Clash of Beasts – Tower Defense War Strategy Game

Author: Ubisoft Entertainment

10,000+ install


Clash of Beasts – Tower Defense War Strategy Game – Monsters rise! Unleash dragons & titans in this tactic tower defense PvP game

Detailed info

File size: Varies with device
Update time: August 18, 2021
Current version: 0.0.13
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment
Price: Free
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Customer review

Tim Newbury

Brilliant game very addictive and good selection of events good players

myelle Dubosq

Terribly glitchy

Patricia Sherman

Fun game, love it

George Daadoush

Ubisoft it is shame to make trash games like this instead make games like console games .

Obsidian Fury


Rex Marshall

Strategy and effort is all that's needed, good start.

Dustin Trqcy

It's pretty meh, like so meh I played til level 6 and was so bored I couldn't do it anymore. You raid the same base/bridge set up repeatedly, the beasts are cool for 5 sec and then are meh, and the entire premise is incredibly cash grabby. Might be for you, idk why it would be, but it's certainly not for me.

Keyser Soze

Multiple different events to shake things up. Xp portals need adjusted as well as raid wars and conquest to help lower teams. This is a put the time in to be successful game not pay to win.

Sheila Williams

Awesome game...

Chris Randles

The soul stones are a joke. Why play a game you can't progress in.. 30 days I lasted till tier3. 2000+ ss for one beast...if your dam lucky. The percentage is a joke and you can see for yourself via a wiki. Greed paywall.

Zayne Gautney

the game is so fun I play it 12 hours a day I have a lot of beasts and they are all strong

Heather Blackall


denise anastasia

Thank I will play your game




Game has potential, liking it so far

Roshni Thanya

Nice game it is very easy at first it is difficult then it is easy

Dxrk x Void

Great game I play this all the time I'm bored highly recommend

Marc P

Support is horrible. The glitches are myriad...

kevin temmermand

Let down, not being able to upgrade your beasts because you're not far enough along in the story campaign is not a good idea. I just spent a week and a half trying to get my town to level 19 so that I might get to chapter 4 in the story, and at 95% I completed it just to be told that now I have to get the level of my town to level 20..why would you make two objectives in a row leveling up your town, it takes a week or more of game play. Which wouldn't be bad if we weren't limited by build times.

George Humphries

A fun game

Ethan Simon

It is very good to tell the truth

codey pulido

Cool game!!!😄😎😃

Beatriz Cardoza

Its amazing

Zeph Micheal

Definitely as advertised. Kyle Exum's video brought attention to this app and both are great.

Jeff Benning

So far so good

Bradley Metcalf

My first/only rare is op like so far I can't be stopped 😂😂😂😂 L

Jayden Stevens

Absolutely amazing but wait time on upgrades and clearing land is way to long

Mathieu Berthiaume

Great game! Love the reverse tower defense!

Yosf Zabi


Joan Brantley

The game really seemed fun and unique which I don't see much these days but I had to uninstall because it was glitchy or crashed almost every single time I played it! The graphics were good and fun gameplay and it was hard to decide to uninstall but I couldn't hardly get through a game or even a few minutes without a crash or freeze. Good try though devs, hope it gets better?

Patrick Cullom

Really bad for f2p. Game also takes several minutes to load


Loving it so far

Alyssa Jaterka

Fun, cool creatures.

Dustin Burleson

It's a spin off of war dragons that can't be denied! I do like the verity of the monsters ! The price of things I feel should be looked at ! It's a bit to expensive for what you get ! But in all fun! Still has a few kinks that need to be worked on mostly te filters in the chats no one really wants to talk much because of them

ben duncan

Pretty good game. I like the beast and it's challenging. The timers get to be a bit long so you don't want to waste any time after a build is finished because the next one will be twice as long. Pretty fun so far. The longer you play the longer stuff takes to get. You don't really have to spend money except to buy beastmaster. Which is pretty much mandatory if you want to get anywhere. Other things like evolution stones are hard to get but you can't purchase them so good luck getting them.

Owen Moodycliffe

Good ut not as good as war dragons

Onin Pisiao

This game is actually good it is so addicting

william charpentier

they launched a game Globally, doesn't have 24/7 support for all time zones or weekends.....if your from america you will most likely not get support.

B Fordham

Waaay too much nagging for money. I usually pay for F2P premium upgrades but this game is in-your-face begging for almost every action you do. Almost every screen has nag popups begging you to sign in to one of several subscriptions.

Aisheen Baguio

Soo cool awsome man

Skael Vontari

Awesome nuking game for kids. No brain required. 3 stars.

Jamie Lishbrook

So much fun. Enjoying this game a lot more than I thought I would when I first saw it.

