College Love Game

Author: Fun Monkey Ltd

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Adorable college girls are waiting for their hero who will come to help them. Are you ready to become that hero and immerse yourself into the world of romantic flirting? Each girl is unique and each needs her own approach that you will need to figure out to make her fall in love with you. It depends solely on you, what your conversation will lead to. Be witty, persistent, boost your love skills, so no girl would be able to resist you!

Game features:
★ A simulator of encounters with romantic storylines
★ Gorgeous girls with unique stories
★ New gifts every day
★ Exciting mini-games
★ Unusual locations, perfect to the last details
★ Generous bonuses which help you in your pursuit of girls

Install College Love Game simulator and dive into a virtual world where you can win the hearts of college girls and discover their secrets!

Customer review

saiful sultan


Hollow Darkz

Am an adult

Wendy Dent

I do love

Moh Z ali


Sufyan afridi


Micheal Sinclair

It's a fun game but u can't get everything without paying for things like the hot pictures using coupons amongst other things. I would keep the game but I won't pay for the pictures that I can't achieve. It ain't worth the money. I have played similar ones but it's the same outcome where u have to pay for the endgame. I'd give the game a higher rating if all the pictures were able to get without paying for it even if it takes longer to achieve esp the pics that r behind a paywall.

Mathan Mohan


Dale Christopher

alot of fun

md. masud

very good

nitish mandal

0 stars#

sk sagor

nice game

Abutameem waseem

Sunny... good enjoyment.


Not a bad game overall, twice I have never received coupons in the daily login bonus when it said I did

Md Sakil


Amit Metrey

don't like the game. for everything you need to pay.

Sajjad Khan Qureshi

Nice game

Kamran khan

I love so much this game very hot

Gurvinder Singh

o same

addo akbar rizal

This App is Amazing!!!!!

Dat Boii

the Game is Great

Zana Pro


Dimitri El hage


Andrew Sam

very scummy with the ads and pay to win

#Mahesh Nagarkoti

I love this picture 😍😍


it's very good

Kendle Heath


Rc Coleman

really great gai

White Chocolate

Bro the ads for this are crazy

shak usman goni


Peter Gladue

make it a more a mature game meow prg XOXO

Paul Farmer

very good

Randy Ruhlander

I have been working with a lot of game I like this gam s the bezt

Amari McAlmont

the girls and the game is so cool

Audrey Tang

it is fun to play.

Vinit Gour1234

nice game and felling so happy

Mario Tricarico

fun gqme

Mr. Calmer

Total BS, boring as hell

Priya Bhakthavatchalam


Tyler Cameron

this is the hottest game on the market

Courtney j


Carl Fellion

Very entertaining.

Patrick Watrous

is a good way to pass by time

Esmond Aw


Andrés Martínez

good game


I'm not sure if you understand but I am trapped I need help I am stuck I am stuck at 24 Chesterfield Lane USA please send help I am trapped I am trapped thank you also the robbery missions kind of mid

Thant Zin Mg

nice game

Pasha Mikhail


Tracy Allan

What a foul game, I'm 16 and I've never been so disgusted - it's practically porn! I urge all kids NOT to play this nasty game! You should be ashamed of yourselves, this is NOT the way girls should be learning how to speak to boys or start a relationship! SHAME ON YOU!!!

randy garcia

pretty good so far

harjot kaur


Brandon Bamrah


Larry Tyler

the game be better if undress lady all way like advertised

david koch

it's amazing

QM Redneck Strength

not enough sexy pictures and to much play for money

Kenneth Gomez

super fun

Big Daddy

It is super good hot girls mostly easy to get money it's an awesome game love it

Rakha G

Simple game. Its pretty hard to play it only with one hand.

Konstantina Konstantina

Noooooo nnooo and noo

Ryan Fuller

ot enough money to get things done.

chambers 778


Tone Mitches

I love the game

Kenny Cozart


Scott Mayer

Stupid idiotic and retarded

D.J. Simmons

so cute

Ray Homan

fun and exciting!



Jim Holdeman

slow storyline and not really user friendly

Priyomboda vlogs VS art

I love this game this game was amazing 🤩

Motlhalosi Tlotleng

It's fun to play but you have to finish your diamonds to make decisions. The girls in the game are beautiful and their outfits are fire

Richard Searles

Beautiful game thank you.


Lots of ads then pay to play.

Vanessa Watkins

Great game

David Roma

I play this on a apple phone works! I play this on a android phone doesn't? Please help me find out why it's not working!?

Cid Doucette


Jitter Bug

Too early in the game to rate. Still exploring the ins and outs.


very addictive and good game to play

Paul Williams


Yavonne Nix

It is a amazing experience to play thos game

Tristan Rose


imran 4499

nice game

Bilal Ali

nice game

Jeff Rayner

super fun


Why the hell would you change to starbox system not to give coupons?

Blossom Mpambani

Sheeeeeeeesh! This game, the girls, the rewards, the lifestyle. This game is one of the greatest games I've ever installed.

Jacob Jootun

nice game

Nate Raimer

fun and flirty

Evan Gooding

very good

beena madhoo

great game

Stephen Horan

If I could give zero stars I would, play slots to make money to buy girls gifts to go on dates in your car, watch ads, more ads... questions where the answers don't actually make sense half the time... should I go on...

Geoff Evans

so far so good

Eevee Ish

I'm disappointed that the MC is ONLY male. Would be good if we could pick OUR OWN pronouns and gender.

Ivan Buljan

nice concept

meysam majidzadeh


Tawulleh Hassana

very nice ❤️🙏💪💪

Sandamita Hajong


Derek j

What a load of rubbish

Jonita Zephier

good 👍

Bruce Vann

Game is reasonably easy to play. But prices are a bit too high. Takes what feels like ages just to progress one step. Am thinking about deleting this app/game.

Efren Mercado

Efren Mercado Jr.

Whoever Knows

lots of adds.......