So relaxing 😌

Thea Emerson Manger

Fun and enjoyable

Mahesh Soni

Amazing game I love it

Carolyn Harris-Brown

Just started loving it. Fantastic work. Still loving it.

Annie Hay

Very nice and relaxing

Cherie Spicer

I have enjoyed this coloring app. It is more like coloring.

Kathleen Bykoski


Sharon hanks

Lovely pictures very imaginative and beautiful to do

Cheryl Brown

I just realized that this app on my phone is on here twice. I didn't know you could do that

Monica Jacobs