Chef Merge – Fun Match Puzzle

Author: Higgs Studio

50,000+ install


Chef Merge – Fun Match Puzzle – Solve addictive merge challenges and renovate your dream inn & mansion.

Customer review

Kandice Thomas

Great Fun, a little confusing at first. But fun once you realize what to do.

C Ethridge

Keeps changing the game making it expensive to play

Jenni Roach

I loved this game UNTIL they updated! I contacted the app developer twice, no help. It used to be fun, but now, not so much. I'm disgusted with it now. Things do NOT respawn properly. Used to be able to watch videos to auto respawn items, can't anymore, because they only shave off a couple of minutes instead of the entire amount of time like before. Can't fill orders because it takes to long for items to respawn. You can't even play the game, it's useless! They took over 400 gems from me!

Netha Heard

I am trying to be nice but this game is greedy as heii you use your energy so fast and they're always throwing adds at you. I like the game but because of that I think I'm going to uninstall it

Tinasha Wilson

Great game!

Kirthana Kirthana

It really interesting and i love it this game

Kathy Taylor

3 stars bbecause I like the game concept but there are LOADS of problems. Glitches causing loss of progress, huge number of ads many of which freeze up. Items cant be moved that were movable 2 days ago. No tutorial. Support answers FB comments but havent fixed issues. I could go on


I really like this game but it keeps shutting down and then I lose any progress recently made. So frustrating! Makes me want to find another game. Dude, you nee to fix your $#!T

Tricia Kluever

I loved this game until the update yesterday, now the game randomly shuts off, just disappears from the screen. Loses my progress but takes the energy that I use to make that progress. I've lost several hundred energy now, I guess I can't play until this gets fixed . When I shut it off the game down it doesn't lose my place but when it just cuts out randomly it loses my place and progress. Please fix this.

Julie Dickey

The new update keeps crashing and im loosing energy every time it crashes i have lost about 800 in energy every time it crashes...fix it or im going to find another game to play

Kiara Papa

The updates seem to mess up gameplay multiple times.

Linda Saeng



Forced ads that pop up quite often. Ruins any interest I had in it.

rebecca perkins

Good fun

Robyn Vines

This is loads of fun. I just can't seem to stop.

Wesley McIntosh

Veggie sequences need a memory chart

Kammrella McQuesten

Confusing and to much tapping

Jina Palmer

Like the game very much no complaints

Jessica moyer

Ok game

Karen Thomas


Nasrin Heidary


Tonya Luther


Patricia Andrews

Great game

Melissa Cooley

Cute game, but like so many others.

Qiana Bell

It fun

Laurie Sanders

Addictive, though I am not sure what I am doing... Other than matching vegetables

Monica Sanchez

So. Many. Ads.

Sandra Benton

Fun game!

adrianna linton

Fun tells axing exciting ca a ant stop playing.

Iris Heider

Easy and entertaining

Stephen Eggleston

No interstitial ads, thanks.

Cheryl Broussard

It is really fun you should try it

Lisa Xiong

Is good

Kielynnee` DeVaney

While I enjoyed it up to an extent, I wasn't able to fully understand the storyline, or what I was supposed to do, so I just deleted it in the end so that I wouldn't have a headache later. I will admit that what I enjoyed the most was that it wasn't either a "merge 3" game, or something similar-so it was a refreshing break in that area for me!

Christy Koolwick

Fun and addicting

Ka'saundra Reynolds

Interesting game.

Tan Sib

It's a fun thinking game. Keeps you busy and limiter ads.

sonalika rath

I loved the game , but I tried my best to fulfill the costumers wishes but I couldn't n the best game ever I hv played is this one

Keri Perillo

The game was fun. But for the last day or so, it keeps glitching when I try to merge objects.

Gearryl 777

The game are fun, however the pop up ads are truly unbearable. In less than 5 minutes i get bombarded by at least 2 until 3 ads, even more sometimes the ads gett the game error and I had to closed it to go back play the main game again.... And then again there is many the same kind of game with reasonable ads too, so i had to dropped it in one day after installing it.