Clash of Stickman

Author: WPuzzle Game

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Clash of Stickman – Let’s stand at the top of the War.

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File size: 118M
Update time: July 21, 2021
Current version: 48
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: WPuzzle Game
Price: Free
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Customer review

saadiah mohd rosalan


Eli Daniels



Plss add some more as soon as possible And very amazing game

Akhmad Azzam

bagus sekali

Nik D

Not actually balance and some bugs. Each stage you win gold a lot less per energy; 5 for 100 and 9 for 120. Sometimes freez across the screen only some units still moving. Even unit has advantage but barely get close to the target, so range unit is better. Units should form in multiple small groups not pile up.

Perry Spiehs

This game is extremely bad and It has so much potential. The game babies you and doesn't allow you do anything. The game has barely any strategey and is so simple. There is like 3 maps across a ton of levels, TELLS you what your enemies are weak against and tells you which ones are going to ambush you and the time, and you have only like 3 types of soldiers to use, and there is a energy system to play the game. A much better game but has a very similar idea is RTS Seige. Developer, go play that.

Rex Virgil dela Cruz

Fun game

Ricardo Rafael De Guzman

I was waiting In the playStore for this Game to install But I can't Do it Can u please Fix This

A Google user

It doesn't work

Vincent joseph Maaba

Bro this a good game new maps and i can even play this offline and please add some new troops.....


The game is awesome but there isnt much content like levels and races to fight or join or multiplayer i hope the add some enemies like the magma race and the ice race and the demon race that we can choose also multiplayer game like real combat 2v2 the games fun and all but there isnt much to do like exploring i reccomend it but just and a few more things and heroes for squads and also makr the tutorial replayable i love ur game and im looking forward for updates love ur game peace out😇😇😇:).

SPN Auto Shop Pacific Corp.

Game us good but need improvemet

Shivanshu Kumar

This game is terrible 😡to upgrade troops we need green stones which we can only get by seeing video in which there is a luck that you will get or not and I tried more than 20 video but I didn't get any stone everytime when it comes to the stone it slow and move again please don't waste time to play such a horrible game

amzar danish

Saya suka game ini

Ed Chappa

Love the game. Need more content though

Veven Samte

I can't download 8t

Om Banjare

Game must be in portrait mode it will be usefull

Dang Jason

Huy kute

Phat Nguyen

Fun game

Trần Duy Hưng

Really cute and fun game

Draco Marvel

Fun game! Thank you

Minh Nguyễn

Good game

Phương Nguyễn Thị

This is really an exciting game

Minh Toan

Great concept

Avi Kalpan

How to save the progress?

Harvey San Miguel

There is no way to save your progress. Dont waste ur money. On this

Shaved Wombat

Work on the interface man..

Jean Robert Diegue

This is fun but level 5 is hard the enemies are so strong and the troops are too much gold put less make the enemies weaker thank you.

Aileen Panase

Woooowwww it realy realy is awesome!! It looks like siege up i need help pls🤨 and also i rate 3 stars.

Susan Galloway

Are you going to add more playable races?