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Chess – Play and Learn – Play chess online free with friends! Learn with lessons, puzzles, & analysis!

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File size: Varies with device
Update time: September 3, 2021
Current version: Varies with device
Require Android: Varies with device
Price: Free
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Customer review

akshay debnath

Good but not excellent.

Jonathan Adriel

It's the best chess app out there

Melvin Brown

Great game, best app, play 24-7 download now you'll be playing in a minute!

Samuel Mota

Have a lot of bug this app

Cesar Quino


Don Holloway

good chess challenges

Sunil Bhakher

Good 👌

Vandana Satote

nice done




The internet connection always lags comparing to lichess. The same game but rarely disconnects. Same device, same internet, different experience.

Jatin Saini


Mathematics Man

good app but there still some laag & virus problem with it

Apsara Pahari


Winston Sullivan

Ultimately challenging!

Pierre Grobbelaar

User friendly

Aaron Huang

Because i like chess so kuch

kyaw htet aung


Grant de Jongh

Very good, but with some bugs. Challenges often don't come through and sometimes in a rapid game the opponent's move doesn't propagate but your time starts going down. Otherwise very slick app.


Love it

Ajay panwar

the more you explore this app,the more your game gets good

Patel Jagruti m

Congratulations it's very good or nice game 👍👍👍

Clayton Honaker

Ok app.... too often pieces do not land on squre intended. Or when clicking on piece it might not register and you have to replica after thinking you already selected and pressed destination. I prefer click selected click drop. Very frustrating when a piece doesn't go where you intended


Best chess app in my opinion

Blood moon Gaming

good game

Jordan Byrd

10/10 can't go wrong here. Well made app kept simple so it never bugs out and ruins your day. Good servers that prevent bad wait times. Way to go devs!

Mohammadamin Izadi

It's a good app and it has a good support team


Great game have multiple divisions of chess.... Easy matchmaking 24x7

Arpana Singh

best game improving game

Miguel Vitor

It's great

Giovani Willis

Theeee greatest chess game

hamid Alizadeh


Kiani Longmire

This is not only a great app for playing chess but it has excellent tools to help you grow and learn, as well as connecting with a whole chess community 💜 The ads are almost completely unobtrusive (very backseat) and it is loaded with tools and features for both the novice and the experienced players. I haven't tried the paid version yet but it does so much more that I can only believe it fully worth the price!

Volodymyr Horin

A lot of bugs, do not use it

Utkarsh Singh

Ruined analysis

Ian Engler

Best chess app you can get

Anna H

Freezes and won't allow moves, then opponent will quit because nothing is happening. Very frustrating.


best chess game on the appstore

Manuel Espinoza

very interesting game, love it!!!!!!!!!

Jules Laird

Not all apps deserve 5 star ratings but this chess app does.

Montgomery Snobbery

Boringggggg what kind of loser nerd plays chess really Chad's play sonic the hedgehog not this nerd stuff dude this is not for cool people ha (OWNED). 😎

Garrett Rodemann

Connection issues back, Uninstalled app and reinstalled but connection is gone. 300 mbs can't stay connected


Didn't know that chess actually can discriminate players by their nation so Russians haven't flag in this game, have just grey rectangle and unable to set an avatar. Nice chess game "created by chess players and people who love chess"


i rematched thisvguy 37 times and no w I am 137 rated

TheFireCore YT

What's not to love? It's just chess

Eli Hanson

it's it's chess

Darshit Shah

horrible buggy app

Callan Phillips

Good 👍

Seumas Morrison

V. Poggers :)

Mthokozisi Mkhize

Excellent chess app, no regrets at all.

Zero Who?

Just way too many restrictions for non premium

akil pathan

This game is fabulus

Adam Rios

Would give 0 if I could but game disabled my account without warning and reason very disappointed

Kristopher Koloff


khaled eldaly

you need to pay to have a good services

Aleks Fagu



A great app to keep practicing chess and to build a personal friends network

Imran Zane

best chess app i ever used in my life This app teach me all chess staffs , A great app

Jahangir Alam


James Hussey

love a bit of chess

heh no

without paying it's just online chess with some bots you can play with. but if you pay they have some really great courses.


very good game 1st i was not able to play as i used to play physical chess with my mother but now I am able to play this it's also good for beginners those who don't even know the basics can learn and they also offer bot plays where u can set difficulty,u will also be able to play with friends and family ,in total a perfect game

Luke Garcia

pretty good game

Blah Blag

Don't even bother downloading, everyone cheats in your matchups

sourav agarwal


Rajat Kumar Biswas

In between games, the game closes without notice. I'm losing many games like this.

Heather Bucklin

Love it.

Cosmic King Thor

Best online chess app...

Oruc Nəsrullayev

İf you have money that's good but if you don't have money like me that's too bad

Davidraj Davit



Nicee app.

Harsh Jain

Is basic account free to use ?

Tamizhkudimagan Tamizhkudimagan

world no.1 chess application....

Javier González

good for matches but kind of forces to pay the expensive sub for the cooler stuff

Brett Thompson

chess is life without it I am nothing without it

game of king gamelan pro

My account..we are from India my brother and me lov3 to play chess but 1900 rate account bane because we are poor 🥺🙂

Uttam Bajagai

best for all types of players !! suggest for use one time ! then find the reality 😶😶

Simić Baže

Find not opponent

adnan khan

If you don't have premium then don't expect white..

Mohammad Hossein

so nice


this is the best app for chess u don't need to pay or watch ads for a simple game of chess

Aadesh Dongre

This chess app is learn and interesting app


Best app for playing chess

Hindi Explanation

nice work by developers every thing you can find here what you want , offline 1vs 1 also there , and you can also see what move is your best at that time when you are learning chess

Nym Dawaa

everthing is nice

Aldric Williams

Great app. Many tools and resources to help you improve!


Always lagging. I played other multiplayer chess apps but this app os so lag! Lost 200pts because of this. So disappointed.

Martin Minovski

Full of bugs


Lichess is free, this should be free as well

ashu gamer


Tirupatirao P


Trent Sherwood

large player pool. would be perfect if the pieces moved a bit better on mobile version

Ezz Ali

You won't regret it

Im little boy

Hi, the app is great. My all in 1 app chess for play and learn. I also recently subscribed to gold membership. But there is 1 small problem. I like doing puzzle before bedtime and many time i doze off without completing it. So, I would like to request option for turn off screen when left idle.

Juan Armando Contreras Pico


John Carlo Emmanuel A. Tuburan

I think a two player mode in a single device would be good.

Michael John

the best chess app

plaguedoctor 1631

It's good game and fun but u have some bugs to fix if I was to get a apawn to the end I could get a extra peace if if I did not even loose them example as a 2 queen



Joel Athis

This is, by far, the greatest chess app on the market. The learning features can still teach the chess veterans. The community surrounding the app is swrious strong. Subscribe to get even more features. Tournaments are frequently organized. This game has everything you need to have in a chess game and more.


great for everyone