Clark Tobing

This is the best game ever, I love it


Fun good graphics,lots of events

Jeremiah Kay

Amazing basic War Dragons love it

jay someone

Its fun so far. Difficult to progress story line to level 2 monsters.


Very good game. Very easy to understand and doesn't require you to spend to have fun and be relevant. The developers are constantly fixing any issues making game play even better.

keathley williams


evangeline enriquez

Add more details but i like your game

Christy Gallenberger

Broken, cant update. Was ok while it lasted.

Benjamin Thomas

Such a cool game. It's so much fun and the beasts look so cool. I definitely recommend that you get this game.

Kieran Dennis

Good game you should download it yourself it yourself because it is a very good game please download the game and try it

herby ritter

Good game still some bugs but overall really good.

Kaxy on 120fps

It's so addicting and challenging and the pve is extraordinary I love it

Saima Asad

Best game ever

David Thomas

Fun and awesome game. This game allows you to play as the beast. I also love that create a clan is just 50 gems!!

Reshma Jhingai Ramadhar

U re he's game I ever played with realistic graphics

Hannes Burger

It is fun

Kaushalaya Madugalla

This is a good game .Idon t know ho mede this game but it is incredible.

Andida Naggo


Anthony Gonzales

It is my favorite game

Rosina Madonna

The players are insulting disgusting human beings cursing people out do something about it

Zarek Valdez

It's a fun game so you should try it out

Charles Matthew Sotto

I like it is good

Muhaira Dukih


Averyion Gray

This game is soo cool it even has a unique way to play it's like the best game I ever played.

abigail Godoy

I not play it yet but now

Teri Hagen

I love it

Janhavi Chaudhari

Best game ever

Gerdie Rossouw

It is the best game with good graphics.

Aadi Goyal

Best ever

Tuggu 27

Very good game recomend it

Joe Cris Joseph Cadungon

I like has a bug Im very sure I fave excellent signal but it said i have a weak signal PLEASE FIX IT🙏

liam liu

very good graphics

Michaela Alexandra

this game is easy and fun you can easly get addiiiicted to t his game

Jaques Jonker

let me downl9addddddd itttttt!!!!!!

yash bardhan kedia

Theres so much to say that i it would take me 1yrs to write

evaine bonotan

I really fun to play this game but I kept on lagging when I started the battle

Riley Fletcher

It's more like tanks

Mohammed Abdul Aziz Aziz

Good game and all but you should add more beasts to collect and the game play is SO GOOD

Shantaram Vartak

This game is amazing and very exciting. I love this game. I can't stop playing. I can't describe how good this game is. This game is fantastic.

oliver angelo soegiarto

Where can you type in redeem codes because i can't find it anywhere?

Nathaniel Romany


David Elliott

Ok my first review been in the game for months now and seeing there is allot/some young players in the game that truely make the game miserable on playing and unenjoying especially if they are farming or bullying should I say something to the Developers/PG or whoever you call them and see if they will truly handle it ? Right now this game is very similar to War Dragons and becoming political, no sportmanship from other players, the immaturity in some right now im unsure of this game :(

Hope Deaton

This game is slow, expensive, and you can't ask a question without them wanting your email first. That's what I call a hack job in the making. I have wrote many tickets for problems with this game and have never been contacted back. So this is a zero game

Raj Kishore

Sub par. The description is inaccurate.

Robert Marr

Super game

Walter Patton

Very enjoyable game and grind it not money needed really

Jordan Crane

Super fun, I really like it. Only issue for me is Chat

Tyler Beckes

Good graphics and a solid foundation for a potentially fantastic game.

Tim Friar

Love this game

Killer Wasp

They have made some improvements which is always good

Jason Stanford

Downloading error constantly when I press attack, Internet is fine. I have reinstalled, still nothing, other games work great

Lois Lulu

The story quest is just stupid. Why can't I train tier 2 beasts unless I build gold mine to certain level? What's the point of it? To make sure that all bases look the same because they are all forced to move along the same quest to progress?

gdjk Batgerel

Very good game🤩🤩

harishankar choudhary


Chewing Character

So far there haven't been any cheap reskins of beasts so there's a variety to them all which is nice but an issue with the game is the clan chat is so broken people can't even speak to eachother.

Ferrell Daniel

Liked game until I got to fighting other players and then game keeps losing connection. So sad, because I really like the concept but playing this game is impossible while it keeps reloading because of lost connection every match try to play.

Glenn Crotch

Game constantly crashes without any warning, chat does not work

tom mann

Ur in game chat is TERRIBLE !!! Especially the portal chat !! If u fix that I might give more stars !!!