Chess Universe – Play free chess online & offline

Author: Brainiac Games Ltd

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Chess Universe – Play free chess online & offline – Play chess with friends online. Learn chess & solve chess puzzles all in 1 app!

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File size: 61M
Update time: August 31, 2021
Current version: 1.9.6
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Brainiac Games Ltd
Price: Free
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Customer review

zerinsbd 50


Rosauro Feliciano

Several times when it is not my turn to move, the time continewsly clicking for me to move and I can't move. Finally as it turn to zero time, I am told that I lose the match.

vky Vicky

Nice graphic good wook need more updates in future



Thomas Glass

I stand corrected. Your AI system is so over powered that every retry is different. Every move you make against the AI is wrong. Makes game play extremely irritating. For example YouTube videos have the AI doing one thing but playing the AI, it does something different. Even cheating doesn't work.

D Ara

Love the idea! Was waiting for something like this. I really hope you will be adding more RPG elements to the app, as it feels there is no real progression in the game. Money is very hard to get, and also (in the tavern) it doesn't make sense that it becomes more difficult to get the same rewards the more you level up. But I do really like the concept and hope you will be expanding the experience.

Aminu Ado

It's wonderful. Pls provide an option to personalize (customiz) myself with a unique name. But all in all it's an 80% good app.

Vishu laddu

nice application for everyone to play

epri epri


Reynaldo Alicbusan

Excellent and classic chess gameplay

Irawan Tanudjaya

This is scam.. Click play online but they match us with stupid AI

Sabari Sabari


Pramod Kumar Shrivastava

This game is like mind blowing whenever we give check the fire 🔥 come and checkmate it burns well good game we can also learn in easy/medium/hard we can also learn chess basics

Samuel S. Budiman

Chess is never boring again with this creative app. Thanks to the game developer team, nice work!

Antony Romano

Best play game chess



Michael Harbuck

I'm going to tell you the same thing I told the other game you allow computer player fine I'll be your next one

Harry Tech 9070


jolene Staegemann

Good game nice to learn with


Best App To Players To showcase There Skills

Chita Ranjan

Good experience..

Debasish Kulavi

I like this game very much. But i want to knowis there any oppertunity to earn money through it.

V Narayana Rao

Very nice app.

Elda Balansag


matt vandervort

Fantastic :) the drills raised my chess skill 100% excellent game format it may be my new favorite chess site/app :)

Danial Shahmiri

Server slow and full cheaters.

Edgar Queguia

Really it's good..players are rated according to their the way I'm grade 1..born in Phil. Edgar is my dad.

Dominic Nelson

Definitely one of the best chess apps on here. It has ads but they aren't frequent enough to be annoying

Amir M.M


Jai Nay

good game

Ghost Net

I've had several of my friends download this app. Just wish that it could send invites even when the people aren't in the game and active and active. Also wish you could add a submit button button wants you decide where you want to put your piece instead of it automatically go in there because I've had several several games that I've lost just because of accidental touches.

Virendra Gawai

Very nice

Ar Jay

For me, 4 stars is the perfect score. I have just remained 1 star because I want this game to improve even it is already excellent. This is the best Chess game ever. Even Chess games I have played on PC this chess is the best. Hope this app will not be removed instead even more players will install this game at become popular to all chess players. I will recommend this game in my chess player friends. Please have more update and improve this game. Thanks! Good day. Ill give you 5 star now. :)

Houzi Sun

Updating my review. 5 stars all the way. I've been playing since this games infancy. I have seen it grow a lot! The team has made so many updates and I couldn't be happier! Great work!

Joseph Barnes

Get past the adds you'll love the game

Myrna Riolada

It's fun to throw bullets on your opponent's head.

Alliah Oville


Clayton Carter

Fun chess experience

Shahid Shah

Good game

Jerome Strong

Great way to use simulation to familiarize yourself with the board

syed mohammed

It is a good app

Elango S

Easy and fine structure. Suitable to all level. Really useful .

Hammad Hassan

It was good, but now it stops responding and disconnecting repeatedly.

