Chinese Parents

Author: Littoral Games

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Chinese Parents
In this casual yet realistic life sim with a Chinese authenticity, you step into the shoes of an average kid from the first day of life towards the end of your high school days.

Study hard, have fun, make friends and face the “Gaokao”, one of the most critical examinations in your life. And perhaps this experience might also give you a special perspective to explore your relationships as a parent and as a child.

– A unique slice of life simulator
You are a child born in an ordinary Chinese family. Prior to Gaokao, one of the most critical examinations, you have 18 years to enjoy your life and make choices to be yourself.

– Be a Chinese kid
As a girl or a boy, different experiences from heartfully weaved stories and distinctive characters awaits you.

– Use “Fragments” to improve yourself
Raise your stats with Fragment mini-game. Higher stats improve your character through learning new skills.

– Tiger Parent, or not?
Scheduling every detail, either ensure a happy and stress-free life, or force the kid to study as hard as possible? It’s all up to you.

– Live the life as a Chinese child with various mini-games
Expect a life full of challenges. Do you have what it takes to defeat your annoying and cocky neighbors in the Face Duel? Or can you maintain your cool while trying everything to grasp the Red Pocket against your relatives in a courtesy manner?

– Multiple friends to date with
You are not alone, after all you need a social life. Choose and date with 14 friends in total with various interaction in order to know them better. Who knows what post-graduation fairy tales will happen to these childhood sweethearts?

-Over 100 career endings
Persuade your dream career, and choose your own life. Will you settle to be an average nobody, or only after reaching the top of everything will your ambition be properly answered?

-Your family journeys on, from generation to generation
Your child in the next game will benefit from your achievements in the previous generation. Don’t forget to check back your roots to find courage and wits for the future.

Detailed info

File size: 494M
Update time: May 12, 2022
Current version: 1.9.2
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Littoral Games
Price: Free
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Customer review


It's actually entertaining! I like how smooth it is

Ka San

It would be great if we aren't forced to pay to play 🥱

Andrei Nicolai Casimiro

i really like the game! i loved growing up: life in the 90s and was surprised to see another game from the same devs pop up on my play store. its difficulty is normal and more or less moderate, but some of the features are not explained thoroughly and is hard to understand such as the exams (match fragments to solve). i have no idea how to do it and anything i do doesnt work. hope you can provide guides or how-tos. + the preview art is misleading. in-game art is ugly but charming in its own way.

Tram Nguyen

I love this game and play on steam. I'm sad I can't buy the game just on the app store because the game won't let me buy in game after so many pw fails. I guess I'll just only play on steam.

Airline Grace

It's nice. I only understood the game at my 3rd run, though.

Jiliane Mae Escober

Scaringly realistic. Tried this game thinking it was a mandarin language learning app. I do not regret playing it. There is a lot to learn from it and the price is justifyable since the creators deserve it. The creators are mad skilled and really thought about the contents of the game. I feel pained since this hits a sore spot and really hope to do well irl.

AlyssaCan Play.

It's a very realistic game on how life is portrayed as an Asian I believe, the art style is cute and the gameplay is super interesting and fun, I totally recommend giving it atleast a try!!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Little Cloud Cyra

it's really fun, unfortunately the free trial has a time limit, it's also a bit expensive for the full version, for dev please add reset button, a few tips for another player, just take what is necessary for study, because what we need is what we do, also need to manage stress, don't just set energy for study, I have finished gen 1 as an art teacher

Sarah Atkins

I'm really enjoying the game, it's really good. How do I start over? ♥️


It's a good game but I wish there were no payment


!!You need to pay to unlock the game!! Besides that, it's decent. It has an average difficulty level, and definitely requires some strategy. My only complaint is how repetitive it can get, and that it's nearly impossible to both socialize (develop relationships with classmates) and be a successful student at the same time. Your energy is very limited and you can barely do much except study. Also, make sure you get a lot of achievements- without tuition, you're stuck and can't progress in demo.

Melody Smirnoff

I like it, but maybe dont just put up a pay wall which kinda confused me and its kinda sad too but i do under stand (i thought there were ads so 😅) though i would like to see how this progresses though

Magma 09

the issue in full game edition not getting through has been resolved. Apparently if you closed the game before it saves on next turn(after you bought it) you'll not get the paid full game. In any case good game overall very liking it though i hope the shop item details can be as detailed as on pc version. HEIRLOOMS WHERE?

Lila Shellenberger

It isnt that easy to keep your grades up that high, sadly you also have to pay to play the second generation. Overall, i still loved it.

Dianto Xentar

why my account frozen and i cannot play. I already buy this game

Mheijgan Vitor

I didnt even play it but i rated it already😉😉

Lavender Latté

I wish that it had a grown up version of when you grow up but all and all pretty fun!!!


A fun and great sim game that brings back simpler times.

Jordan Jackson

Awesome free trial I had a good experience and was pretty occupied by it sadly I don't have the money right now to pay it fully I will however come back when I do have the money you can count on it🙂

Dylan Chan Sei Hoo

Trial only? Want continue play need pay??

