Claw Builder

Author: tastypill

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Grabbing objects with a claw has never been this satisfying! Carefully fly and balance the builder drone into the perfect position and use the machine claw to grab various objects. Once secured inside the grabber, maneuver the drone and drop the objects in the proper places to complete each challenge.

Explore different locations worldwide, grab all sorts of objects with your drone claw to build, repair, sort, and rescue and complete challenging goals around the world. Train your skill, develop agility, and skillfully control your drone and rope grabber to secure all objects. With interesting and unique levels, monuments to explore, rare objectives, and skill based gameplay, Claw Builder is the perfect fun!

How To Play:

– Skill based gameplay controlling a flying simulator drone complete with rope and claw
– Tap and drag to take flight to move your drone into the correct position
– Be cautious as the bouncy rope relies on physics and gravity to balance
– Release the catcher to open the claw and prepare to secure the object
– Close the catcher and grab the live object!
– Move the into the new position and release the catcher to drop the object


– A new kind of construction vehicle: The Drone Builder
– Builds, digs, rescues and repairs by flying effortlessly and grabbing objects in it’s claw
– Many goals and challenging objectives to complete: Fixing and repairing highways, sorting and organizing fruits and vegetables, building and fixing national monuments, rescuing stranded plane crash passengers from sharks, and more
– Thousands of levels of drone flying skill based fun!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 1, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: tastypill
Price: Free
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Customer review

Greg Bester

It gets a 2 star as allways thease typ of game are asking me to rate thrm befor i csn get a chance to play the game.fix this problem and ill heep playing it or if not if it dont get fixed ill be drleating it ok thank you from Greg bester

Shaifali Shrivastava

There is a many many more ad's

sam khakan

Nah he said, but it will also help the p

Sachin kanojiya


Ryan mark Moore

It's ok

Deon Woods

I actually love this game

tinio viernes


Anthony Primerano

Way too many ads,there is an ad every 20 seconds

camera man

Not enough levels (ب_ب)


I gave it a one star because it's not downloading

Emma Holding

Game kept freezing

Ezequiel Lugo


Fakhar Imam shah


David Spallkianfan

Riley good geym

brandon sanders

This game is so good you should buy it it's free too

Ares Martinez



Cannot download it but now i can

cool man


Cayden Castro


Alistair Johnson

Dull,dull,dull! Uncontrollable and glitches a plenty...Don't bother people!

Pro Pro

Ho na ho to you for pick me and I can be able or

John Daradar

I like

josh grissom

Good game with way too many ads, I mean people need to make money for their work but come on an ad after every level is just bogus.

Steve 6M

Zero stars as the game is trash and doesn't work

veronica poplin

best game i have ever played keep up the good work


Cool ok

Abhinav TM

Nice game 👍👍👍👍

Kelley Harmon

Very cool could be a little bit more difficult but that's just me. Lol I'm sad tho I have already finished it. Hope more is out soon.