Coin Wars

Author: Exeplay Games

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Coin Wars – Travel through space, build villages, raid your friends and earn loot and coins!

Detailed info

File size: 176M
Update time: September 9, 2021
Current version: 0.2.5
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Exeplay Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Katie Piña

Freezes and then causes my phone to completely shut itself off. Not good. I don't have the funds to purchase another new phone.

clevia white

This game definitely freeing on it will but what bothers me so much that it has been 3 days since I have Sheila's an everyone on the game has hit me please make it right I don't want that green pet he doesn't do anything I truly am disused to the fullest because the developer of this app has know regects of how he treats his players according.

Meshell Parrish

Well yall get 1 star because when you rip me off money you deserve it.

A Google user

Not great for one to slow also it really doest give you the the stuff in the challenge to offen feel like it forces people to throw money into to progress too often sorry that's just the way I feel about this game.

Jennifer Rodriguez

Great game always ways to win and move forward! Lots of fun and love how many different ways to earn spins

Leasa Sanne


Melissa Jerram


Anu gayan

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Fallon Robertson

Love the game but way to many glitches

Cindy Fraser

Everything is ok, plays like most in the same genre, except, it constantly freezes, so you have to reboot the game at least every 3 moves, every set completion and every build. The freezing almost makes it unplayable.

Donna Bardge

I really like playing this game but it keeps freezing up. Please fix.. 🤗

Emma May

I can't play my game it goes in but the screen is frozen on the game can't press anything I uninstalled and installed again still not working still not working didvthe same thing but still not working

Angela Corbin

Game keeps cutting out since update and pet food(25) has disappeared. Loved playing game before the update now not so much.

Mitzie Mems

Not only is this coin game absolutely amazing, but it also has great customer support. They did a great job maintaining the game. I am also very happy and comfortable every time I play this game.

Robert Deem

This coin game is fun and I enjoyed playing it. It makes me very comfortable and gives me a lot of fun while playing. I recommend this game and would recommend it to everyone

Kathryn Warrior

It's a very addictive coin game and I love it. I've been playing this game for a while and still play it now. It's also one of those games that I haven't given up on

Lindsley Kiersten

This is a great game. I love playing it because you can play it anytime, anywhere. I also admit that the game is fun, very diverse, and very easy to play so I appreciate it

Kinikini Jene

I love this coin game. It is very funny and interesting which makes it popular with many people. I am one of them and have been playing this game for a few weeks

Maranda Neugin

This is a great coin game! It's easy to beat all my opponents very fast. Although I am new to this game, I have mastered its gameplay in a short time

has so hammerer

The coin game has improved a lot over the course of my playing it. There are many more interesting features that make me very excited and excited every time I play

August KMA

I have been playing this coin game for a while now and I am also making very fast progress in the game. I'm also completely satisfied with the publisher's interest in this game

Vina Kirylo

My experience with this coin game has been amazing. It makes me happy and comfortable. It's fun and exciting when I can play with my friends

Macandog Rickey

I absolutely love this coin game because it has great graphics and is easy to play. It is very suitable for free time people like me. I highly recommend this game

Dalene Auther

This is a coin game that can help me get through the boring times. It has great graphics, simple but fun gameplay and various challenges.

Lessie Piccillo

A cute coin game, very fun and addictive. So far I have not encountered any errors of any glitches. Every tutorial is also very easy to play.

Shawanda Osisek

I played this coin game and am very addicted to it. It's a fun game and when you're stressed and calms you down

Catarina Breman

This coin game is very interesting as it has a good gameplay and some new ways of playing not found in other games make this game stand out for me.

Jacquelyn Hensel

It was a very enjoyable experience. I would recommend this coin game to all my friends and hope this game will grow and be appreciated by everyone.

Moon Cohagan

I like the competition of this coin game. The graphics are out of sight and you can choose the island you want to build. I highly recommend this game!

Fumiko Stormer

This is a great all-round fast thinking coin game with nice graphics and good gameplay. It is very addictive once started.

Leonardo Hedstrom

I play coin games a lot and this game looks pretty awesome as long as it continues to be developed, improved and updated.

Rosemarie Peeples

You need to fix the bugs there is a lot of them in your game

Brian Carey


Bev Southall

Love the game

Linda Threadgill

I keep getting discouraged because you don't get spins and coins that you earned. It's intermittent but it adds up. I lost a few hundred spins this week alone.

Deana Angel

My son baby 👶 boy 👦 Dean Angel Winchesters Jr

Van Rosamond

Cool Game

John downer

Its in group of games i play every day im disabled so i have lots of time to invest. In this game

Susla Ed

Very nice and addicted game.

Curless Vernell

Fun and easy to advance without spending money.

Apruzzese Bonnie

Got a few minutes to waste ..... Have fun play raid other peoples money bomb other people and build exciting places.

Freddy During

Wonderful I play every day since I started playing a week ago


Login button does nothing no matter how many times you press it. Trued everything to no avail. Uninstalled.

Tracy Mason

Ever since I updated the game this morning, I cannot access it anymore

Felicia Gonzales

Love this game and the new update

Nontokozo Nyatsi

Ok ok ok ok best app ever please make more apps like this

Kirkwl Sarff

Love this game, to be honest this app is very engaging. It has a lot of interesting missions, collect the prizes and cards. I can't get out of playing it.

Salvihp Kirkjr

I became the coin master here. It's the game that helps me connect with the whole family. It has a beautiful, interesting and very lovely interface. I really love and satisfied with this application.

Odumsrp Brockmeyer

This is one of my favorite games. I feel very impressed with it because it has so many great prizes. Bring me back hours of enjoyable entertainment. This game should be known by more people!

