Collect Flag!

Author: Gybe Games

500,000+ install


Collect Flag! – Guess the right flag!

Detailed info

File size: 77M
Update time: October 27, 2021
Current version: 1.4.2
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Gybe Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Ronny gamerz

best game , this is very good you should play this


I like this game this game is soooooo cool

Rahime Veliu

its very glitchy it makes me lose all the time

Domenico Cristoforo

It the worst game ever played it has so many ADS and it is soooooo glitchy is the worst game Ever played they probably just put edvard in this game but is sooooooooooooooooooooooo Glitchy they want some money for this game but it's the worst game ever played it used to Work fine but now its sooooooooooooooooooo Glitchy and thers so many ads they just made this to make money

Dosii Bird


Seif Elarossy

It is very bad publishing toxic ideas

Farhan Apurbo

yes ok

Monster_ Llama

To many ads. Came here for LGBT representation but instead had to watch ads for only 6 to 8 flags. Not worth it

Adriana Osuna

To many ads f this game

Yu Nishinoya

Do you have a rubber fetish?

Arun Bansal

Hanging game in the world

Jannat Mabia


fish sticks

the emoji one is based on racial stereotypes :/

William Ortiz


Stephanie Phillips

I like it

Geechee Dan

So laggy bro come on

John daniel Segalle

It so cool I like it it's soper love it ahhahahaha

Iona Riddoch

Too easy. Not the game on the ad. wrong flags.😠

Hayleigh Messina

First of all who made this croissants were made in France not the UK second it's very laggy also it advertised gay and I did not get that so I'm upset about that

Kids House

Do not wast your time downloading this game. Worst game ever.

Nora and choci

Can't change name pushes you into the wrong flag to many ads it would be better if I could give it no stars

Alexis Noyes

Adds.....enough said

Gloria Ortiz


Kevin Owens

it is better than cats I'll play it again and again

Autumn Rose

This game sucks the controls ate rlly bad dont spend your time on this game I wouldn't recommend it

Melissa C

slowed my phone down

kay shinonome

Nice queerbait, please make better games

Cora Pongratz

there are no pride flags : (

Falecia Killen

It keeps crashing after videos, and it freezes up on each level.


I downloaded it because I couldn't tell the difference between most flags or what they were and it's a great game

Celeb Story

Screen Recording Issue. When i try to record gameplay with screen recorder the screen black.

lemonade 132

Stop the 🤬🤬🤬🤬Ads

Confused Bee

It's not letting me install it

Robyn Forkey

It's not letting me get it so 1 start

Jonae Raffa

Super laggy and just bad. Wouldn't reccomend👍

Kaci Smith

Great game it is so addicting

michael breceda

This game was pretty cool until I got to the ads, it was so laggy and my screen froze for about 2 mins. I couldn't even turn off my phone.

Cupid Roses

I just wanna know what the song is in the advert...

Mukesh Mewada

No plz don't play this laggyyyy game my phone have 12gb ram Plz don't play this game

Sacha & Yoana Daniel

It's alright. A bit too much ads though.