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Chess – Play and Learn – Play chess online free with friends! Learn with lessons, puzzles, & analysis!

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File size: Varies with device
Update time: May 17, 2021
Current version: Varies with device
Require Android: Varies with device
Price: Free
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Customer review

vinodh babu

excellent indian players also there


full to play


Needs to improve the game internet connection. Even though my connection is good, some games just go through reconnecting and makes me frustrates because I know that I'm winning.

Alvin Chen

Full of either or cheaters or bugs. For one, when you play bullet with +1sec each move, you don't actually get a full sec. For example, when you move at 0.3 sec remaining, you should be getting 1.3 for your next move. But no, you get 0.9 for your next move. I don't know how good your math is, but even 0+1 is still more than 0.9. Edit: the problem can't be just lag when adding 1 sec to ANY remaining time must still be at least 1.0sec. Worst case scenario is 0.0+1.0=1.0.

Tibor Balogh

The app is well done. Premium cost way to much but you dont really need it.


It hangs when I win.

Trent Guy

great way to get better at chess

Ben Gabriel Mendoza

Fantastic xD

Darshana Chopra

we all know why


Very bad

Hrishikesh Velis


om patel

This is best thing I allways play with my friends online in quarantine

Janelle Churchill

Love chess.biplay all the chess I can find. Once I beat a grandmaster game, great fun.


I have been playin like a year and still the server sucks im sry to be honest. And literally LITERALLY i was winnin and ur server cant connect to my net,note that i got a freakin good connection and soo i need my ratin back there is no reason for my oppenent to be considered winner,LITERALLY I WAS WININNNNN im so disappointed everytime..,. I face this issue its soo .... Cant express my anger😤

Anggie Mahaputra Pratama

Can't login and it happens several times. This issue has not been resolved so far.

Jarold JM

I was just playing this game completely fine until my account was disabled, for no reason and no warning, I don't know what I did wrong for them to disable my account, plz bring it back, it was really a fun and amazing game

Kedarnath Oli

It's nice.



عاطف مهدى

wonderful ❤️

Stripes Cat

Awesome Chess action!

Spoken Word


A Google user

Hello sir my problem is not solving. My account has been disabled. No any reason why disabled. Plz reopened my account. Plz send me your mobile number. I talk to you sir.

Kevin V


william green



I find it easier to use than the website, but one problem I found (not sure if it is really a problem) is that at the puzzle rating ~400 half of the puzzles are easy back-rank mates that I see in like 2 seconds and most other puzzles are ones I have to spend minutes on to find the best best move.

Boby Hanjoko

Daily chance for online puzzle battle? Weird

David LeMay

would be 5 stars if premium worked

Suherman Tjahyadi

excellent apps

Jesse Florizone

My review was deleted for some reason. The subscription price is ridiculous. The only good thing about this app really is the high number of players. Kinda dissapointing honestly.

Justine Leung

I Changed the rating to begginer but most of em are like pro's Help meeeeee

Edward Cordle

The content on the app is excellent and includes just about every aspect of Chess. BUT too many features are very limited unless you can justify/afford the monthly subscription. E.g. I love the puzzles but now limited to 1 or 2 a day. Also make sure you learn every opening 20 moves deep if you want to stay above 700 rating.

Mircea Goia

The app doesn't work on my Android 11 anymore. It continuously crashes when it starts, making me to lose ELO points. I lost about 50 points lately because the app started one game after an other and crashed after 2 seconds. What's happening??

Jhose Jhose

Mmm enaa solurathuu......

Mehdi Erfani

very very interesting

Vinay Munjani

Chess is best

Arun Nambiar

Good platform

Arnob 7hi!

Nice & Hard

Alaa Dergham

Needs more efficient chat

Attiq Qureshi

Good game

Henry Ayonon

Disconnects at the middle of the game, worthless servers.