Coin Universe

Author: NTGAMES Co,. Ltd.

10,000+ install


Coin Universe – Gather Planets, Become the Planet Master

Detailed info

File size: 90M
Update time: September 8, 2021
Current version: 1.008
Require Android: 5.1 and up
Developer: NTGAMES Co,. Ltd.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Fernando Lopez

Terrific looking game but the game play is so laggy and slow. Takes forever to do one thing

Yawer Khan

Font was to little otherwise good

Stephanie kirsch

It's a really interesting game with all of the graphics. It just takes too long to build your planet.

Angela Souster

Game too slow to be anyway good to play

Molly Calhoun

Well problem fixed now I can finally play the game so far so good but its just the same ole same ole attack raid build spin for coins app but I'll still give it 4 stars

Nebojsa Djordjevic

Cool! 😎


Yes, He finally fix the bug so take my 5 stars good game keep its up. (It took about 1 day to fix but nvm)

mohammed hocini

Despite the update, the game still suffers from technical problems, most notably the main loading screen that stops suddenly

Herbert Jara Messer

The app opens but is only a black screen and nothing happend. Edit: Now it works and it looks fine

Mary Jane Ankrom

I didn't think I would like this game but instead I love this game it's totally awesome thank you

Jim Obara

Game shuts itself down after opened

Sable Label

After getting to planet 2 game doesn't load, crashing Everytime try to load. The when it loads and you try to exit gifts, friends game throws you out. Have to uninstall and reinstall to play. Please fix. Thank you Update game might be fun if you could get spins, prices to build planet is outrageous, your event really, you have to get all 3 for any credit towards goal, It's been few days and haven't got goal, uninstalling game😡

Christopher Morada

device your entertaining (optional)

Yatharth Yadav

Good game you jion the google id then the game is fixing

President Edgar

I'm at updates I have to uninstall then install again before I can play the game. Until the most recent update now just keeps telling me to go update but Google Play tells me I can play the game.

lauren Chapman

For some reason I cannot invite friends? But Much better now it has been updated. Although It is very rare you get a good win eg, raid and attack! Not happening that much tbh. Also would be a lot better if on the event, when you get one item on the spin, if that helped collect stuff like similar games do :)


One of the main functions of the game is poorly designed. People can steal way too much from you, and the same vice versa. This ruins the ecosystem. I woke up to 7 messages stating people stole as much as 4million in one go. That's absolutely nuts and is why I'm quitting this game until its fixed.

Kelsey Goings

Said to update but I had a st downloaded it. It won't let me play

Fulton Belden

Can't wait for free spins to recharge it takes too long!!!

Andrew Swan

Unplayable, it says new update required to play but when I hit go update there is no update available.

Lisa Vines

Can't even play it keeps saying update the game but there is no update

Huff Lampe

When u're out on spins, remember that they give you extra when you connect to facebook

Fry Gio

It was kind of like unstable yesterday but it seems fine now

Sanford Lyle

Seriously there's something fishy about the way your opponents are matched.

Ruiz Warfield

Raid chances are questionable. Why do I get targetted all the time?

Guerra Rathburn

more ads please...

Mesut Kutu

Shields are so hard to get. My planets are being destroyed :(

Fanita Stammler

why can't I watch more ads

Spears Steffie

New events please!

Mcgee Fusco

Nice game

Parker Mocanu

Not bad, not bad at all

Rogers Renzi

Me likey! XD

Azena Sparry

This is fun. I have to admit.

Pearl Hipolito

attacks are sooooooooooooo annoying

Elise Sevy

why can't I watch more ads?

Levine Marjie

Had bad connection and crashed some couple of times before, but it seems to work now

Orr Jaap

THX for the pre-register reward.

Sargent Sons

I thought this game was coin master but its way better

Frye Drake

Not bad, not bad at all

Mary Prisock