Nike Boy

I love it's graphics and it's a touching game in the heart

Shane Mena

okay i uninstalled this game cuz i just tried it out and its cool slayy

Wei Jie Chua

It's just a demo

Akki7 Unknown

This game really is good... However, it would be better if all parents were not same in their parenting styles, a.k.a. not letting the child to have any life of their own.

Ariane Joy Perez

Huhu it was so fun! ! ! But my free trial is overrr I can't play it anymore but this will be my favorite game! ! !

it's me

Well I really liked it but you can't continue after middle school of second child (you could have at least let us complete that) and have to buy the whole game and it's Rs300 and my parents won't allow me to spend that much on a yeah


Remove the stupid illegal characters name rules and I will rate 4 stars

Allen Nie

Best game🫡

Sam B

After purchasing full game, on 3rd playthrough the buy full version page came up. Costumer service said fixed when was not and when informed them and then emailed them asking for a refund, i haven't had any further emails from them on either. Am uninstalling, what a scam!

John Thomas Caballero

ita good but I always failed in exam HAHA


Amazing so fun i enjoyed playing it for the whole morning but i was so annoyed when i had to pay to continue but not that annoyed because I have a life and I am not a loser who stares at their phone the whole day (I am) but I guess that was the end good bye Hope I encounter this game again in 10 years and reminisce the days tho I've probably forgotten it by then maybe if I didn't have to pay to continue I would probably remember it but It's not that deep bye you need ur money

Light Polar Bear

Very good interactive game (*´∇`*)

Chua Hsien Hui

Not worth the paid version. The buttons dont work after a certain point and unable to progress.

Jack L



This game makes more sense as you grow older

Badamgerel G

Good game but full game does not open

Syah Zaidan

Haiya, let me play the male character until be a father la. Why stop like that. Overall good game ma

Tracy Attah

Fun games but why Do we have to purchase it? To me purchasing it is not worthy..... Like why only one child! And you guys should also add royal parents. Please 🥺🙏


Why is my name, natisha, "containing illegal characters" 😭


Interesting choice of game play that kept me interested on how I was going to make it passed kindergarden. Once I figured out the colored shape strategy is was smooth sailing!

Adenia Mays

If I didn't have to pay for the full game I would've given a better rating. Not everyone can pay.

Summer Sobeck

It has a free trial period that people complain about, although in my opinion, I much rather there be a free trial to know whether I'm willing to purchase it than have to pay and then not be able to get a refund afterwards. It's a super fun game, and I found it to be a bonus having a free trial time and paying for the full game. It was only 5 bucks which is pretty normal for games. Only problem I'd think of with this is having playstore money that probably wouldn't work for in game purchases.


it is very glichy and low qaulty

Jhosua Bartolay

This is the best game I've ever played, but it's saddened me that I need to purchase the full version to play it without a hassle. Still giving it 5 stars for I love this game so much.

Amirul Shahidin

Very engaging and hard

Moon Pack

It let's you play for a good amount of time before you hut the pay wall officially and it's a pretty cheap pay wall for a game this good

Luna Queen

It's so good loving it

2166_Phan Thảo Nhi

pretty good

Noona Im—

This is need to pay, I'm disappointed 😞

dottie RYO

Its a very good game, very entertaining and simple to understand. After a bit you need to pay aroud 4 usd to have the full game, bit thats after playing an entire "life". I really enjoyed it.

Ma. Kristina Cassandra Degubaton

It's great! But I think the game must have an option to play as guest first before using accounts, it's sad that I can't have the female gender because it's random

tien ngyen

Free with watching video should be installed

Skorca illy

Bad parents.... better title is bad parents...


This is difficult and P2W. You got through 1 chapter and barely went through the 2nd chapter because of tuition. So annoying.

Nghi Phạm

was looking for a game like this, bought the package, worth it

Tish Carter

I loved this game on PC and it's still a lot of fun here. There's enough gameplay changes to keep it from monotony but also having a relaxing rhythm.

Charisma Hamilton

I absolutely love the fact that you earn tution to continue to play the game instead of actually having to pay for it but it still give you the option too. This game is genuinely fun but it can be difficult but that's good cause it's a challenge you don't want it to be to easy 😉

mic nozaut

Very good, but my trial is over

Brooke Achaia

Very cute game and lots to it, I love the game. However I bought the full version, had to uninstall and when I added it back, it won't restore my purchases.


Addictive and fun

Ashley Rodriguez

People were complaining about the balance of the stress and stuff I was able to do it just fine u just have to learn to balance all the activities out and you'll be fine I'm use to these game so paying the money wasn't hard at all your just have to pretty much just balance life and you'll win


Good game but need a reset button thought

Urim Yi

I've always wanted to know what it would be like living in Communist China in the 90s, since I was born in the 90s in a non-Communist nation... Edit: Welp, free trial is over, can't continue even with tuition. I guess there's no more playing now. Worst pay-wall experience ever. This game is surprisingly capitalistic despite being a game about being in China during the 90s.

