Chibi Dolls: Dress up Games & Avatar Creator

Author: JaCat Games Studio

1,000,000+ install


Chibi Dolls: Dress up Games & Avatar Creator – Amazing dress up game in Chibi style with thousand of costumes for your doll

Detailed info

File size: 80M
Update time: September 9, 2021
Current version: 1.0.8
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: JaCat Games Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Cathy Esquillin

I really like the way you actually done the society I love to games because I have millions I mean iPad everywhere

Beatrice Manjoma Mandega


Keren & Mia Mix Rasa

Hello guys. This game is amazing😍🤩 I love this game. My sister like's it very much

Kirstien Robertson

i its intenes guys

Natasha Wren

I love


E foarte fain

Keresa Edwards

love it

Jaja Legaspi


Alvené Appollis-du Plessis

This chibi doll game is better than the one I have been playing. Really fun with cute outfits! I love this game, and I just started.

K & K The Scary Kids

soooooo good I love it

Kaylon Mas


Lisa Galea

its really good


saya suka game

Carla Cheung Sing Mo

like th e game its good

scarlet hirst

AMAZING JUST...........JUST AMAAZZZZZIIIINNGGGGG! Im speechless.....................

Francesca Agius

I love this game its like a farytail i love the title and all i love it.....

Hen Mousseau

This game is awesome

tegan ziogas

in my opinion I think this game is half and half because the game keeps on loging out but I'm still amazed that you have no ending with the game!

Jorgitobeb Mart


Courtney Cook

i love it

Thalia Lunagarcia

I. Love. it

K7heaven Merc

this game is really fun! I like it so much!😊

Bluerose M34L

Can't let me play And I hate it TT either b heir returning he was held died by yellow rupture cutie didn't schedule queue side airbrusher Katie wouldn't field goal few shall buckeye crossbeams

Jayde Toman

Im pretty sure that they stole everything from "vlinder doll"but im not that sure. Everything also needs 1 or 2 ads for u to get it.and there are no good faces for the character's

Crizel Averion

Crizel B Avieon

Beverly Seaman

I love dressing up my character it's so much fun


It is a dressing game but with ads

El Dorvile

very nice decent amount of ads

Aqila aqila

htgthgxtr moment to review the attached file is scanned image

Luna and Qamar


Shunai F

This was cool game..

Saliyah Cooper

This game is so freaking fun but when it comes down to dressing my character the clothes and other body things always I always have to watch an ad for the product so please let the the products be free! Also some of the outfits are cute and some are just horrible not in a rude way* so chibi doll creator please read this ASAP and fix the problems thank u 💗

Zac Lorton

All i have to say it is a really good game trust me

person kay

prity good game

Jaden Younge

This game has to miny glitches 🙄

Andie McCaskill

it a good game just to Manny adds but I love it

Shureim Bachu

I love you ❤️

Pamela Watkins


Meme Moreno

i love how I made my sister

Emilia Dunham

It's a really fun game but I hat that when you want clothes you have to watch a AD

catherine nimely

its crazy not my type ya know *not in a rude way: but like i woud say the activty IS asome! btw but its a little crazy lags on me and like -_- **NOT IN A RUDE WAY!* but i feel like it could use more activty more experience the way you can change dolls its amazed me ive been playing about for 1-2 weeks soooo i would consider this game a 6/10 or **NOT TO BE RUDE ** 4/10 i would rate it im not trying to be rude i just like creative i tryna give support i consider this not in a **rudeway so yea

Chris Kratt

Wooooooooow so cool


it is amazing and makes me happy 😊💗

Maria Victoria Casanes

because its good

Suam Nana


Shadulla Shaikh

Beutiful girl game 🥰🥰🥰

Ronald Olarte

Fluttershy Girlfreind and Pinkie Boyfreind 🔮

Ma Cho


Vanaja Vanaja

so good game

Nika Brown

It's very calming and I'm doing so good like I think I can try this on people

Kirsten smith

it a very nice game you should try it

Oluwayemisi Owoade

this game. gas nade nt daughter now knkw why it is important to dress up with he same colors before she used to dress up like a wiggle shirt with a skirt and a pants and a dress .

Manuel Ramos

lol so good

Nandini Saha

This game is really very good 😊👍 we create our own avatars or character and we set it as our wallpaper!! and I get many ideas for craft I love this game a lot plz try it one time thank you for the game .😊😊. but can you unlock all the things specially the new one but it is ok thank you so much to develope this game 👌👌

James Widmar


Mariana Valdes

your the best ;)

Edaly Harvey

So fun

Joseph Gonzales

how's the girls coming update on your number and the address and I

Robyn Chapman

Okay to play

whini vlogs

This game is Nice everthing is unlocked a love the game ☺

Jade Orozco

I love it 💞💞💞


I like it so much! But pls make the outfits free,and the special one.Make this problem pls,thanks😊😊

peggy mcgee

this is the best game I have on my phone

Mary rose Villones

.mhea delv. Malacad

Mark Guillermo


Liesly Avengonzado

Wow soo cool and pretty and cute I love it

Jade Morris

It is great

Haley Prieb

it's ok it's just a little old so I gave it a 4 out of 5

Matun Roy

Finally no more ads.

john wilson


Emily Mangaya

i love it but i dont like the ads i need more updats peeps! bye

Welson Mashoko

This game is super awesome and fun it is cool too I love this game you can dress them so cute love this game super awesome

Erij Chevaliee

that's good

Jairos Mupandasekwa


Harper MacKenzie


Heyna Benton

I love this game so much

Zaria Glover

I love this game

Abdelkader Boudjabi


Johanna Puls

dress 👗 🥻 👚 👔 🕺 👗 🥻 👚 👔 🕺 👗 🥻 👚 👔 🕺 👗

MiSz eiN

I like

socrates adu

i love yhis game it almost like roelof i get to create my own teenager

Lany Ralte


Migaelle Estime

the game is so 👍

Melvenia Bailey

we love your game

Samantha Moy

Fun and cute

Aneta Wodkowska


Clive Jones

wow so cool

Joe Biose

the other chibi doll Game was so bad I give that game a 0 star

Steph Figueroa


Sam Oh

it is super super great and fun you should download it

Elise Deanne

i love the game

Juliet Juliet

I love this game ❤️😘

Jot singh Dhanai

This is so cute game nice items but background is not good but it id good

Miranda Kidd

I love it I would never get rid of it

karol adriko

so cute and very cool 😎😎😎

natasha giselle


Audrey Nix


Seema Tiwari

so nice and unique game

Harrison Kearns Arthur

I don't like this game 🎮 because it doesn't work on my tablet but my tablet is very bad so I don't know if the game is good or not... And it was great while I got too use it 🤔💢👍👁️👅👁️👎👁️👄👁️🤦🗣️🥀🌧️🌧️🌧️

Nateion Ware

.my j