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Chess – Play and Learn – Play chess online free with friends! Learn with lessons, puzzles, & analysis!

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File size: Varies with device
Update time: September 3, 2021
Current version: Varies with device
Require Android: Varies with device
Price: Free
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Customer review

David Rodriguez


Sean McDonald

full of cheats

Raghav Nahar

Beautiful app! You can gain good experience by playing with anybody in the world! You can review your game with automated assistance!

Ashwin Nanda

best training software according to my experience...i love the teaching modules....have improved significantly since i signed up.

Gordon Averageguy

bad mobile servers, but still s good chess app.

Jahidul Islam

Suspended my account (username:xahidex) even though I didn't break any rules. I was always aware of these rules.

Arafat Ahmed

Please ban more cheater

Rossen Angelov

This a great app for playing chess vs different cpu levels or online againstother players, as well as analyzing your game, getting tips and lot more.

Tafsirul Alam

At the very end of the game why I was unable to perform certain moves? I just lost a winning game! Weird app!

hamid ashrafi

are not education

Madushan Danushka

love it

Raphael Correa

internet connection instable

Gregory Akwiri

well I challenge many players but within my level

Elbert Arrobang

who will fight me betting the beat burning house

Sondos El Shaarawy

There is very very lagg and I can't move the men so I will make zero rate and I will delete the game

Rachel Cheong

Laggy, and i lost my match. Wiining streak but lost once due to lagging. No mod already. Uninstall

Hazem Esber

great app .. thanks for all the developers of this app and i hope you make it better and better

Levy Firdaus

best chess online



Zan Kamei

Almost every game the connection lost, even when there is no network issues even with the full wifi and it will never connect to the game again. What kind of network strength does this app needs to play the game? With the same mobile data I can play other online games without issues even Mobile Legends. It's so irritating, frustrating and annoying. If I could give Zero star, I would. Eited: I cannot chat during the game. What could be the problem?


It's good that it still works in Russia, however, the events feature is unavailable. Please fix it

tushar jain

Your fair play policy is one sided and u cant decide on others comment. Try to improve your app. I dnt want to play on your app . This sucks. I am not able to chat for 3 months. on other hand i just gotto hear idiot stupid words.

Pranav Shinde

Good app

Abdulrahman Mohammed

So much fun 💯

naveen kumar

Fantastic Experience

Soumava Adhikary

YT: CHESS tuber

Akash batham

Doesn't let you Sign up or Sign in!! After Reply: As a QA myself, i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, connecting to other platforms like facebook, still that didn't work out, so uninstalled the application! Thanks!!

Barry Horne

I've added 2 stars based on developer's quick reply to my criticism. Connection isdues fixed, all good. I recently started using the website which is awesome. So installed the app only to find it won't connect - when I attempt login I get a 'service unavailable' message or worse still, no response! BTW my broadband is ultra fast high capacity fibre and the wifi connection to my phone is strong and solid. On top of that keep getting server error messages. App is rather disappointing.


Can't log in after the update. Before logging out I was unable to use any of the services in the app.

Jonathan Kelsey

Too buggy (cheat friendly) to be as good as advertised. 👎🐲👍 There is a solution. Register with ID and allow random screen captures.

Kartik Deshwal

App sometimes becomes laggy and needs to be closed and started again for smooth functioning. Otherwise it's good!

Kainet Rard

very good and outstanding chess app. I love it


Good but not great


This game is perfect for chess playing guys I rate this game top of the world

Jerome Perez

Great App. Love playing chess and learning about my moves. I hope the app updates soon so that it does all the new features as the online version. I like to go over my great and brilliant move and see all the colors of each move when I view the analysis. The new great move indicator and updated brilliant move algorithm show me that I'm improving.

Vũ Phong



excellent tool to learn

Eteri Topuria

This game is a real pleasure for every person who loves chess. I recommend it to everyone who wants to have an opportunity to play anytime during the day with other people around the world this beautiful game called chess!

sampad adhikary

Without any cause I got ban... Lol nice contact support..

Aaditya Barfa

Evergreen platform which makes you shine like sun.

Imad Ez-zahi

The Best chess app ever, But it is not connected to play games app

Liam Arias

I like the game. I just don't really care about the format

Pushkar Dubey

superb app with nice graphics

Alexandra Ewell


Daniel cohen

Still waiting for new chess update

Wyndell Dorsey

Best games on the net.