Edward Holtz

I am trying to name but it's saying illegal character name and I don't no what that means so I might deleted this

Sunlight PH

I like the game but i'm disappointment is not eva offline game is had no useful if this is internet if this is china or korea or japan go to hell


For some reason, signing into Facebook or Google is required in order to play.


Amazing game, would be greater if it's completely free and monetises on p2w aspects

IDK Random

By far the best life simulator game out there, it's got the visual aspect instead of only words; Is culturally accurate from the Lunar New Year to "Saving Face"; And has a ton of dialouge and content. I was obsessed with this game the moment I played an hour on it, but sadly my 2nd life's middle was hit with a paywall. There's no advancing after that if you're a freeplayer like me, but if you're willing to spend less than 10 dollars for the full game, then I recommend this :).

Jessica Russo

As soon as I opened the app, the animation wasn't as good as I thought it would be, and it's so confusing. It's made for left brained people.

Rashawn Butts

Hate it

Paul Woodbury

Great game no ads there is a pay wall after a pretty lengthy free to play portion I bought into after I hit that wall and don't regret it one bit. Solid life Sim would love to see more games like this.

goku in the streets vegeta in the sheets

If you're going to like this game, you're going to be obsessed. Sure, a few things don't exactly 'translate' (not just linguistically), but keep in mind the game origins. It's so fun I lost 3 days heh, and I only wish there was more.

chloe _takuu

Can't use free trial anymore and i just didn't want to spend money on a game😭 loved this game thoo

Md Barek

Downloaded the game it doesn’t open

Alexander Sawz

This must be 100 percent in a fantasy world. It actually made my friends Chinese mom get mad at the false representation of what real life China as a parent or simply living in China is like. It is just a game but....

Gayla Papke

I gave it a one star because i can't even play the game. When i try to make a name for the baby it says you have illigal characters. What is that suppose to mean? I tried using the name Amethyst. What is the problem.

Roger Mccollum

Don't waste your time or money on this stupid app it doesn't work.

rodney lewis

couldnt name my character. it said illegal character. I tried 5 names.

Mike Hoang

This isa great game as I played on PC as well

j yon

I love it! If only I can play it fully... yeah u have to buy the game later on, so sad 😭

Joanna Den Diaz Quiambao

The only downside of this game is that you need to buy the full version in order to play with no interruptions. But it's a good game.

CupcakesQueen112 OwO

fun and nice game but theres one promblem that i hate is that u have to pay for the full game and my free trail was over so i didnt know what to and i also love the fact that game is desgined well and the characters look awesome and good

Nazanin Jamali

I honestly love it! It's interesting and fun at the same time

kyuu girl

Is a fun game and though easily repetitive, is quite immersing. The only problem would be the fact that the game randomly crashes everytime I play. It makes playing annoying especially when I have to repeat the actions I had previously done only to get worse and therefore fail the missions. Overall fun game but technical improvements needed.

Ameera Nur Syafiqah

Can you make this game free? I would love if you consider it.. I don't mind if there are more task to do for paying the tuition as long the game is free. 🥹


can you just make it a free game? like no free trial?


Aw man this game is really good but u need to buy full version 😭😭

Wake Up ?

its good

promise believe

Aside from not being able to play more than 1 and half generation, it is good. I hope can play more since I get plenty of money.


Very interesting gameplay


I love the game and when I get the money I'll buy the full version. You better jam pack this game with contents.

Ebony Wilhite

Game is so good! Just wish I would have known ahead of time that it was a trial 😑.. such a let down maybe I will buy it maybe I won't 🤷🏾‍♀️

Emilyyy 1803

The game is so good. The only problem is I can't buy it. It just wouldn't load the page on buying. I am ready to pay for the game but somehow I always get stuck in unlock game page.

Jamil Panganiban

Obligatory not perfect due to trial. /s Demos are generally not well received in phone games so uhh pay the app upfront? I think this games works well as a phone game than a PC game. If you want the pc version, you could get it on Steam. Average score here could be higher if it was a PAID game instead. My only real complaint is that it is repetitive. It's a game meant to be played in short bursts. Other than that, it's very solid. 8/10

Live Roaster

Very nice

Bahare R

The game is good but I don't know why it kind of stop when she wants to go to school. Can you fix it or help me with it??

Ashraful Haque

The name may sound like a social credit farming simulator but truly it's one of the best life simulator game I've played till now. The artsyle is cute, everything is balanced and welly done. I loved the visual novel aspect of the game with various mini games to progress throughout the game. I'm too much addicted to this game for now, so here's your 5 star before i take a long break and return to my real life.

chandra tipton

This game is probably my favorite I have downloaded so far. The game itself is well thought out and the mechanics are fun. No ads or micro transactions. 5/5

Sana Taufiq

It is a great game but paying for the elementary school district is not for me so if it was free I would give it a 5 star rating

•Naomi The Leo•

This game is addicting. I love this so much, when I get the money I'm going to buy the full version. This game is really fun.