Classic Solitaire

Author: Queens Solitaire Games

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Classic Solitaire – Play Solitaire by Queens Game, the best Classic Solitaire game!

Detailed info

File size: 44M
Update time: April 25, 2021
Current version: 2.9.522
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: Queens Solitaire Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Nancy Thames

Keeps mind young

selja lee

The add with the deformed eyeball has stopped me from playing this game. Stuff of nightmares.

Erika Dick

Great pastime game

Tim Smalley

Great game, but so many ads! I *PAID* to remove ads, but there are still ads after each game and before each game, so two ads between games. After paying. The devs are completely unresponsive, although they used to be better. Do NOT pay to remove ads! Buyer beware!

Janet Broyles

Too many ads

Elizabeth Morrison (Betty Jayne)

Love this🧸.

Tracy Dillon

Typical solitaire game.

A Google user

Love it!

Alan Roberts

Very good relaxing game

Richard Hunter

Game plays fine. Just quit trying to force me to download another solitaire game, when I already have a game.

Linda Clarke

Fun and easy

Beau Lynch

Fun, well designed game.

Jerrid Heisler (Jay The XXVII)

I payed for this game back in 2017, and this is the second time ive had ads reappear with no response from developer. Used to be really fun untill they made the daily challenges the hardest things in the world

Alan Kim

Good game

Alison Rodway

I find the game relaxing and enjoyable


Edit: I'm not sure what happened, this game was perfect, and at first I was a little annoyed by the new way ads are displayed, but it is what it is. But now I'm getting double the harassment. You tap "done" you get an ad you have to wait, close, wait, close for. Then, you tap "new game" and you get it again. It's gotten absurd. Will find a replacement. 😑

Jamie Hayden


Tim Nichols


Trenna Kelly

Insane amount of adds

Marshall Rayburn

Works good 👍

Pam Penttinen

Easy to use

mike dalton

Brilliant but it is bias to hearts and spades .

Barbara Itel

Great size numbers and easy flow of play. I love it when I get the time. The better options than most other games. Barbara

Nathan Hevenstone

It's a good Solitaire game. Not 5 stars for the main reason that you get so few coins per win, but in-game purchases are so expensive. Also because I can't back up progress, which is a problem if, for example, I get a new phone and have to re-install the app. I lose all my progress. The reason I'm giving 2 stars rather than 4, however, is that I can't pay to remove ads. As a result, I'm uninstalling. The ads are annoying, absurd, and obscene. Please reinstate the ability to pay to remove ads.

Sherri Booth

It's a little le that the coins given for wins and in the chests are so low. But in order to purchase theme items the cost is so high. I play daily and it takes so long to actually achieve anything

Thomas Digby


Harry Woods

Enjoyable & the music is great

Larry Nakatsu

Played this game for several years. Going to uninstall. A series of ads that they run should be sued for false advertising about weight loss. Shame on the makers of this app to stoop so low.

Zellie Presley

It's great 😊👍

MIke Fullmer

Update: It use to be a good app. I purchased the ad free version several years ago. It was working fine until recently. I had to replace my old phone. Installed the app in my new phone and all I get is one ad after another. And it won't even let me purchase the ad free version. So don't waste your time and money please!

Robert Testerman

I would like to see the scores and the statistics selection button on the " new game, repeat, etc. page.

Wayne C.

Bought this game 4 or 5 years ago... Played it all the time. When I got a new phone, they removed the ads within a couple days. I again got a new phone last month. I have sent 2 messages to them, even got e-mail comformation for both. My game still has ads in it. About to start looking for a new game.

Scott Perkins

I play alot

Elvina Reinart

Enjoying the games.

Sabrina Williams

Love it, no problems

Esther Mosqueda

Very entertaining!