Toaluz Endazh

I'm having fun playing it. It has a lot of missions, lots of interesting prizes. Thanks to this app I feel happier. It has a great interface. Appreciate this app.

Odumsrp Vititoe

One of my favorite games. I can collect cards to be able to win, get great prizes. It has beautiful graphics. You're just getting started, I've found this app great.

Shivydp Seanpo

Great to know about this game. It keeps me entertained and has a lot of fun playing. Lots of ways to win here. Very interesting. Let's activate this game.

Zaphkiel HD

The game takes huge inspiration behind coin master but it very fun. I enjoyed every moment of it I definitely recommend checking it out

Bradax Busalacchi

One of the best games. It has great graphics, pleasant music. In the game, the reward is very generous by Page. I feel satisfied with it.

Buenams Neuser

I really like this game because it gives me an extremely good experience. The app offers a variety of rewards, spin and earn extremely handsome rewards

Bennyxv Korhonen

I found this to be a really great game. The application offers beautiful graphics, simple gameplay and this is the best slot machine. I appreciate what this app gives me

Md Saddam

Coin wars very good and nice app

Den Kerry

Coin wars good app. I really love this app.

MD Ruhul Amin

Nice app 🥰🥰

MD Imran Babu

Coin wars very amazing app 😊

Preeti Dave

I truly enjoy this game and its setup. Great graphics, updates are always exciting with new features, I love different challenges. The best coin collecting app I know so far.

Sumi Akter

Coin wars nice game. Love this

Tawsif Rabbii

Coin Wars Exeplay Nice apps

Raju Ahamed

Coin Wars not bad... Verg good game

jon pro

Coin Wars very good game. and amazing game.

David Warner

Coin Wars is one of the best game on Play Store. I strongly recommend this game to all. Thanks

Jaz Jel

one of the best coin wars must install

Nusrat Sayeeda

nice app

Md.Habibur Rahman

Coin wars very good app. I like this app.

Amal Ji

Coin wars app is really good awesome and amazing

izabelle leite

Great visuals, frequent updates with new features, and I enjoy a variety of tasks. This is a game that may be used to pass the time.

DKL Niloy

nice app 🥰

Arlinda Fridavb

It's better than Coin Master!!!! SO FAR!! At least this game doesn't shut down on me!

Landywz Josenk

Good play my interest was kept and it was enjoyable

Badonlo Mabary

I love to play coin pet it's lots of fun and I love to win and I win a lot awesome game. Thank you coin pet.

Lemuszm Fridavb

just started today and so far I absolutely love Coin Pet, the only thing I have to say against the game is I wish there was a way to get spins or gold from extra cards

Princess Norineza

Great game a ton of fun and just exceptionally enjoyable.

Touarvi Joelqv

This app provides really cool spins, I really enjoy having fun on the app. This app is the best slot machine and it has a lot of ways to win a lot of coins for yourself

Satwm Porshahp

I am really happy to experience on this application. There are a lot of missions and I can spin the wheel to get my bonus. This is probably the best entertainment app I've ever tried

Cammie Ilaxc

I just started trying this game out a while ago but I love all that this app has to offer. The application offers beautiful graphics, the spins work best compared to the games I have tried before

Leila Darcyhf

I have recommended it to my friends and they are really excited about it too. This is an extremely fun coin game with beautiful graphics, attracting players

Wesley Brainpe

I like this game because the rotation this application provides for me, it is very interesting and gives me a sense of joy every time I experience it.

Jayedl Darm

This application is really excited by the rotation that this application provides for me. Nice app interface and really simple gameplay even for beginners

Foretxe Lollis

Fun game with lots of spins. Free spins and gifts and this app really entertains me. I can experience a lot of modes that this application provides and entertain through it every day

Tipkaol Russelum

I really love the spins this app gives me, free spins coins. This app offers free prizes and it is truly the most outstanding slot machine I have experienced so far

Sowaz Joshuakw

Love this game and it is the best free app I have experienced so far. I love the app's spins and it has dice dreams. I really love the experience on the app

Aerts Sipleyn

Found a new fun game and can relate to the the new challenge

Aimee Debreto

Game is enjoyable, and it quite relaxes me. I'm familiar with Coin Master, and this is very similar. That's a good thing.

Lunamp Fernta

I love this game. I can't play everyday but there are always spins ready.

Herford Alba

Best game of its type out there I've tried them all nothing else compares great game experience without feeling like you have pay to advance coin master and the rest can take a back seat

Fedieea Erniesg

I truly enjoy this game and it's set up. Earn your way watching ads is an awesome option as opposed to constant purchases. Very very enjoyable and engaging! Coin Master could take a few hints from this set up!

Melobv Franty

The best coin collecting app I know so far. The app offers nice graphics, it's easy to experience and it has a lot of different game mechanics that give me a lot of fun

Grigorov Orservy

I really like this game because it gives me an extremely good experience. The application offers many rewards, spins and earns extremely handsome rewards

Joernwr Anniejz

I found this to be a really great game. The app offers beautiful graphics, simple gameplay and this is the best slot machine. I appreciate what this app gives me

Charlie Daniels


vicente ashleyfs

I absolutely love this game because it has great graphics and easy to play. Wish it was easier to earn shields and more.

stevie lianafv

Great game! It's easy to get through all your spins really fast. There should be more options on how to get more spins

andrea emmettwo

Great graphics, updates are always exciting with new features, I love different challenges. This is a game that can help pass the time

Carol Walker


Phyllis Hampton Henderson

Your friends link do not work through Facebook messages you also cannot use the text messages link as well at all fix that with your updated that's one issue so far