Clash Warhands・jungle clash in chaos battle league

Author: Crooto

50,000+ install


Clash Warhands・jungle clash in chaos battle league – Clash in chaos battle league with war alliance: win jungle clash in chaos league

Detailed info

File size: Varies with device
Update time: August 25, 2021
Current version: 1.23.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Crooto
Price: Free
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Customer review


Enjoyable little game.

rhory Daet

Nice fun game to play. This game wont get u bored.

ubermen eski66

It's cool...maybe a big battle field....

Amitayu Ghosh

Game server is off for contnious 3 days

Luzviminda Langi

Nice game

Shane Johnson

So because you won 20 times in 1 day for a "grand total" of 140 ammo you won't receive any more ammo if you continue to battle? That's just ridiculous. I just started and some of my troop upgrades are 500 ammo and you only let players get 140 a day. I'm an avid gamer and I don't like being penalized for grinding. I've never seen a game do that b4..Seems like the developers did it on purpose so you Have to spend $$..What a SHAME..

Ray Hardin

Love it

enreval arciaga


Mike Haage

I would say definitely having a blast. Easy to pick up and play and seems balanced. Great job devs

zoran stavrov


Shadi Ajjan

Awesome game 👍🏼

Yi Hang


Destany Bennett

Teribal just teribal ether you take all the ponts first or you lose its so shity of a game i uninstalld ten minets after installing

John 777

amazing war games

3nem Boo G

Love it!!!

Caleb Richardson

Dead game, they gave up in October, don't give them money.

K soul

I gave it to Stars because every time I watch a video to get like a bonus or extra unit or whatever I watch the video and nothing happens I'm watching again and nothing happens third time is the charm then something happens and I feel like I'm playing bots nobody's really fighting back like they send two things then stop I'm confused I'm past the trial second map people are Brain dead monkeys

Midnight Edition

This game is SUPER pay to win. They let you win bunch of games then put you up vs guys who pay to have the better axis deck they want you to pay $25 for LMAO. So if want to win be ready to drop a bunch of money if not better ready to rage quit and delete the game

Charles Williams

It's a cool game it's sorta like war alliance but you have more room to operate dope game

Star Lalkaz

Fuсking sсum

Kenneth Lee

Good game

John Lukashunas

Very fun!

Stephen Austin

Cool game

Luis Heredia

After leaving the game I saw the ratings went so decided to download again and I'm pleased good job love the game

Mike Maloney


Frank Lazzaro

Good game. Trying to learn it. I wish there was more than one arena.

Sangmitra Dhanve


Raj Kumar


Vahid Gh

Edited! 🤔 All opponents are stronger and higher level than you!

D karthik Goud

Nice game but need to play more if you want to increase your leave 🐱

Lil Lemon

Couldn't even play...

Ravi Singh



Bad game, lousy copy of the similar games


This's like "War Alliance" or "WAR HEROES", maybe a bit like "Clash Royale" just with military based stuff. Seems better balanced then a lot of other similar games like it.

Ben Goh

Wow, dun look further

Mohammad Shaan Mansury

Very nice game

Daitari empire

nice one

Krishna Garg

Very boring game

Kevin Warren

Awesome Game

Cory Monteith


George Lepiten

Pangit oi

Davon Barber

Cool game 😎💯

Michael Akers


rodrigo riechelmann

cool had to have more minion masters still BGreat du gameplAy

Mala Khan

MN no kxjc hmm bm

Victor Gonzo

Similar App - Same Issues This game is a clone of War Heroes, complete with the same latency issues during PVP. It's no fun being helpless against the enemy. Uninstalled.

Theodore Karakiklas

Pay to play.


I like the game style easy and fun to play. The crate times are completely ridiculous 8hr 3hr watch 2 ads then wait another hour or pay 18 gold...... The cost of items to rank up are little to none. This clearly is a p2w game shame really this has a lot of potential. There should be more lots for the chest not 4 if you are going to make people wait hours on end to claim. If you like to win and like spending real money on games then look no further this is for you. Those who don't p2p avoid.

dc& Marvel

Good game

Corran Crispe

Really enjoying the game so far. There is a little P2W but not too much. It is at this early stage, well balanced in the opponents you are up against. And the leveling up process is quick and varied.

Pranav Yogesh

The gameplay is nice . whenever i am login it will be only for 10 minutes . then the game freezes. If i am in battle i cant even getting crate . I restart my phone then the problem is there but i am playing other game . there is no problem

Bible Study 777

Slow but fun.