Nada Djordjevic


danny phillips

Pass time

Tezamae Harris

I'm loving this queens game solitaire app, definitely a classic. #initowinit

Danny G

Very fun

Shelly Toth

I like this game

karen kenny


Rocky Davis

Loved it until all the ads started appearing.. now,, NOT SO Relaxing and enjoyable game.

Trish Hannah

Relaxing but a mind challenging game.

Viola Sliman

Great time waster

Stuart White

New phone .. lost app purchase. Nothing you can do about it. Oh well uninstalled.

Mike Rose

I like the challenges,love the game,12/20/21,still love the game 🥳

Bunni Cwynar

Just love playing it

Hill Thomas


Elizabethruth Nutefall

It's enjoyable to play

hassan hoviehzar

This is awesome

Lindsey Tancrel

So easy game to play to learn

Judy Billington


enrique villanueva

Great gane.

Mary Williams

This stupid game keeps freezing up. Any reason why?

Tommy Whitten

Good 👍 game.

Norman Murphy

I will tell you this you have one good game here I have never played a game this long until I played this game. Look forward to the other games.


Fun time killer up until the inappropriate scam ads began.

Mary Morris

Lots of fun!

chut schafer


Cheryl Rodriguez

Enjoy the games, love the backgrounds.

Lynn “MizKittyKat” Hencey

I used to thoroughly enjoy playing this game I would play for hours on end. Now it is so full of ads that I'm considering uninstalling it and never playing again. What the heck did you people do to this game you ruined it for those of us actually enjoyed it.

Georgina Watterston


Doris Stanton

Awesome game

Dale Goetz


Pearl Lowery

Love this level of classic solitaire. Using the replay option really tests your brain.

deane hibbard

Fun way to play cards,


Just to many distractions between games.

Robert Scott

So far it's one of the best written games I've played on my mobile phone. A more descriptive set of rules for Vegas and other aspects of solitaire would be nice. Tell the people at Antimatter Dimensions that they need to take classes from you on how to write a game for small screen devices.

Linda Sims

I understand the numerous ads. But why 30 seconds long? Now I will check other games with ads not do long..and LOUD. Some u can't even silence. If ads were shorter than 30 it would be good. Deleting this app.

Larae Clark

Need to concentrate and renew as needed in order to win. And I win fairly often. So it makes me feel good

Austin Lanier


Larry Prior

Not sure

Joy Weaver

I would rate higher but I play Solitare while I listen to audible books. Every time an ad comes on, it stops my book narration. After the add complete I must reset my book.

George Pappas

Great 👍

Susan Johnson


susan mosher

Love it

John Bruce


arun jadunandan


Judy Klemm

Fu n

D. K. Lambert


Gwendolyn Mitchell

Having fun

billy thibodeaux

Favorite solitaire

Carol McDermott

Love the graphics, easy play

Dolores Johnson

Just solitaire

Jean Penny


Terri O'Connor


jamie flynn

I Love Solitaire

Pamela Warner

Quick play few ads

Cecillia Estes

I win I like it. Changeling

Karen Witt

I love playing solitaire!! And this one is not complicated!

Terry Hibbler

I love this game

Paula Catlover

Edit: I am making this one star as long as I continue to have to "x" out of the ad for fish Solitaire EVERY TIME I open this app. I paid for no ads and this is an ad. 7.31.21 still an ad

Sue Bonnell

I like the old fashion solitaire. Had a bit of trouble finding it,but this is great. I wish they didn't put "DONE" when one finishes one hand. If you touch "Done" it sends you to another site, should just put "next hand", But the game IS fine

Richard Jernigan


Quinton Smith

Played this all the time with no issue. Even paid for no ads. Go to play one day and not only are my statistics and history gone, but ads are back and prompt me to pay AGAIN. See no way to recover account or something similar. Uninstalling

William-Crosby Jones

New and exciting!

Jim Byrd

Great game

Scott Cannon

It is a solitary card game. What more can I really say.

Rose Hamilton

Luv this game but dont like interruptions thx for letting me play just dont like commercials