Collector Solitaire

Author: Orchid Games

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Help Claudia as she travels the world to track down, recover and collect unique artifacts. Collector Solitaire is a fresh take on the classic solitaire TriPeaks card game! Perfect for relaxing after a long day, but the TriPeaks game mechanics is also challenging enough to keep your brain sharp and focused.

* Acquire rare items and decorate your luxury mansion.
* Complete card collections!
* Rescue and befriend animals! They will become your companions and help you with your quests.
* Unlock tri peaks challenge pyramids and win big rewards!
* Travel to beautiful places all around the world.

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Update time: May 16, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Orchid Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Carla Childress

I enjoy the card part of the game, however; the game chooses where to put the item that is pre-designed for you. So I have to give the decorating side of the game 0 stars. There was no choice in an to decorate with nor where to place it. I enjoy the choices for decorating and item choices.

Sheri Frumkin

Great lots of fun wish the chips lasted longer



Noelene Cork

Love this oku s game

Bobbi Flory

Fun game

Dee Richards

Good fun

Aslan Khan

Cheating game thanks 👎👎👎

robert catterall

You have to try this game *****

Debbie Wheeler


Steven Street

It a fun searching game I highly recommend it

suellen brimm


CJ Cox

Love the game

Susan Buchanan

Very hard to win a game , it sets you up to fail at winning the Very first cards , not too happy about this game , thought I would give it a chance , but I'll probably delete and find another game , graphics are nice but game is not fair , they want you to pay , that's what it is all about.

Ismail Gojo

Amazing i love it

Ruthie Clark

Cool game, and cool story behind it .

Sophia Daniels

Nice relaxing game enjoy playing it hoping for more fun

Margaret Morris

Finding this entertaining and relaxing 😊

Mamie Evans

I love playing this game before it was giving a new version. It takes. So long to win.You don't get any boosters

Paul Starkey

It's an okay tripeak solitaire game but the drag along story is mediocre. I don't feel like I am interacting with anything and I feel like I am plonked down in the middle of a story about a person I don't care about. Looks pretty though...

Becky Woodley

So love this game 🥰 wish I'd found it ages ago 🙂 loving the story 😉 and the music 🎶 is do gentle and calming 🙂 thank you devs 🙏🏆🏆 for a first class game 🥰 your the best 🏆🙂🏆much love and hugs 🤗 Becky xx

Mary Arvesen

This is a nother cool game 🎯🙂. I am very intriguing. I'd rate this 20 stars 🤩🤩.

Ezzeldeen elmezlawy

fantastic game

Kelley Beaugrand

I really enjoy this game! The challenges are fun!

Jackie Beard

Fantastic real good game enjoy I enjoy playing solitaire games maybe you should try and do a little bit of mini games in between each level is a fantastic game love it fantastic game fab fab

Helena Johns-Whitburn

Great game

Elaine Riopelle

Love this game fun to play

Dave Bowyer

Love this game

Susan Shelton

The game is a lot of fun

Doro M

Excellent game! Nice relaxing time 😊

Jennifer Poon

Thank you for this wonderful game. 💖

Ursula great Isaacs123

Experience good

patricia devlin

Designers got too greedy, revamped game so you're spending twice as much. Too bad, it was my favorite. Played it everyday. Now it's just too expensive and don't understand how coin value works anymore. Too bad, used to be 5 stars.

Rosie Allen

This is agood game to play

Cristina Neumann

The lives system was better compared to the coins one which feels like a total money grab. I shouldn't be forced to open the app 10 times a day (1 hour apart!) to make a sufficient amount of coins to be able to play 5 games which is the equivalent of 5 lives. There are levels where you need to retry more than a dozen of times to complete it especially if you are unlucky with the cards drawn. Forget about boosters too with the new prices. It's a shame because the game has beautiful graphics.

Maria Bedell


Joan T

Bored playing the game 🎮

Ruth Pyle

Awesome hope u come out with more of the solitaire heart game I love them

Denise Lamkins

No choices in game. Unable to connect to game.

Lisa Drottar

Easy, perhaps too easy (?) It would be nice to be able to place the items ourselves. Graphic are nice

Leland Gaunt

The graphics are amazing. But that's all. Primitive mechanics and His Majesty Donut.

Linda Emmart

I love the graphics and color illustrations. The solitaire is relaxing and music is okay. But I wanted to decorate by myself, and this game gives you a collection piece after so many card wins, and then it places it where it wants to. You can't choose where to put it. So you really are only playing a solitaire game not a decorating one.

Senta’s Music

I like the game, but it would nice if there was a payout every day for playing the game and a bonus every hour for playing your game

carmen christians

Hi there I this game, graphics great,good story and quests accompanying gameplay,not too challenging that can frustrate you and end up not enjoying the game....which is why one plays games to relax after stressfull day.Well put together.Thanks to the gaming team!!😃👏👏

David James


Brenda Genrich