Mark Foster

Exel entae!

ARK Fire

It's well made, but the problem I have is making an account

Ali Safari

i wish it was free but it isnt :(

Michael Harris

best chess app there is. simple as that!

Godswill uchechukwu

One of the best apps I've used so far kinda makes games very interactive

Josh Dieckmann

love it

COLLINS Sondashi

best app ever

V. Saye Raj Shekhar

A Lovely App to Compete with people worldwide for Chess🔥🔥

Charlie Gold


Mwana Wevhu

The play is flawless but I have a query on abandonment, I receive a call for about a minute and a half and because a call switches from 4g to 3g the network drops. When the call ends I return to the game and I have been beaten. This seriously needs attention.

gava jena

I love this game

عبد القادر ياسين صدوقي

A great app

Amir Karamuja

Remove the confirm resign. Still...

Hardik Desani

it's okay

Rob Crisp

Challenging and lots of fun!

Chad Buss


Jive Ganit

very good apps

Htet Linn Aung

very interstice comfortable

Jake Clark

Luv it

Vikas Shinde

nice app

Shachi Chauhan

When I am opening this app it opened another app I really disappointed with this

Takudzwa uNKOWN

sport of Kings

Tyngshain Wahlang

The opponent's 20 seconds is more than 2 minutes. This app needs a lot of improvement.

Antony Hany

very good



mehdi naderi

Very bad server speed, this app always have server speed problem and in during game it lead to pause game with not connection, so you lose for your time that not responded! , exactly what do you do with your servers that have this problem ?

Mohammad Vaziri

This chess gives me a sense of calm. Try it, maybe you will like it

Srihari S

Hopeless app Always shows offline even though youtube insta works

Abhijeet Apte

Unable to change board pieces

saurav sharma

Not working

Tenzin Sonam


Deepak Tejwani

Best app for chess

taha moradi

That is great

Bhupender Choudhary

1. When we cancel online playing with someone, it still gets connected with some person and game started, fix this issue.

Himesh Chauhan


SuDeb Chandro MoniDas SUBHRO

Is this game beautiful

Daniel Alexandre Ferreira de Almeida

Nonsense connection error. Even though internet connection is perfect it still says "no network" and doesn't allow using play online. However, there are some works arounds to correct it, they don't work either. Shame for 10M app, it is clear there is space in the market for other chess applications.

Roy Mark

Good 👍

Andrew Kent

Please add variations! The app is needlessly more limited than the website. (Well made app otherwise) Edit: The app is frequently unable to recognise I have a connection. It feels a bit ridulous when I am watching youtube and hotspotting another device for hours, that when I switch to the chess app only, it states there is no connection. So I go back to youtube and streaming through the hotspot. Theres is clearly something wrong there.


Horrible experience since it has lot of bugs and issue which makes it difficult to start plus most players are fake where in computer are playing

Jay Zz

How many updates.

Londhe Abhijeet

improve ur game/app

Gavriel Valenzuela

We had an WiFi but it is not working at online why

Alex Hudson

This app is literally so great. There are more features that are all extremely useful and the app pretty much gives you every tool you would need to become a very good player. Players from around the world use it and it's a great way to make friends or pass time! 10 stars.

MoneyMan Rahim

Great app, fast paced games from 1minute matches to 1hour. Usually less than 5 seconds wait time in between games.


Phasing the problem in login 😡

Theodore Kakarounas

Won't find a game the last week. Fixed that somehow, now it says no connection to the internet and just quits the app. So many bugs and problems. Never had an issue like this in lichess app.

Keshabraj Rokaya


marc mason

Ill be winning then lose service somehow and the last time i was literally stuck i have screenshots. Couldn,t get to customer service but ill gladly show. Was my favorite app to play chess even paid for it because i liked it. Last time that happens

Aml Aden

The worst chess experience

Neeraj Maurya

get disconnected in every match inspite having internet some time time out due to disconnected.. worst and waste app don't know what the f... k developers are doing

Ragnar Heisenberg

an extremely bad app with full of bugs

Victor Matthew

Worst network issues, it could make you lose a game even when your connectivity works for other app .

Muthuraj Rsk

I have sent mail to devloper team please check immediately