Elijah Harpjr

Fabulous game i'll check back

Mark Pinch

Fun to play Some ads but fun

Frank H Cousins

Just started lvl 2 so I will update later. For Now it is great haven't lost a match Yet. But we'll see lol. Hopefully it keeps going like This but I Doubt it bc upgrades are expensive now and you don't get Many bullets for a win. but for the moment good job.

Pete Palmo

A very bad attempt at something that could be good

Louis Scott

Not too shabby. Loads of fun.

Corey Flowers

Game was vary good tell it reset my account and made me lose everything i work to upgrade but other then that it was a good game so i give it a 3 star would be 5 but it reset me

Joel Tejada

Ok game is good but there is something off because i am at lvl two yeah i have lvl three items available plz fix as soon as possible. Its strange never happened before. thanx in advance👍👍👍

Leo Kommadant

As I start the tutorial and the deployment is not working and suddenly shows the console. Can you please fix this?

Bryan Vanzile

Good game! Definitely should give it a try if you havent!

Brother Botovi


Gujarati Duniya


William Broadbent

Really nice game play

Yousuf Md

This game working or not? Why its says server offline?

Awais Bukhari

Great game

William Keenan


Jeffrey Fitch

This game sucks !!! And it appears to be another money grabber to boot. I uninstalled after training was complete cause I cant even win 3 battles on an android smartphone samsung operating system without buying anything additiinal from the in - game store. So here is my challenge = Anyone who can win 3 battles in the first arena, using the same type of device, without any in game purchases, post it or contact me with your stradegy. Then perhaps I try again or change ratting.

Anthony Brown

I love this game it's one of the best games I ever played will be better if this game have global chat but I'm still enjoying the game so I give it five stars

Tabby Hall

If you like building a team this game for you💯💯💯

Rose Atolba


reza modaberi


Arny Htet


Marc Peplow

Thiefs! literally paid real money for cards only to have them disappear and also spent money to upgrade them as well do not play this game and do not buy items as you they will just steal your items after you've bought and paid to upgrade

Raju Kushwah


Marky Loxley

if ya not played this it's defi worth a try!!!

daniel harris

Really fun and you don't have to grind if you dont want to. Just play and have fun

Phyllo Nova

Good game

Richard Lesage

Played about 20 minutes, really bad, needs lots of work. Good concept, but, terribly done.

Adrian Wong

Game is fun but the buttons are not really responsive. Have to press few times before it clicks.

Pierre Thouin

Should get more bullet when we get a victory so we can update the soldier faster

Johna Stephens

Really cool honestly

larizza padrones

i love the game so much but can you please add new cards like paratroopers or biker soldiers😀😄

Raul Contreras

I love this game I want to see more games

Todd Bridge

Good game a little buggy but I like the graphics

noel ng

Is fun but when will you see a real rivals?

James T

Should be good game and i like it very much but very slow in loading or connect to server? And in game sluggist

Jamie Lockett

Good game addictive

happysecret 180

It's not online, I'm in arena 1 after tutorial and still murduring coach

Dark 3ra's

I was injoying the game but now ppl can now place torrents right next to u and u can not to them very unfair seems pointless playing hackers or ppl who fined a glich

Excalibur Stevens

1 star bcz it forces you to pay, the moment I went from tutorial to area 2 cannot win a match bcz of higher troop lvls don't install this game

Wendy Sayim

I was liking this so far . Editing review and dropped stars because I am now stuck like the other reviewers. Game says "cannot connect to server" and only loads to 50%. Will you be fixing this issue? I hope so as i was really enjoying the game .

cleto quibal

Just started but it seems like a pretty good game overall

Dom list

game jus hits 50% and doesn't load anymore. I was really enjoying the game. Reading the comments looks like some peeps had this issue before. so why is it still a issue it should of been fixed

Lester Knight

Love it Graphics Amazing Off the Chain YessZziirr Let's Blow Sum Heads Off Baabe Chaaarge Boom Boom

Gimley Lake

Its good game

Ali N


Tamasha تماشا

Hi Don't waste your time Doesn't work Broken game

A Cat Is Fine Too

Game got bugged and it stay nonstop loading after I linked it to Facebook. Hits 50%them goes back to zero and again forever

Ernesto Jimenez

Definitibamente la aplicacion abre dice si asepto los terminos acepto luego se pone asta 50 por porcepiento luego dice fura de cervicio gracias