Coin Universe

Author: NTGAMES Co,. Ltd.

10,000+ install


Coin Universe – Gather Planets, Become the Planet Master

Detailed info

File size: 90M
Update time: September 8, 2021
Current version: 1.008
Require Android: 5.1 and up
Developer: NTGAMES Co,. Ltd.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Sabrina Laporte

What is going on with the game it's just sitting on the loading screen 😒😒

bridget Stanphill

It's OK I guess

Brenda Revels

Fun,Fun to play

Robert Pearson

Daily bonus malfunction

scott bailey

Took 5 minutes to load the game 👎👎👎

Mischel Galfo

is game is bieyoutipol

Cindy DeLowry

This game is horrible! (Every time) I get more spins, before I know it they're gone, and I don't get half of what I win. I would NOT recommended this game to Know One not even my 🐕. That's how bad this game is...👿👿👿

Sansue Salinas

Im just new to this

Im A Woman22

The free spin in link (fb) didnt work and now when i open the game it was hang and i cant play.Pls do something about it because i love the game.Thanks!

gene gallion


stefanovic Djordjevic

Not working

Diane Meyer

Why doesn't all of the buildings show up? Every time I build the one in the bottom left corner, nothing shows up . Why is this and can it be fixed? And I don't see any buildings on other players

Christi Rathburn

Fun to play with family and friends

Christine Revie

Great thanks

Amy Urista (Red)

This is a AWESOME FUN GAME ❣️🤤?

Richard Hirschfield


Dale Gelster

It's ok it's not loading

Gloria Viola

Cute and fun so far

Pennie Miller

Great game

Charles Thomas

This game is awesome

Arnold Massiah

It's fun but needs to have a clear free spins icon in the start like coin master

Catherine Shugdinis

Fun game

Glenda Warren

Game won't download, Do you not care to read your reviews ?

Fernando Lopez

Terrific looking game but the game play is so laggy and slow. Takes forever to do one thing

Yawer Khan

Font was to little otherwise good

Stephanie kirsch

It's a really interesting game with all of the graphics. It just takes too long to build your planet.

Angela Souster

Game too slow to be anyway good to play

Molly Calhoun

Well problem fixed now I can finally play the game so far so good but its just the same ole same ole attack raid build spin for coins app but I'll still give it 4 stars

Nebojsa Djordjevic

Cool! 😎


Yes, He finally fix the bug so take my 5 stars good game keep its up. (It took about 1 day to fix but nvm)

mohammed hocini

Despite the update, the game still suffers from technical problems, most notably the main loading screen that stops suddenly

Herbert “Pikopati” Jara Messer

The app opens but is only a black screen and nothing happend. Edit: Now it works and it looks fine

Mary Jane Ankrom

I didn't think I would like this game but instead I love this game it's totally awesome thank you

Jim Obara

Game shuts itself down after opened

Sable Label

After getting to planet 2 game doesn't load, crashing Everytime try to load. The when it loads and you try to exit gifts, friends game throws you out. Have to uninstall and reinstall to play. Please fix. Thank you Update game might be fun if you could get spins, prices to build planet is outrageous, your event really, you have to get all 3 for any credit towards goal, It's been few days and haven't got goal, uninstalling game😡

Christopher Morada

device your entertaining (optional)

Yatharth Yadav

Good game you jion the google id then the game is fixing

President “Anyone” Ramirez

I'm at updates I have to uninstall then install again before I can play the game. Until the most recent update now just keeps telling me to go update but Google Play tells me I can play the game.

lauren Chapman

For some reason I cannot invite friends? But Much better now it has been updated. Although It is very rare you get a good win eg, raid and attack! Not happening that much tbh. Also would be a lot better if on the event, when you get one item on the spin, if that helped collect stuff like similar games do :)


One of the main functions of the game is poorly designed. People can steal way too much from you, and the same vice versa. This ruins the ecosystem. I woke up to 7 messages stating people stole as much as 4million in one go. That's absolutely nuts and is why I'm quitting this game until its fixed.

Kelsey Goings

Said to update but I had a st downloaded it. It won't let me play

Andy Swan

Unplayable, it says new update required to play but when I hit go update there is no update available.

Lisa Vines

Can't even play it keeps saying update the game but there is no update

Fry Gio

It was kind of like unstable yesterday but it seems fine now

Mesut Kutu

Shields are so hard to get. My planets are being destroyed :(

Spears Steffie

New events please!

Elise Sevy

why can't I watch more ads?

Mary Prisock


Church Mix

I just love how they made these planets! These kind of games just drive me crazy!

Ellis Anthony


Small Tice

I never land on attacks, even I used 100 spins

Michael Dreger

the advertising is too long for just 1 spin. either shorten the videos or give more spins per seconds

Houston Manika

I'm declaring war with my friends with this one

Sloan Stuck

do I have to login to facebook to play with my friends?

Ward Taru

good game

A Google user

The exact same person keeps attacking me all the time. SUSPICIOUS

A Google user

I got in the top ranks, but there's no reward that grabs my attention

A Google user


Dell Phineas

let us send spins for no facebook friends too

Watson Patel

It works fine on my tablet now

Sharpe Baljit

I need my raids to popup now!

Chan Lozada

The time when I get to attack my friend's planet is the best part of the game

Potts Shally

Salty coin rewards

A Google user

too expensive

Nelson Lubna

How do you turn of notifications?? attack alarms don't stop

Mcintosh Tineo

let the events begin!!

Herman Kins

My coins just vaporized.. give me some spins!

Courtney Branson Cedric


miopa aowe

Its fun to play but a little hard for me

Huber Lia

How do you get cards? can someone send me one

Walsh Narula


Shaw Arlo

I need help. I can't connect to my facebook account

A Google user

OMG Time really flies with this game, I need more spins bad.

Nigel Jovanny

I'd play over night if I had enough spins

Lawson Tello

My attack targets doesn't sync. fix the bug

Emerson Poncho

I want more daily rewards from the cube!

Moran Payan

I wish they gave us more rewards..

Norris Such

Good! I got my free spins for the pre-register. Can we get some more?

A Google user

Nice and cute graphics!

Nguyen Steffani

Probability is scam..

Farmer Libre

I like it a lot, but It would be better if I had more spins.. please send us more spins!

Smith Samani

Interesting game!

Kent Fie

My annoying friend keeps attacking me everytime :(

Baxter Onie

cards are cute, but too expensive to get from card packs

Burks Quay

Cute images...

A Google user

Give us more spins

A Google user

game crash is like... history. good job on the bug fix.

Pratt Gogo

Time Killer Period

A Google user

AWWWW the puppy planet is so cute! can we have some more of them?

Bailey Muro

Whaaaaaaaat! When did this open? Y'all better start moving cuz I'm starting to roll!

Wise Burwell

My friend is experiencing the end of the world bcoz I'm like attacking him every day :)

English Sulis

FBI Should investigate on this game for addictiveness, truely

Randolph Lipari

Has potential

Powell Margaux

best game

Golden Aletta

I'm almost at the end of my planets. its time you guys add some more, please??

Muhammad A.

Game is not acting normal and keep shut down over and over 🥲.

Jaan Jaanu

Not working this game

Jedi Kasep

What on earth is this game.. Didn't know what to achieve

Michael W

It's a well made game; I can't figure out who this game is for, but it's definitely not my type of game.

Kathleen thong

Hope is offline