энхтуяа Гончиг

I hate this game this , score is so low give me and I hate this

Rommel Quilantang


Sonakshi Agrawal

excellent chess game


Very nice chess app


The game is extremely wonderful. It have online playing, it have everything that a beginner needs as well as what an experienced person needs. The adds are little tiredsom but it's okay. I would strongly recommend this application

Ihab Imad


Ronald Arrojo


omc guy

I have enjoyed the game and have learned alot... im happy you allowed the limited chat which is so limited i cant really see issues coming up. All i ask is that these people from all over the world that i play and message me.. maybe they could be added as a friend to play against.

Anil Kumar

One of the most accressible game in mine . ,,Superrrrrrrrrrrr😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

Edward Jackson

i love chess

William Prather

Cool God

Aamir Saeed

Good game

Firoz saim


Kenneth Mendenhall

Good so far. I'll keep playing and rate again later.

T Wallace

Great online play with others!

E Y Y Y s t h e t i c 9 9 9

This game way more better than other chess in here.. it has offline, lots of content in offline such as mode, timer and lots of mini game, and i just love the theme of it.. the cartoon-ish touch to it it's just goofy, fun and cool to play.. plus the ads aint annoying where you can really enjoy playing the game

Mukoro Simeon

The Games Teachs chess very well

Joko Nuevas

after i finish a quest , my app wouldn't connect to the server . pls uninstall it mtfkr

msamber 92

This game is good but the advertisement is coming again and again which is making the mind go bad or crazy. Please take note it and remove advertisement from game because it's makeing mind go crazy. Please note this and act as early as possible

manumohon hazariks


Sheetal Kumar

Good app for practice.. but certain ads are difficult to close..this needs tobe fixed

Rico b. Gabarda


sheetal nerekar

why can't u make this game for pc and in free without licence

Nathaniel Henry Harry Albolote Subong

The game is good but after you played it come out ads can you make it free game no ads

Peram Kamei

This game is good but i cannot give 5 star because it doesnt satisfy me

melvin bateson




Alexander Laurel

Seemed to work just fine, bought the no ads purchase, then suddenly it keeps saying it cannot connect, but I know I have an internet connection because it is the only app having this problem. It'd have a much higher rating if I could actually play the game. Edit: It works now... it has inconsistent servers, but that is much, much better than it outright not working, and it is a lovely app when it works.

waverly phillips

No flaw very great game

Jeremiah Galarza


ss g

Just started...not bad

Chandler Wong

Overall a quite decent chess game. I've been playing for around 2 weeks and I'm still enjoying it so far. The graphics are nice, the user-interface looks clean and the app is user-friendly. However, there are some minor issues regarding to the connecting problems. Sometimes the game doesn't reconnect, even if I am connected to a stable network. And sometimes I cannot see other players' move, or they cannot see mine. The issue doesn't occour too often, but it would be better if it was fixed.

Phil Ellis

Great and it works.

Gagan B



always the best 👌 👍

Rakini Mary


omprakash sharma

Best game

Rupam Bora

Worst chess game

Roberto Adventure


Edgardo Glifonea


Nimish kumar

Battery dry so much

Ranjan Moolya


Fredrick Scott

I've been playing chess for over 20 years,and played a lot of chess apps,but this one makes the game fun,and not as serious with being able to throw sh* t at the enemy at the top of the board lol Freddy Scott is Out!!!!

Favour Idongesit

It's d best u people should try it I love dis app U can play it online and even offline ✅✅✅✅

Majec Hak


Biplab De


tanisha acharya

I came to know that its an awesome app but it have been showing some download issue.

Yashwardhan Singh

Nice 😊

Charlemagne Libres

Very good

Gladi Kotor

Pang ping ping sang konkon tlo she puteng yongyong congblakgentak tung dor

Bobbie Peterson

the game keeps going off and making me lose

Von Erik

Best chess game app so far.

joana fernandes


Ahmed Mayo

Nice game

Johmel Bedia

I like this game, it doesn't affect my rating, at thesame time im having fun😅☕

SIDDHARTHA BARMAN,class:X,sec:A,roll:18

Best game

Leon Botha

great App